Sustainable Compensation Methods for Construction Companies Operating in Turbulent Environments. A Case of South Sudan.

Warille, JB
(2016) Sustainable Compensation Methods for Construction Companies Operating in Turbulent Environments. A Case of South Sudan. Doctor of Business Administration thesis, University of Liverpool.

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ABSTRACT Although South Sudanese did not own private companies before the war, a good number of them have been studying business during the time of the war. Immediately after the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), private companies came into existence. Roads construction companies were not exceptions. Being new in the industry, the national companies have been copying from Sudan. The Labor Act (1997) of Sudan is the main employment legislation used in South Sudan. This thesis examines the compensation methods in three companies with the aim of suggesting methods that will suit turbulent environments like South Sudan. Three different methods were tested in intervals of three months to test its sustainability in environments like South Sudan. This is an action research project. Three workshops were held every three months and an evaluation of the compensation methods were made. Structured questionnaires were used to gain the understanding of employees about the compensation method in their respective organizations, their understanding of compensation in the environment in their operation areas, relationship of their pay to what their colleagues get and their attitude towards change in pay methods should the organization opt to do so. Interviews were also conducted with senior managers and board members to get their in-depth understanding of the compensation method in the companies they manage and in particular to look at how they sustain the pay. A close look at the Labor Act (1997) of Sudan which is being used in South Sudan was done to see the relevance of some of the acts in the South Sudan context. Though some areas of weaknesses in the pay systems were identified including the areas in some cultural behaviors which hinder concentration to work, the thesis came up with three different pay methods which can be used in South Sudan. They are Team Based Pay (TBP) with another form of Specialized Team Based Pay (STBP), Shared Pay Rate (SPR) and Management Driven Pay (MDP).

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