Religious pluralism: a resource book

Bardon, A , Birnbaum, M , Lee, L and Stoeckl, K (2015) Religious pluralism: a resource book. European University Institute,Florence.

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-- Aurelia Bardon, Maria Birnbaum, Lois Lee, Kristina Stoeckl – Introduction -- I – What is religious pluralism? 1. Élise Rouméas – What is Religious Pluralism? 2. John Wolfe Ackerman – Political-Theological Pluralism 3. Alberta Giorgi & Luca Ozzano – Italy and Controversies around Religion-Related Issues: Overemphasizing Differences 4. Milda Ališauskien? – What and Where is Religious Pluralism in Lithuania? 5. Agnieszka Pasieka – Religious Pluralism and Lived Religion: an Anthropological Perspective 6. Sebastián Rudas Neyra – Two Uses of “Laicidad” 7. Garvan Walshe & Stephen de Wijze – Civility within Conflict: Managing Religious Pluralism -- II – Pluralism and the Freedom of religion 8. Stijn Smet – Conscientious Objection to Same-Sex Marriages and Partnerships: The Limits of Toleration in Pluralistic Liberal Democracies 9. Eileen Barker – Freedom for Me and, Perhaps, You – but Surely Not Them? Attitudes to New Religions in Contemporary Democracies 10. Anna Blijdenstein – Egalitarian Theories of Religious Freedom and the Black Box of Religion 11. Dara Salam – Religious Exemptions and Freedom of Conscience 12. Volker Kaul – Is Religious Pluralism Simply a Matter of Justice? -- III – Disagreements, Differences and Public Justification 13. Anja Hennig – Habermas’s Translation Proviso and Conservative Religious Actors in the Public Sphere 14. Marthe Kerkwijk – Lost in Translation: A Critique on Habermas’s “Translation Proviso” 15. Bouke de Vries – Liberal Justificatory Neutrality and Mandatory Vaccination Schemes 16. Nemanja Todorovic – Respect for Persons and the Restricted Use of Religious Reasons in Public Justification 17. Ulrike Spohn – Challenging the Topos of “Religion and Violence” in Liberal Political Theory

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