Studies of the diffractive photoproduction of isolated photons at HERA

Abramowicz, H, Abt, I, Adamczyk, L, Adamus, M, Antonelli, S, Aushev, V, Aushev, Y, Behnke, O, Behrens, U, Bertolin, A
et al (show 102 more authors) (2017) Studies of the diffractive photoproduction of isolated photons at HERA. PHYSICAL REVIEW D, 96 (3).

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The photoproduction of isolated photons has been measured in diffractive events recorded by the ZEUS detector at HERA. Cross sections are evaluated in the photon transverse-energy and pseudorapidity ranges 5 < ETγ < 15 GeV and -0.7 < ηγ < 0.9, inclusively, and also with a jet with transverse energy and pseudorapidity in the ranges 4 < ETjet < 35 GeV and -1.5 < ηjet < 1.8, using a total integrated electronproton luminosity of 456 pb-1. A number of kinematic variables were studied and compared to predictions from the RAPGAP Monte Carlo model. An excess of data is observed above the RAPGAP predictions for z ℙmeas > 0.9, where z ℙmeas is the fraction of the longitudinal momentum of the colorless "Pomeron" exchange that is transferred to the photon-jet final state, giving evidence for direct Pomeron interactions.

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Date Deposited: 25 Oct 2017 12:20
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DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.96.032006
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