The sphere with many faces

Clark, SRL
(2016) The sphere with many faces. Dionysius, 34. 8 - 26.

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© 2016 Dalhousie University. All rights reserved. Though there are powerful arguments for a unifying, 'monotheistic,' philosophy, we must in practice acknowledge that we have no grand unified theory, in cosmology, ethics, politics or religion.WehavenoideawhattheOnemightbe,andmanywarnings against presuming that we do. Pluralism has political roots, and psychological aspects: better that there are many authorities both in the state and in the human soul. It is even possible that there are many powers, deserving a little the title 'gods,' in a macrocosmic reality: the very attempt to avoid the argument from 'fine tuning,' for example, so multiplies the number of real alternate worlds as to make it almost certain that there are such gods, who might very well have a say in our cosmology, our history and our very selves.

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