Low-lying states in <SUP>219</SUP>Ra and <SUP>215</SUP>Rn: Sampling microsecond α-decaying nuclei

Samark-Roth, A, Sarmiento, LG, Rudolph, D, Ljungberg, J, Carlsson, BG, Fahlander, C, Forsberg, U, Golubev, P, Ragnarsson, I, Ackermann, D
et al (show 38 more authors) (2018) Low-lying states in <SUP>219</SUP>Ra and <SUP>215</SUP>Rn: Sampling microsecond α-decaying nuclei. PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 98 (4). 044307-.

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Short-lived α-decaying nuclei "northeast" of Pb208 in the chart of nuclides were studied using the reaction Ca48+Am243 with the decay station TASISpec at TASCA, GSI Darmstadt. Decay energies and times from pile-up events were extracted with a tailor-made pulse-shape analysis routine and specific α-decay chains were identified in a correlation analysis. Decay chains starting with the even-even Ra220 and its odd-A neighbors, Fr219, and Ra221,219, with a focus on the Ra219→Rn215 decay, were studied by means of α-γ spectroscopy. A revised α-decay scheme of Ra219 is proposed, including a new decay branch from a previously not considered isomeric state at 17 keV excitation energy. Conclusions on nuclear structure are drawn from the experimental data, aided by Geant4 simulations and a discussion on theoretical calculations.

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DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.98.044307
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