Sternoclavicular joint replacement case report

Robertson, Fabienne Marie-Louise, Mohammed, Ali Abdullah and Frostick, Simon Peter
(2018) Sternoclavicular joint replacement case report. JOURNAL OF ORTHOPAEDIC SURGERY, 26 (1). 2309499018761176-.

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INTRODUCTION:This report describes the first known sternoclavicular joint (SCJ) replacement with a custom-made prosthesis. HISTORY:A 42-year-old male who presented post left medial clavicular excision with significant pain and limited range of motion impeding his daily activities and ability to work. The patient subsequently underwent a left SCJ arthroplasty with a custom-made prosthesis. Postoperatively, the patient suffered an anterior dislocation of the prosthetic joint which was successfully rectified and stabilized with soft tissue reconstruction, creating a pseudo-capsule from adjacent tissues of the joint. Thereafter, the patient required a final procedure to remove prominent sutures. RESULTS:Currently, the patient has regained full range of motion and is pain free during most activities and has now returned to work, with a plan to review his progress in 1 year. These initial promising results post SCJ replacement with the custom-made prosthesis could potentially lead SCJ reconstruction in an exciting new direction. DISCUSSION:More research should be encouraged regarding this nascent operative option, in order to identify the indications, parameters, and effectiveness of SCJ arthroplasty.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: arthroplasty, custom-made prosthesis, joint reconstruction, joint replacements, sternoclavicular joint
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DOI: 10.1177/2309499018761176
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