Ariadne, a photographic two-phase lar tpc

Roberts, A, Carroll, J ORCID: 0000-0001-6562-1105, Majumdar, K ORCID: 0000-0003-3473-2376, Mavrokoridis, K, McCormick, KJ, Philippou, B, Smith, NA, Stavrakis, G, Touramanis, C ORCID: 0000-0001-5191-2171 and Vann, J
(2017) Ariadne, a photographic two-phase lar tpc. .

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There is a significant R&D effort ongoing in the liquid argon (LAr) time projection chamber (TPC) community. Due to the scintillation and ionisation properties of LAr, coupled with its low cost, it is possible to construct detectors with immense fiducial volume at a modest cost. It is for this reason that LAr TPCs are fast becoming the detector of choice for long baseline neutrino physics experiments. Using LAr TPCs it is possible to provide the large targets required to make direct observation of neutrino interactions a statistically reasonable prospect. Experiments such as the deep underground neutrino experiment (DUNE) are proposing the use of 68,000 tons of liquid argon as the target material of choice shared between four colossal LAr TPCs. In a two-phase TPC the charge amplification process is performed in the gas phase. By performing charge amplification in the gas phase it is possible to achieve much higher gains and hence improved signal-to-noise ratios. ARIADNE is a novel and innovative two-phase LAr TPC pioneering the direct imaging of secondary scintillation light produced during the charge amplification process using a THGEM in the gas phase. Optical readout presents many advantages over current readout technologies such as massive reductions in the number of readout channels, ease of scalability, upgrade, installation and maintenance as well as cost effectiveness.

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