Search for <i>K</i><SUP>+</SUP> → π+ν(ν)over-bar at NA62

Aliberti, Riccardo, Aliberti, R, Ambrosino, F, Ammendola, R, Angelucci, B, Antonelli, A, Anzivino, G, Arcidiacono, R, Barbanera, M, Biagioni, A
et al (show 180 more authors) (2018) Search for <i>K</i><SUP>+</SUP> → π+ν(ν)over-bar at NA62. .

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<jats:p>Flavour physics is one of the most powerful fields for the search of new physics beyond the Standard Model. The kaon sector with the rare decay <jats:italic>K<jats:sup>+</jats:sup> → π<jats:sup>+</jats:sup>νν̅</jats:italic> provides one of the cleanest and most promising channels. NA62, a fixed target experiment at the CERN SPS, aims to measure BR (<jats:italic>K<jats:sup>+</jats:sup> → π<jats:sup>+</jats:sup>νν̅</jats:italic>) with 10% precision to test the Standard Model validity up to an energy scale of hundreds of TeV. NA62 had dedicated data taking for the <jats:italic>K<jats:sup>+</jats:sup> → π<jats:sup>+</jats:sup>νν̅</jats:italic> measurement in 2016 and 2017 and will continue in 2018. Here preliminary results on a fraction of 2016 dataset are presented. The analysis of the complete 2016 data sample is expected to achieve the SM sensitivity.</jats:p>

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