Measurement of D-0, D+, D*+ and D-s(+) production in Pb-Pb collisions at root s(NN)=5:02 TeV

Acharya, S, Acosta, F T-, Adamova, D, Adolfsson, J, Aggarwal, MM, Rinella, G Aglieri, Agnello, M, Agrawal, N, Ahammed, Z, Ahn, SU
et al (show 994 more authors) (2018) Measurement of D-0, D+, D*+ and D-s(+) production in Pb-Pb collisions at root s(NN)=5:02 TeV. JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS, 2018 (10). 174-.

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<jats:title>A<jats:sc>bstract</jats:sc> </jats:title> <jats:p>We report measurements of the production of prompt D<jats:sup>0</jats:sup>, D<jats:sup>+</jats:sup>, D<jats:sup>*+</jats:sup> and D <jats:sub>s</jats:sub> <jats:sup>+</jats:sup> mesons in Pb–Pb collisions at the centre-of-mass energy per nucleon-nucleon pair <jats:inline-formula> <jats:alternatives> <jats:tex-math>$$ \sqrt{s_{\mathrm{NN}}}=5.02 $$</jats:tex-math> <mml:math xmlns:mml=""> <mml:msqrt> <mml:msub> <mml:mi>s</mml:mi> <mml:mrow> <mml:mi>N</mml:mi> <mml:mi>N</mml:mi> </mml:mrow> </mml:msub> </mml:msqrt> <mml:mo>=</mml:mo> <mml:mn>5.02</mml:mn> </mml:math> </jats:alternatives> </jats:inline-formula> TeV, in the centrality classes 0–10%, 30–50% and 60–80%. The D-meson production yields are measured at mid-rapidity (|<jats:italic>y</jats:italic>| <jats:italic>&lt;</jats:italic> 0<jats:italic>.</jats:italic>5) as a function of transverse momentum (<jats:italic>p</jats:italic> <jats:sub>T</jats:sub>). The <jats:italic>p</jats:italic> <jats:sub>T</jats:sub> intervals covered in central collisions are: 1 <jats:italic>&lt; p</jats:italic> <jats:sub>T</jats:sub> <jats:italic>&lt;</jats:italic> 50 GeV<jats:italic>/c</jats:italic> for D<jats:sup>0</jats:sup>, 2 <jats:italic>&lt; p</jats:italic> <jats:sub>T</jats:sub> <jats:italic>&lt;</jats:italic> 50GeV<jats:italic>/c</jats:italic> for D<jats:sup>+</jats:sup>, 3 <jats:italic>&lt; p</jats:italic> <jats:sub>T</jats:sub> <jats:italic>&lt;</jats:italic> 50GeV<jats:italic>/c</jats:italic> for D<jats:sup>*+</jats:sup>, and 4 <jats:italic>&lt; p</jats:italic> <jats:sub>T</jats:sub> <jats:italic>&lt;</jats:italic> 16GeV<jats:italic>/c</jats:italic> for D <jats:sub>s</jats:sub> <jats:sup>+</jats:sup> mesons. The nuclear modification factors (<jats:italic>R</jats:italic> <jats:sub>AA</jats:sub>) for non-strange D mesons (D<jats:sup>0</jats:sup>, D<jats:sup>+</jats:sup>, D<jats:sup>*+</jats:sup>) show minimum values of about 0.2 for <jats:italic>p</jats:italic> <jats:sub>T</jats:sub> = 6–10 GeV<jats:italic>/c</jats:italic> in the most central collisions and are compatible within uncertainties with those measured at <jats:inline-formula> <jats:alternatives> <jats:tex-math>$$ {\sqrt{s}}_{\mathrm{NN}}=2.76 $$</jats:tex-math> <mml:math xmlns:mml=""> <mml:msub> <mml:msqrt> <mml:mi>s</mml:mi> </mml:msqrt> <mml:mrow> <mml:mi>N</mml:mi> <mml:mi>N</mml:mi> </mml:mrow> </mml:msub> <mml:mo>=</mml:mo> <mml:mn>2.76</mml:mn> </mml:math> </jats:alternatives> </jats:inline-formula> TeV. For D <jats:sub>s</jats:sub> <jats:sup>+</jats:sup> mesons, the values of <jats:italic>R</jats:italic> <jats:sub>AA</jats:sub> are larger than those of non-strange D mesons, but compatible within uncertainties. In central collisions the average <jats:italic>R</jats:italic> <jats:sub>AA</jats:sub> of non-strange D mesons is compatible with that of charged particles for <jats:italic>p</jats:italic> <jats:sub>T</jats:sub> <jats:italic>&gt;</jats:italic> 8 GeV<jats:italic>/c</jats:italic>, while it is larger at lower <jats:italic>p</jats:italic> <jats:sub>T</jats:sub>. The nuclear modification factors for strange and non-strange D mesons are also compared to theoretical models with different implementations of in-medium energy loss. </jats:p>

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DOI: 10.1007/JHEP10(2018)174
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