A method for planning arctic sea routes under multi-constraint conditions

Zhang, M, Zhang, D, Fu, S, Yan, X and Zhang, C
(2017) A method for planning arctic sea routes under multi-constraint conditions. .

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Recently, many ships are sailing for shorter distances by using the Northern Sea Route (NSR), rather than the Suez Canal Route (SCR). However, the NSR ships are exposed to the risk of ice-ship collisions when sailing in ice-covered waters. For this reason, a route optimization method is needed, in order to reduce the happening of collision accidents. In this paper, a route planning approach is proposed for ice-going ships, based on a modified A∗ algorithm under multi-constraint conditions. First, a grid-based geographical model using a high-precision electronic chart and ice data is developed. Second, multi-constraint conditions (physical constraints and operational constraints) are defined, and the optimum conditions are selected for a safe and economical route. Specifically, the ice class of ships, the conventional operation for crews and the avoidance of hazardous areas are taken into consideration in the proposed approach. Additionally, the approach integrates the grid model, the multi-constraint conditions, and the improved A∗ algorithm as a route design tool for ships sailing through ice-covered waters. The proposed route planning model is applied and validated in a case study of the YONGSHENG vessel.

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