The Burial Space Research Database (Data Paper)

Pillatt, Toby, Beale, Gareth, Green, Katie, Maxwell, Debbie, Mytum, Harold ORCID: 0000-0002-0577-2064, Niven, Kieron, Richards, Julian and Smith, Nicole
(2020) The Burial Space Research Database (Data Paper). Internet Archaeology.

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<jats:p>The Burial Space Research Database is a new repository for data produced from systematic archaeological surveys of burial spaces, undertaken on a per memorial basis. It enables the many local, community groups conducting research in this field to share their findings and publish results. The structure and form of the database requires groups to use a standardised recording methodology and vocabulary, meaning that datasets from different surveys are interoperable, allowing connections and comparisons to be made within and between local research projects. While burial space research is dominated by data on people and inscriptions, the database is also designed to accommodate archaeological approaches to recording that include detailed descriptions of the material form of monuments. A sophisticated search interface allows users to interrogate the archived datasets using a variety of different criteria, potentially revealing previously unrecognised temporal and spatial trends in the postmedieval history of commemoration. By acting as a central repository for burial space research, including individual people commemorated, the database also has the potential to become a powerful tool for genealogical and family history studies, drawing together disparate records in one place and making them freely available.</jats:p>

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