Probing the single-particle behavior above <SUP>132</SUP>Sn via electromagnetic moments of <SUP>133,134</SUP>Sb and <i>N</i>=82 isotones

Lechner, S, Xu, ZY, Bissell, ML, Blaum, K, Cheal, B, De Gregorio, G, Devlin, CS ORCID: 0000-0002-8034-0085, Ruiz, RF Garcia, Gargano, A, Heylen, H
et al (show 11 more authors) (2021) Probing the single-particle behavior above <SUP>132</SUP>Sn via electromagnetic moments of <SUP>133,134</SUP>Sb and <i>N</i>=82 isotones. PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 104 (1).

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Magnetic and quadrupole moments of the 7/2+ ground state in Sb133 and the (7-) isomer in Sb134 have been measured by collinear laser spectroscopy to investigate the single-particle behavior above the doubly magic nucleus Sn132. The comparison of experimental data of the 7/2+ states in Sb133 and neighboring N=82 isotones to shell-model calculations reveals the sensitivity of magnetic moments to the splitting of the spin-orbit partners π0g9/2 and π0g7/2 across the proton shell closure at Z=50. In contrast, quadrupole moments of the N=82 isotones are insensitive to cross-shell excitations, but require the full proton model space from Z=50to82 for their accurate description. In fact, the linear trend of the quadrupole moment follows approximately the expectation of the seniority scheme when filling the π0g7/2 orbital. As far as the isomer in Sb134 is concerned, its electromagnetic moments can be perfectly described by the additivity rule employing the moments of Sb133 and Sn133, respectively. These findings agree with shell-model calculations and thus confirm the weak coupling between the valence proton and neutron in Sb134.

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DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.104.014302
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