Reachability switching games

Fearnley, J, Gairing, M, Mnich, M and Savani, AR
(2021) Reachability switching games. Logical Methods in Computer Science, 17 (2). 10:1-10:29-.

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We study the problem of deciding the winner of reachability switching games for zero-, one-, and two-player variants. Switching games provide a deterministic analogue of stochastic games. We show that the zero-player case is NL-hard, the one-player case is NP-complete, and that the two-player case is PSPACE-hard and in EXPTIME. For the zero-player case, we also show P-hardness for a succinctly-represented model that maintains the upper bound of NP ∩ coNP. For the one-and two-player cases, our results hold in both the natural, explicit model and succinctly-represented model. Our results show that the switching variant of a game is harder in complexity-theoretic terms than the corresponding stochastic version.

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DOI: 10.23638/LMCS-17(2:10)2021
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