Constant Inapproximability for PPA

Deligkas, Argyrios, Fearnley, John, Hollender, Alexandros and Melissourgos, Themistoklis
(2022) Constant Inapproximability for PPA. [Preprint]

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In the $\varepsilon$-Consensus-Halving problem, we are given $n$ probability measures $v_1, \dots, v_n$ on the interval $R = [0,1]$, and the goal is to partition $R$ into two parts $R^+$ and $R^-$ using at most $n$ cuts, so that $|v_i(R^+) - v_i(R^-)| \leq \varepsilon$ for all $i$. This fundamental fair division problem was the first natural problem shown to be complete for the class PPA, and all subsequent PPA-completeness results for other natural problems have been obtained by reducing from it. We show that $\varepsilon$-Consensus-Halving is PPA-complete even when the parameter $\varepsilon$ is a constant. In fact, we prove that this holds for any constant $\varepsilon < 1/5$. As a result, we obtain constant inapproximability results for all known natural PPA-complete problems, including Necklace-Splitting, the Discrete-Ham-Sandwich problem, two variants of the pizza sharing problem, and for finding fair independent sets in cycles and paths.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: cs.CC, cs.CC, cs.GT
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Date Deposited: 03 Feb 2022 13:22
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DOI: 10.48550/arxiv.2201.10011
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