High-precision half-life determination of O-14 via direct beta counting

Sharma, S, Grinyer, GF, Ball, GC, Leslie, JR, Svensson, CE, Ali, FA, Andreoiu, C, Bernier, N, Bhattacharjee, SS, Bildstein, V
et al (show 23 more authors) (2022) High-precision half-life determination of O-14 via direct beta counting. EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL A, 58 (5).

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The half-life of the superallowed Fermi β+ emitter 14O was determined to high precision via a direct β counting experiment performed at the Isotope Separator and Accelerator (ISAC) facility at TRIUMF. The result, T1 / 2(14O) = 70619.2(76) ms, is consistent with, but is more precise than, the world average obtained from 11 previous measurements. Combining the 14O half-life deduced in the present work with the previous most precise measurements of this quantity leads to a reduction in the overall uncertainty, by nearly a factor of 2. The new world average is T1 / 2(14O) = 70619.6(63) ms with a reduced χ2 value of 0.87 obtained from 8 degrees of freedom.

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DOI: 10.1140/epja/s10050-022-00730-w
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