Magnetic, electronic, and thermal properties of buckled kagome Fe3Ge2Sb

Gibson, Quinn D, Daou, Ramzy, Zanella, Marco, Alaria, Jonathan and Rosseinsky, Matthew J
(2023) Magnetic, electronic, and thermal properties of buckled kagome Fe3Ge2Sb. Physical Review B, 108 (3). 035102-.

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The magnetic, electronic, and thermal properties of Fe3Ge2Sb single crystals, a derivative of the hexagonal FeGe structure with a buckled Fe kagome net and Sb-Sb dimers are reported. Electronic structure calculations show most of the kagome-derived bands remain intact with the Fe buckling, with the exception of a van Hove singularity near the Fermi level, which is selectively destroyed. This selective destruction of the van Hove singularity is associated with the lack of a charge order transition in Fe3Ge2Sb compared to FeGe. Magnetization measurements show two antiferromagnetic transition at 290 K and 16 K. The low-temperature transition is attributed to spin canting and is associated with a metamagnetic transition observed in the isothermal magnetization below the transition temperature. Electrical and thermal transport measurements show metallic behavior, and more significant magnetic scattering associated with the metamagnetic transition is observed in the magnetothermal conductivity compared to the magnetoresistance. This is consistent with a modification of the long-period magnetic structure that modifies preferentially small angle scattering thus having a strong impact on thermal transport properties. We conclude that buckled Fe3Ge2Sb exhibits similar properties to unbuckled hexagonal FeGe with the exception of the lack of a charge density wave transition in Fe3Ge2Sb, likely due to the selective destruction of the van Hove singularity near EF, making the family of compounds Fe3Ge3-xSbx a good host to study various physical effects in kagome metals, especially the electronic and structural stabilization of charge ordered states.

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Date Deposited: 29 Sep 2023 15:41
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DOI: 10.1103/physrevb.108.035102
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