Change in structure between the I = 1/2 states in 181Tl and 177,179Au

Cubiss, JG, Barzakh, AE, Andreyev, AN, Al Monthery, M, Althubiti, N, Andel, B, Antalic, S, Atanasov, D, Blaum, K, Cocolios, TE
et al (show 50 more authors) (2018) Change in structure between the I = 1/2 states in 181Tl and 177,179Au. Physics Letters B, 786. pp. 355-363.

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The first accurate measurements of the α-decay branching ratio and half-life of the Iπ=1/2+ ground state in 181Tl have been made, along with the first determination of the magnetic moments and I=1/2 spin assignments of the ground states in 177,179Au. The results are discussed within the complementary systematics of the reduced α-decay widths and nuclear g factors of low-lying, Iπ=1/2+ states in the neutron-deficient lead region. The findings shed light on the unexpected hindrance of the 1/2+→1/2+, 181Tl→g177Aug α decay, which is explained by a mixing of π3s1/2 and π2d3/2 configurations in 177Aug, whilst 181Tlg remains a near-pure π3s1/2. This conclusion is inferred from the g factor of 177Aug which has an intermediate value between those of π3s1/2 and π2d3/2 states. A similar mixed configuration is proposed for the Iπ=1/2+ ground state of 179Au. This mixing may provide evidence for triaxial shapes in the ground states in these nuclei.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Nuclear physics, Decay spectroscopy, Laser spectroscopy, Nuclear deformation
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Date Deposited: 01 Nov 2018 14:51
Last Modified: 19 Jan 2023 01:13
DOI: 10.1016/j.physletb.2018.10.005
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