Observation of a μs isomer in <sub>49</sub><SUP>134</SUP>In<sub>85</sub>: Proton-neutron coupling "southeast" of <sub>50</sub><SUP>132</SUP>Sn<sub>82</sub>

Phong, VH, Lorusso, G, Davinson, T, Estrade, A, Hall, O, Liu, J, Matsui, K, Montes, F, Nishimura, S, Boso, A
et al (show 48 more authors) (2019) Observation of a μs isomer in <sub>49</sub><SUP>134</SUP>In<sub>85</sub>: Proton-neutron coupling "southeast" of <sub>50</sub><SUP>132</SUP>Sn<sub>82</sub>. PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 100 (1). 011302-.

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We report on the observation of a microsecond isomeric state in the single-proton-hole, three-neutron-particle nucleus In134. The nuclei of interest were produced by in-flight fission of a U238 beam at the Radioactive Isotope Beam Factory at RIKEN. The isomer depopulates through a γ ray of energy 56.7(1) keV and with a half-life of T1/2=3.5(4)μs. Based on the comparison with shell-model calculations, we interpret the isomer as the Iπ=5- member of the π0g9/2-1 - ν1f7/23 multiplet, decaying to the Iπ=7- ground state with a reduced-transition probability of B(E2;5-→7-)=0.53(6)W.u. Observation of this isomer, and lack of evidence in the current work for a Iπ=5- isomer decay in In132, provides a benchmark of the proton-neutron interaction in the region of the nuclear chart "southeast" of Sn132, where experimental information on excited states is sparse.

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DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.100.011302
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