Human Ageing Genomic Resources: updates on key databases in ageing research.

de Magalhães, João Pedro ORCID: 0000-0002-6363-2465, Abidi, Zoya, Dos Santos, Gabriel Arantes, Avelar, Roberto A, Barardo, Diogo, Chatsirisupachai, Kasit, Clark, Peter ORCID: 0000-0001-7440-9616, De-Souza, Evandro A, Johnson, Emily J, Lopes, Inês
et al (show 5 more authors) (2024) Human Ageing Genomic Resources: updates on key databases in ageing research. Nucleic acids research, 52 (D1). D900-D908.

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Ageing is a complex and multifactorial process. For two decades, the Human Ageing Genomic Resources (HAGR) have aided researchers in the study of various aspects of ageing and its manipulation. Here, we present the key features and recent enhancements of these resources, focusing on its six main databases. One database, GenAge, focuses on genes related to ageing, featuring 307 genes linked to human ageing and 2205 genes associated with longevity and ageing in model organisms. AnAge focuses on ageing, longevity, and life-history across animal species, containing data on 4645 species. DrugAge includes information about 1097 longevity drugs and compounds in model organisms such as mice, rats, flies, worms and yeast. GenDR provides a list of 214 genes associated with the life-extending benefits of dietary restriction in model organisms. CellAge contains a catalogue of 866 genes associated with cellular senescence. The LongevityMap serves as a repository for genetic variants associated with human longevity, encompassing 3144 variants pertaining to 884 genes. Additionally, HAGR provides various tools as well as gene expression signatures of ageing, dietary restriction, and replicative senescence based on meta-analyses. Our databases are integrated, regularly updated, and manually curated by experts. HAGR is freely available online (

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Animals, Humans, Genomics, Aging, Longevity, Databases, Genetic, Cellular Senescence
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