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Picton, AJ
(2018) Donor Intention and Dialectic Policy Frames. In: Research Handbook on Not-for-Profit Law. Edward Elgar.

Sykes, OJ and Schulze Baeing, Andreas
(2018) EU Regional Investment Saved UK Neglected Regions – Who Will Save Them After Brexit? In: THE GREAT BRITISH REGRESSION - Brexit and Inequality. Centre for Labour and Social Studies,London, 10 - 14.

Kidd, SJ
(2018) Land-Sea Interactions and teh Ecosystem Approach in ocean planning and governance. In: Unspecified .

Patterson, A
(2018) Let it all Fall Down: Delighting in Anti-Heroes, Alternative Heritage and Ruination. In: Cultural Heritage: A Research Anthology. Routledge,Abington.

Flynn, M
(2018) Back to the Future: Proposing a Heuristic for Predicting the Future of Recorded Music Use. In: Popular Music in the Post-Digital Age Politics, Economy, Culture and Technology. Bloomsbury Academic,UK, 211 - 234.

Higgins, D and Smith, Sue
(2018) Scholarly Practice and Meaningful Research: Utilising Voice by Enabling Action … If it was Only that Simple! In: Creating Entrepreneurial Space Talking Through Multi-Voices, Reflections on Emerging Debates. Emerald Publishing Limited,UK, 175 - 189.

Slocombe, WG
(2018) Post-National Futures in National Contexts: Reading ‘British’ Fictions of Artificial Intelligence. In: New Approaches to the 21st-century Anglophone Novel. Palgrave Macmillan.

Rosenhaft, E
(2018) Gold, Ink and Tears. The Hazards of Credit and the Indebted Widow in Eighteenth-Century Germany. In: Women and Credit in Pre-Industrial Europe. Early European Research, 12 . Brepols,Turnhout, 203 - 226.

Snape, SR
(2018) Memorial Monuments at Abydos and the 'Terrace of the Great God'. In: Abydos: The Sacred Land at the Western Horizon. British Museum Papers on Egypt and the Sudan (Peeters),Leuven.

Tackley, CJ
(2018) Jazz Meets Pop in the United Kingdom. In: The Routledge Companion to Jazz Studies. , 97 - 104.

Harmer, E and Southern, Rosalynd
(2018) Alternative Agendas or More of the Same? Online News Coverage of the 2017 UK Election. In: Political Communication in Britain: Campaigning, Media and Polling in the 2017 General Election. Palgrave Macmillan, 99 - 116.

Bramble, Ben
(2018) Evaluative Beliefs First. In: Oxford studies in normative ethics volume 8. .

Sharples, S
(2018) Climate Change and Building Design. In: A Handbook of Sustainable Building Design and Engineering (2nd ed.). Routledge, 371 - 379.

Overy, S and Smith, Kenneth
(2018) The Love Detective: Cybernetic Groove Cycles and the Mysteries of Desire in Arab Strap. In: The Routledge Companion to Popular Music Analysis: Expanding Approaches. Routledge,New York, 364 - 377.

Bromilow, PE
(2018) Printing the Ties that Bind. In: Unspecified Peter Lang, 9 - 29.

Sattorova, M, Erkan, M and Ominunu, O
(2018) How Do Host States Respond to Investment Treaty Law?: Some Empirical Observations. In: European Yearbook of International Economic Law. Springer.

Jeater, D
(2018) ‘Theory’ as the Practice of Asking Questions: Moving Second Year History Undergraduates from Knowledge Acquisition to Knowledge Construction in a UK University. In: Teaching History, Learning History, Promoting History Papers from the Bielefeld Conference on Teaching History in Higher Education. Wochenschau Wissenschaft,Frankfurt, 77 - 93.

Zappettini, F
(2018) The official vision for ‘Global Britain’: Brexit as rupture and continuity between free trade, liberal internationalism and ‘values’. In: Discourses of Brexit. Routledge,Abingdon.

Barker, NJ
(2018) Rights, Democracy and Decolonisation: An Argument for "Bermudianizing" the Constitution. In: The Bermuda Constitution 1968: Reflections on its Past and Future. Centre for Justice,Hamilton, Bermuda.

Costambeys, MJ
(2018) Archives and Social Change in Italy, c.900-1100: the Evidence of Dispute Notices. In: Italy and Early Medieval Europe. Papers for Chris Wickham. Oxford University Press,Oxford, 261 - 273.

Burrell, KL
(2018) Framing Polish Migration to the UK, from the Second World War to EU Expansion. In: Migrant Britain: Histories and Historiographies: Essays in Honour of Colin Holmes. Routledge Studies in Radical History and Politics . Routledge,London, 272 - 281.

Heath, DL
(2018) Colonial Violence. In: Using Primary Sources: a practical guide for students. Liverpool University Press,Liverpool.

Karpenkov, O
(2018) Geometric Conditions of Rigidity in Nongeneric settings. In: Handbook of Geometric Constraint Systems Principles. CRC Press.

Whyte, D
(2018) Death to the Corporation: a modest proposal. In: Socialist Register 2019 A World Turned Upside Down. Merlin.

Jarman, FL and Baker, Emily
(2018) “Round my Hometown”: Listening to London in the Racial Politics of Post-Millennial British Soul. In: Popular Music and the Politics of Hope: Queer and Feminist Interventions. Routledge,New York, 105 - 122.

Zadorozhny, AV
(2018) The Aesthetics and Politics of Inscriptions in Imperial Greek Literature. In: The Materiality of Text - Placement, Perception and Presence of Inscribed Texts in Classical Antiquity. Brill,Leiden, 48 - 68.

Codinhoto, R, Donato, V, Comlay, J, Adeyeye, K and Kiviniemi, AO
(2018) BIM FM: An International Call for Action. In: Contemporary Strategies and Approaches in 3-D Information Modeling. IGI Global, 83 - 114.

Thomas, SK
(2018) 'A balancing act[or]: Jason Statham and the Ensemble Film'. In: Crank It Up! Jason Statham - Star. Manchester University Press,Manchester.

Thomas, SK
(2018) Crispin Glover. In: The Routledge Companion to Cult Cinema. Routledge,London.

Costambeys, MJ
(2018) Paul the Deacon and Rome. In: Writing the Early Medieval West. Cambridge University Press,Cambridge, 49 - 63.

Krahé, C and Fotopoulou, A
(2018) Psychological and neurobiological processes in coping with pain: The role of social interactions. In: The Routledge International Handbook of Psychobiology. Routledge.

Tessler, Holly and Forbes, Kenneth
(2018) Digital piracy, new media and consumer choice. In: Digital Piracy: A Global, Multidisciplinary Account. Routledge, 37 - 51.

Gonzalez, Amando and Thomas, Lian
(2018) Taenia spp. In: Global Water Pathogens Project. Michigan State University,Mi, USA.

Braun, HE
(2018) ¿Quién fue Juan de Mariana? En busca de un pensador político europeo. In: Unspecified , 177 - 188.

Gilbert, T, Baron, R, Ghaneh, P and Halloran, C
(2018) Laparoscopic staging in patients with newly diagnosed pancreatic cancer. In: Pancreatic Cancer. , 753 - 769.

O'Connor, DJ
(2018) Ted Hughes and History. In: Ted Hughes in Context. Cambridge University Press,Cambridge.

Gahman, Levi
(2018) Gender, Neoliberalism, and Embodiment: A Social Geography of Rural Working-Class Masculinity. In: Masculinity, Labour, and Neoliberalism. Palgrave Macmillan, 243 - 264.

Arrington, L
(2018) Fighting Spirits: W.B. Yeats, Ezra Pound, and the Ghosts of The Winding Stair (1929). In: Yeats Annual. Open Books,Cambridge, 269 - 294.

Tessler, Holly
(2018) Lost in The Supermarket?: the evolving role of popular music and popular music products in the Immersive economy. In: Creative Industries Global Conference : Libro de Actas/Proceeding Book. University of Alicante,Alicante, Spain, 41 - 47.

Arrington, L
(2018) “I myself delight in Miss Edgeworth’s novels”: Gender, Power, and the Domestic in Lady Gregory’s Work. In: Irish Literature in Transition. Cambridge University Press,New York.

Burrell, KL
(2018) Brexit Mobilities: Anticipating a new Polish mobility regime in the UK. In: Brexit and Polonia: Challenges facing the Polish Community during the process of Britain leaving the European Union. PUNO Press,London, 105 - 118.

Gippert, BJ
(2018) The Street Cop Fallacy: Effectively Targeting Local Police Reform in Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina. In: Expeditionary Police Advising and Militarization Building Security in a Fractured World. Military History Series, 171 - 191.

Roberts, BL
(2018) Charlotte Smith and the Nightingale. In: Birds in Eighteenth-Century Literature: Reason, Emotion, and Ornithology, 1700–1840. Palgrave Macmillan,Basingstoke.

Clark, RC
(2018) The Salience of “New Man” Rhetoric in Romanian Fascist Movements, 1922–44. In: The New Man in Radical Right Ideology and Practice,1919-1945. Bloomsbury,London, 275 - 294.

Birch, DL
(2018) 'Just Proportions': The Material of George Eliot's Writing. In: Thinking Through Style: Non-Fiction Prose of the Long Nineteenth Century. Oxford University Press,Oxford, 167 - 182.

Reynolds, S
(2018) (De)constructing the Road to Brexit: Paving the Way to Further Limitations on Free Movement and Equal Treatment? In: Questioning EU Citizenship: Judges and the Limits of Free Movement and Solidarity in the EU. Hart,London, 57 - 87.

Guardamagna, C
(2018) Type frequency, productivity and schematicity in the evolution of the Latin secundum NP construction. In: Unspecified , 169 - 202.

Solana, MC, Calvari, S, Kilburn, CRJ, Gutierrez, H, Chester, D and Duncan, A
(2018) Supporting the Development of Procedures for Communications During Volcanic Emergencies: Lessons Learnt from the Canary Islands (Spain) and Etna and Stromboli (Italy). In: Advances in Volcanology. , 289 - 305.

Seed, D
(2018) Nixon burning: The antiestablishment turn in 1970s american political writing. In: American Literature in Transition, 1970-1980. , 262 - 280.

Bird, GK
(2018) Bringing African scholarship back in: Lessons from the Pan-African political project. In: Recentering Africa in International Relations: Beyond Lack, Peripherality, and Failure. , 261 - 281.

Rodriguez-Ramos, Jorge, Faulkner, Matthew and Liu, Lu-Ning
(2018) Nanoscale Visualization of Bacterial Microcompartments Using Atomic Force Microscopy. In: Unspecified , 373 - 383.

Croenen, G
(2018) Rubricating History in Late Medieval France. In: Vernacular Manuscript Culture 1000-1500. Leiden University Press,Leiden, 105 - 141, 252-253.

Heath, DL
(2018) The Irrevocable Tension between Sovereign and Biopower: Torture as a Technology of Rule in Colonial India. In: South Asian Governmentalities: Michel Foucault and the Question of the Postcolonial. Cambridge University Press,New Delhi and Cambridge, 222 - 244.

Savini, F and Dembski, S
(2018) The political nature of symbols: explaining institutional inertia and change. In: The Routledge Handbook of Planning and Institutions in Action. Routledge,New York, 274 - 288. ISBN 978-1-138-08573-2

Heath, DL and Legg, S
(2018) Introducing South Asian Governmentalities. In: South Asian Governmentalities: Michel Foucault and the Question of Postcolonial Orderings. Cambridge University Press,Cambridge, 1 - 36.

Worden, RH, Armitage, PJ, Butcher, AR, Churchill, JM, Csoma, AE, Hollis, C, Lander, RH and Omma, JE
(2018) Petroleum reservoir quality prediction: overview and contrasting approaches from sandstone and carbonate communities. In: Unspecified , 1 - 31.

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