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Zhang, W, Cederwall, B, Doncel, M, Aktas, Ö, Ertoprak, A, Qi, C, Grahn, T, Nara Singh, BS, Cullen, DM, Hodge, D
et al (show 33 more authors) (2023) Decay spectroscopy of <mml:math xmlns:mml=""><mml:mmultiscripts><mml:mi>Os</mml:mi><mml:mprescripts /><mml:none /><mml:mrow><mml:mn>171</mml:mn><mml:mo>,</mml:mo><mml:mn>172</mml:mn></mml:mrow></mml:mmultiscripts></mml:math> and <mml:math xmlns:mml=""><mml:mmultiscripts><mml:mi>Ir</mml:mi><mml:mprescripts /><mml:none /><mml:mrow><mml:mn>171</mml:mn><mml:mo>,</mml:mo><mml:mn>172</mml:mn><mml:mo>,</mml:mo><mml:mn>174</mml:mn></mml:mrow></mml:mmultiscripts></mml:math>. Physical Review C, 107 (1).

Ertoprak, A, Cederwall, B, Qi, C, Aktas, Ö, Doncel, M, Hadinia, B, Liotta, R, Sandzelius, M, Scholey, C, Andgren, K
et al (show 49 more authors) (2020) Evidence for octupole collectivity in $$^{172}{\mathrm {Pt}}$$172Pt. The European Physical Journal A, 56 (2).

Petrache, CM, Uusitalo, J, Briscoe, AD, Sullivan, CM, Joss, DT, Tann, H, Aktas, Ö, Alayed, B, Al-Aqeel, MAM, Astier, A
et al (show 47 more authors) (2023) High- K three-quasiparticle isomers in the proton-rich nucleus 129 Nd. Physical Review C, 108 (1).

Das, B, Cederwall, B, Qi, C, Górska, M, Regan, PH, Aktas, Ö, Albers, HM, Banerjee, A, Chishti, MMR, Gerl, J
et al (show 77 more authors) (2022) Nature of seniority symmetry breaking in the semimagic nucleus 94 Ru. Physical Review C, 105 (3).

Zheng, KK, Petrache, CM, Zhang, ZH, Astier, A, Lv, BF, Greenlees, PT, Grahn, T, Julin, R, Juutinen, S, Luoma, M
et al (show 25 more authors) (2021) Rich band structure and multiple long-lived isomers in the odd-odd Cs118 nucleus. Physical Review C, 104 (4).

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