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Cubiss, JG, Barzakh, AE, Andreyev, AN, Al Monthery, M, Althubiti, N, Andel, B, Antalic, S, Atanasov, D, Blaum, K, Cocolios, TE
et al (show 50 more authors) (2018) Change in structure between the I=1/2 states in Tl-181 and (177)(,)(179)AU. PHYSICS LETTERS B, 786. 355 - 363.

Cubiss, JG, Barzakh, AE, Seliverstov, MD, Andreyev, AN, Andel, B, Antalic, S, Ascher, P, Atanasov, D, Beck, D, Bieron, J
et al (show 57 more authors) (2018) Charge radii and electromagnetic moments of At195-211. PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 97 (5).

Andel, B, Andreyev, AN, Antalic, S, Barzakh, A, Bree, N, Cocolios, TE, Comas, VF, Diriken, J, Elseviers, J, Fedorov, DV
et al (show 21 more authors) (2017) Detailed alpha-decay study of Tl-180. PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 96 (5).

Cubiss, JG, Andreyev, AN, Barzakh, AE, Andel, B, Antalic, S, Cocolios, TE, Goodacre, T Day, Fedorov, DV, Fedosseev, VN, Ferrer, R
et al (show 18 more authors) (2019) Fine structure in the alpha decay of At-218. PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 99 (6).

Barzakh, AE, Cubiss, JG, Andreyev, AN, Seliverstov, MD, Andel, B, Antalic, S, Ascher, P, Atanasov, D, Beck, D, Bieron, J
et al (show 57 more authors) (2019) Inverse odd-even staggering in nuclear charge radii and possible octupole collectivity in At-217,At-218,At-219 revealed by in-source laser spectroscopy. PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 99 (5).

Sels, S, Goodacre, T Day, Marsh, BA, Pastore, A, Ryssens, W, Tsunoda, Y, Althubiti, N, Andel, B, Andreyev, AN, Atanasov, D
et al (show 38 more authors) (2019) Shape staggering of midshell mercury isotopes from in-source laser spectroscopy compared with density-functional-theory and Monte Carlo shell-model calculations. PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 99 (4).

Andel, B, Andreyev, AN, Antalic, S, Hessberger, FP, Ackermann, D, Hofmann, S, Huyse, M, Kalaninova, Z, Kindler, B, Kojouharov, I
et al (show 6 more authors) (2016) Short-lived isomers in Po-192 and Po-194. PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 93 (6).

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