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Gale, SJ, Simpson, J, Riley, MA, Sharpeyschafer, JF, Paul, ES ORCID: 0000-0003-3651-5084, Bentley, MA, Bruce, AM, Chapman, R, Clark, RM, Clarke, S
et al (show 18 more authors) (1995) Band Termination Spectroscopy in Er-157. Journal of Physics G-Nuclear and Particle Physics, 21 (2). pp. 193-213.

Napiralla, P, Lettmann, M, Stahl, C, Rainovski, G, Pietralla, N, Afara, S, Ameil, F, Arici, T, Aydin, S, Barrientos, D
et al (show 66 more authors) (2020) Benchmarking the PreSPEC@GSI experiment for Coulex-multipolarimetry on the p( p3/2). p( p1/2) spin-flip transition in 85Br. EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL A, 56 (5).

Pereira-Lopez, X, Bentley, MA, Wadsworth, R, Ruotsalainen, P, Lenzi, SM, Forsberg, U, Auranen, K, Blazhev, A, Cederwall, B, Grahn, T
et al (show 28 more authors) (2023) In-beam ?-ray spectroscopy of Ag-94. EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL A, 59 (3).

Boso, A, Milne, SA, Bentley, MA, Recchia, F, Lenzi, SM, Rudolph, D, Labiche, M, Pereira-Lopez, X, Afara, S, Ameil, F
et al (show 70 more authors) (2019) Isospin dependence of electromagnetic transition strengths among an isobaric triplet. Physics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics, 797. p. 134835.

Korten, W, Atac, A, Beaumel, D, Bednarczyk, P, Bentley, MA, Benzoni, G, Boston, A, Bracco, A, Cederkäll, J, Cederwall, B
et al (show 54 more authors) (2020) Physics opportunities with the Advanced Gamma Tracking Array: AGATA. European Physical Journal A, 56 (5).

Xiao, Y, Go, S, Grzywacz, R, Orlandi, R, Andreyev, AN, Asai, M, Bentley, MA, de Angelis, G, Gross, CJ, Hausladen, P
et al (show 20 more authors) (2019) Search for a decay of Te-104 with a novel recoil-decay scintillation detector. PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 100 (3).

Debenham, DM, Bentley, MA, Davies, PJ, Haylett, T, Jenkins, DG, Joshi, P, Sinclair, LF, Wadsworth, R, Ruotsalainen, P, Henderson, J
et al (show 28 more authors) (2016) Spectroscopy of Kr-70 and isospin symmetry in the T=1 f pg shell nuclei. PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 94 (5).

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