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McKay, Michael T, Perry, John L, Cole, Jon C and Magee, Jennifer
(2017) Adolescents consider the future differently depending on the domain in question: Results of an exploratory study in the United Kingdom. PERSONALITY AND INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES, 104. 448 - 452.

Staller, Mario S, Christiansen, Paul, Zaiser, Benjamin, Körner, Swen and Cole, Jon C
(2018) Do they Aggress Earlier? Investigating the Effects of Ego Depletion on Police Officers’ Use of Force Behavior. Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology, 33 (4). 332 - 344.

Staller, Mario S, Mueller, Marcel, Christiansen, Paul, Zaiser, Benjamin, Koerner, Swen and Cole, Jon C
(2019) Ego depletion and the use of force: Investigating the effects of ego depletion on police officers' intention to use force. AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR, 45 (2). 161 - 168.

McKay, Michael T, Perry, John L, Percy, Andrew and Cole, Jon C
(2016) Evidence for the reliability and validity, and some support for the practical utility of the two-factor Consideration of Future Consequences Scale-14. PERSONALITY AND INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES, 98. 133 - 136.

Percy, Andrew, McKay, Michael T and Cole, Jon C
(2019) Interplay Between Sensation Seeking and Parental Rules in the Emergence of Heavy Episodic Drinking. JOURNAL OF RESEARCH ON ADOLESCENCE, 29 (4). 814 - 821.

Roberts, Aaron PJ and Cole, Jon C
(2018) Naturalistic Decision Making: Taking a (Cognitive) Step Back to Take Two Steps Forward in Understanding Experience-Based Decisions. JOURNAL OF APPLIED RESEARCH IN MEMORY AND COGNITION, 7 (1). 70 - 81.

McKay, Michael T, Sumnall, Harry R, Harvey, Seamus A and Cole, Jon C
(2018) Perceptions of school-based alcohol education by educational and health stakeholders: "Education as usual" compared to a randomised controlled trial. DRUGS-EDUCATION PREVENTION AND POLICY, 25 (1). 77 - 87.

Percy, Andrew, McKay, Michael T, Perry, John L and Cole, Jon C
(2020) Refining the clinical application of the consideration of future consequences scale-14. CURRENT PSYCHOLOGY, 39 (3). 1041 - 1048.

Staller, Mario S, Zaiser, Benjamin, Korner, Swen and Cole, Jon C
(2017) Risk-taking Behavior in Police Officers and Martial Artists: Investigating potential Differences using the Balloon Analogue Risk Task. Journal of Law Enforcement.

McKay, Michael T, Cole, Jon C and Andretta, James R
(2016) Temporal profiles relate meaningfully to anxiety and depression in university undergraduates. PERSONALITY AND INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES, 101. 106 - 109.

Staller, Mario S, Zaiser, Benjamin, Koerner, Swen and Cole, Jon C
(2017) Threat-Related Attentional Biases in Police Officers and Martial Artists: Investigating Potential Differences Using the E-Stroop and Dot Probe Task. SAGE OPEN, 7 (2).

McKay, Michael T, Konowalczyk, Svenja, Andretta, James R and Cole, Jon C
(2017) The direct and indirect effect of loneliness on the development of adolescent alcohol use in the United Kingdom. Addictive behaviors reports, 6. 65 - 70.

Cole, Jon C, Andretta, James R and McKay, Michael T
(2016) The relationship between temporal profiles and alcohol-related problems in University undergraduates: Results from the United Kingdom. ADDICTIVE BEHAVIORS, 55. 15 - 18.

McKay, Michael T, Percy, Andrew, Cole, Jon C, Worrell, Frank C and Andretta, James R
(2016) The relationship between time attitudes profiles and self-efficacy, sensation seeking, and alcohol use: An exploratory study. PERSONALITY AND INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES, 97. 203 - 209.

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