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Ertoprak, A, Cederwall, B, Qi, C, Aktas, Ö, Doncel, M, Hadinia, B, Liotta, R, Sandzelius, M, Scholey, C, Andgren, K
et al (show 49 more authors) (2020) Evidence for octupole collectivity in $$^{172}{\mathrm {Pt}}$$172Pt. The European Physical Journal A, 56 (2).

Carroll, RJ, Page, RD, Joss, DT ORCID: 0000-0001-5763-8767, O'Donnell, D, Uusitalo, J, Darby, IG, Andgren, K, Auranen, K, Boenig, S, Cederwal, B
et al (show 34 more authors) (2016) Excited states in the proton-unbound nuclide Ta-158. PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 93 (3).

Li, HJ, Doncel, M, Patial, M, Cederwall, B, Back, T, Jakobsson, U, Auranen, K, Boenig, S, Drummond, M, Grahn, T
et al (show 26 more authors) (2015) First identification of rotational band structures in Re-166(75)91. PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 92 (1).

Cederwall, B, Liu, X, Aktas, O, Ertoprak, A, Zhang, W, Qi, C, Clement, E, de France, G, Ralet, D, Gadea, A
et al (show 61 more authors) (2020) Isospin Properties of Nuclear Pair Correlations from the Level Structure of the Self-Conjugate Nucleus Ru-88. PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 124 (6).

Cederwall, B, Doncel, M, Aktas, O, Ertoprak, A, Liotta, R, Qi, C, Grahn, T, Cullen, DM, Hodge, D, Giles, M
et al (show 30 more authors) (2018) Lifetime Measurements of Excited States in Pt-172 and the Variation of Quadrupole Transition Strength with Angular Momentum. PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 121 (2).

Ralet, D, Pietri, S, Rodriguez, T, Alaqeel, M, Alexander, T, Alkhomashi, N, Ameil, F, Arici, T, Atac, A, Avigo, R
et al (show 86 more authors) (2017) Lifetime measurement of neutron-rich even-even molybdenum isotopes. PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 95 (3).

Lewis, MC, Joss, DT ORCID: 0000-0001-5763-8767, Sayğı, B, Page, RD, Cullen, DM, Barber, L, Giles, MM, Simpson, J, Al-Aqeel, MAM, Badran, H
et al (show 33 more authors) (2019) Lifetime measurements of excited states in <sup>163</sup>W and the implications for the anomalous B(E2) ratios in transitional nuclei. Physics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics, 798.

Doncel, M, Cederwall, B, Qi, C, Li, H, Jakobsson, U, Auranen, K, Boenig, S, Drummond, MC, Grahn, T, Greenlees, PT
et al (show 24 more authors) (2017) Lifetime measurements of excited states in W-162 and W-164 and the evolution of collectivity in rare-earth nuclei. PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 95 (4).

Siciliano, M, Valiente-Dobon, JJ, Goasduff, A, Nowacki, F, Zuker, AP, Bazzacco, D, Lopez-Martens, A, Clement, E, Benzoni, G, Braunroth, T
et al (show 60 more authors) (2020) Pairing-quadrupole interplay in the neutron-deficient tin nuclei: First lifetime measurements of low-lying states in Sn-106,Sn-108. PHYSICS LETTERS B, 806.

Saygi, B, Joss, DT ORCID: 0000-0001-5763-8767, Page, RD, Grahn, T, Simpson, J, O'Donnell, D, Alharshan, G, Auranen, K, Back, T, Boening, S
et al (show 43 more authors) (2017) Reduced transition probabilities along the yrast line in W-166. PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 96 (2).

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