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Heylen, H, Babcock, C, Beerwerth, R, Billowes, J, Bissell, ML, Blaum, K, Bonnard, J, Campbell, P, Cheal, B, Goodacre, T Day
et al (show 27 more authors) (2016) Changes in nuclear structure along the Mn isotopic chain studied via charge radii. PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 94 (5).

Cubiss, JG, Barzakh, AE, Seliverstov, MD, Andreyev, AN, Andel, B, Antalic, S, Ascher, P, Atanasov, D, Beck, D, Bieron, J
et al (show 57 more authors) (2018) Charge radii and electromagnetic moments of At195-211. PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 97 (5).

Bissell, ML, Carette, T, Flanagan, KT, Vingerhoets, P, Billowes, J, Blaum, K, Cheal, B, Fritzsche, S, Godefroid, M, Kowalska, M
et al (show 5 more authors) (2016) Cu charge radii reveal a weak sub-shell effect at N=40. PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 93 (6).

Granados, C, Creemers, P, Ferrer, R, Gaffney, LP ORCID: 0000-0002-2938-3696, Gins, W, de Groote, R, Huyse, M, Kudryavtsev, Yu, Martinez, Y, Raeder, S
et al (show 33 more authors) (2017) In-gas laser ionization and spectroscopy of actinium isotopes near the N=126 closed shell. PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 96 (5).

Barzakh, AE, Cubiss, JG, Andreyev, AN, Seliverstov, MD, Andel, B, Antalic, S, Ascher, P, Atanasov, D, Beck, D, Bieron, J
et al (show 57 more authors) (2019) Inverse odd-even staggering in nuclear charge radii and possible octupole collectivity in At-217,At-218,At-219 revealed by in-source laser spectroscopy. PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 99 (5).

Vormawah, LJ, Vilen, M, Beerwerth, R, Campbell, P, Cheal, B, Dicker, A, Eronen, T, Fritzsche, S, Geldhof, S, Jokinen, A
et al (show 6 more authors) (2018) Isotope shifts from collinear laser spectroscopy of doubly charged yttrium isotopes. PHYSICAL REVIEW A, 97 (4).

Raeder, S, Ackermann, D, Backe, H, Beerwerth, R, Berengut, JC, Block, M, Borschevsky, A, Cheal, B, Chhetri, P, Duellmann, Ch E
et al (show 28 more authors) (2018) Probing Sizes and Shapes of Nobelium Isotopes by Laser Spectroscopy. PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 120 (23).

Koszorus, A, Vormawah, LJ, Beerwerth, R, Bissell, ML, Campbell, P, Cheal, B, Devlin, CS ORCID: 0000-0002-8034-0085, Eronen, T, Fritzsche, S, Geldhof, S
et al (show 9 more authors) (2021) Proton-neutron pairing correlations in the self-conjugate nucleus Sc-42. PHYSICS LETTERS B, 819.

Ferrer, R, Barzakh, A, Bastin, B, Beerwerth, R, Block, M, Creemers, P, Grawe, H, de Groote, R, Delahaye, P, Flechard, X
et al (show 32 more authors) (2017) Towards high-resolution laser ionization spectroscopy of the heaviest elements in supersonic gas jet expansion. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, 8.

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