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Zhang, W, Cederwall, B, Doncel, M, Aktas, Ö, Ertoprak, A, Qi, C, Grahn, T, Nara Singh, BS, Cullen, DM, Hodge, D
et al (show 33 more authors) (2023) Decay spectroscopy of <mml:math xmlns:mml=""><mml:mmultiscripts><mml:mi>Os</mml:mi><mml:mprescripts /><mml:none /><mml:mrow><mml:mn>171</mml:mn><mml:mo>,</mml:mo><mml:mn>172</mml:mn></mml:mrow></mml:mmultiscripts></mml:math> and <mml:math xmlns:mml=""><mml:mmultiscripts><mml:mi>Ir</mml:mi><mml:mprescripts /><mml:none /><mml:mrow><mml:mn>171</mml:mn><mml:mo>,</mml:mo><mml:mn>172</mml:mn><mml:mo>,</mml:mo><mml:mn>174</mml:mn></mml:mrow></mml:mmultiscripts></mml:math>. Physical Review C, 107 (1).

Ertoprak, A, Cederwall, B, Qi, C, Aktas, Ö, Doncel, M, Hadinia, B, Liotta, R, Sandzelius, M, Scholey, C, Andgren, K
et al (show 49 more authors) (2020) Evidence for octupole collectivity in $$^{172}{\mathrm {Pt}}$$172Pt. The European Physical Journal A, 56 (2).

Zhang, W, Cederwall, B, Qi, C, Ertoprak, A, Aktas, O, Liu, X, Andgren, K, Auranen, K, Back, T, Barber, L
et al (show 44 more authors) (2021) Identification of excited states in <SUP>107</SUP><sub>52</sub>Te<sub>55</sub>. PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 104 (6).

Eriksen, TK, Kibedi, T, Reed, MW, Stuchbery, AE, Cook, KJ, Akber, A, Alshahrani, B, Avaa, AA, Banerjee, K, Berriman, AC
et al (show 28 more authors) (2020) Improved precision on the experimental <i>E</i>0 decay branching ratio of the Hoyle state. PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 102 (2).

Cederwall, B, Doncel, M, Aktas, O, Ertoprak, A, Liotta, R, Qi, C, Grahn, T, Cullen, DM, Hodge, D, Giles, M
et al (show 30 more authors) (2018) Lifetime Measurements of Excited States in <SUP>172</SUP>Pt and the Variation of Quadrupole Transition Strength with Angular Momentum. PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 121 (2). 022502-.

Zhang, W, Cederwall, B, Doncel, M, Aktas, O, Ertoprak, A, Liotta, R, Qi, C, Grahn, T, Singh, BS Nara, Cullen, DM
et al (show 32 more authors) (2021) Lifetime measurements of excited states in <SUP>169,171,173</SUP>Os: Persistence of anomalous <i>B</i>(<i>E</i>2) ratios in transitional rare earth nuclei in the presence of a decoupled <i>i</i><sub>13/2</sub> valence neutron. PHYSICS LETTERS B, 820. p. 136527.

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