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Konstantopoulos, Takis, Kyprianou, Andreas, Sirvio, Marina and Salminen, Paavo
Analysis of stochastic fluid queues driven by local time processes.

Konstantopoulos, Takis and Trinajstić, Katja
Convergence to the Tracy-Widom distribution for longest paths in a directed random graph.

Konstantopoulos, Takis and Yuan, Linglong ORCID: 0000-0002-7851-1631
(2021) Does the ratio of Laplace transforms of powers of a function identify the function? JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL ANALYSIS AND APPLICATIONS, 494 (1).

Anantharam, Venkat and Konstantopoulos, Takis
Integral representation of Skorokhod reflection.

Denisov, Denis, Foss, Sergey and Konstantopoulos, Takis
Limit theorems for a random directed slab graph.

Foss, Sergey and Konstantopoulos, Takis
(2018) Limiting properties of random graph models with vertex and edge weights. Journal of Statistical Physics, 173. 626 - 648.

Fleck, Daniel, Stavrou, Angelos, Kesidis, George, Nasiriani, Neda, Shan, Yuquan, Konstantopoulos, Takis and IEEE,
(2019) Moving-target Defense against Botnet Reconnaissance and an Adversarial Coupon-Collection Model. 2018 IEEE CONFERENCE ON DEPENDABLE AND SECURE COMPUTING (DSC). 196 - 203.

Kesidis, George, Alfares, Nader, Li, Xi, Urgaonkar, Bhuvan, Kandemir, Mahmut and Konstantopoulos, Takis
(2020) On a caching system with object sharing.

Janson, Svante, Konstantopoulos, Takis and Yuan, Linglong ORCID: 0000-0002-7851-1631
(2016) On a representation theorem for finitely exchangeable random vectors. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 442 (2). 703 - 714.

Konstantopoulos, Takis, Kyprianou, Andreas E and Salminen, Paavo
On the excursions of reflected local time processes and stochastic fluid queues.

Konstantopoulos, Takis and Yuan, Linglong ORCID: 0000-0002-7851-1631
(2019) On the extendibility of finitely exchangeable probability measures. Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, 371 (10). 7067 - 7092.

Konstantopoulos, Takis and Yuan, Linglong ORCID: 0000-0002-7851-1631

Konstantopoulos, Takis, Yuan, Linglong and Zazanis, Michael A
Polynomial approximations to continuous functions and stochastic compositions.

Foss, Sergey, Konstantopoulos, Takis and Mountford, Thomas
(2018) Power Law Condition for Stability of Poisson Hail. Journal of Theoretical Probability, 31 (2). 684 - 704.

Kesidis, George, Konstantopoulos, Takis and Zazanis, Michael
(2019) Relative Age of Information: Maintaining Freshness while Considering the Most Recently Generated Information. arXiv.

Baccelli, Francois and Konstantopoulos, Takis
(2009) Stationary flows and uniqueness of invariant measures.

Konstantopoulos, Takis, Yuan, Linglong ORCID: 0000-0002-7851-1631 and Zazanis, Michael A
(2018) A fully stochastic approach to limit theorems for iterates of Bernstein operators. Expositiones Mathematicae, 36 (2). 143 - 165.

Konstantopoulos, Takis and Papageorgiou, Ioannis
(2020) The log-Sobolev inequality for spin systems of higher order interactions.

Konstantopoulos, Takis
The mobile Boolean model: an overview and further results.

Konstantopoulos, Takis
A multilinear algebra proof of the Cauchy-Binet formula and a multilinear version of Parseval's identity.

Foss, Sergey and Konstantopoulos, Takis
A note on the convergence of renewal and regenerative processes to a Brownian bridge.

Kesidis, George, Konstantopoulos, Takis and Sousi, Perla
A stochastic epidemiological model and a deterministic limit for BitTorrent-like peer-to-peer file-sharing networks.

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