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Garrett, PE, Bernier, N, Dunlop, R, MacLean, AD, Bildstein, V, Dillmann, I, Jungclaus, A, Svensson, CE, Andreoiu, C, Ball, GC
et al (show 35 more authors) (2018) Advances at TRIUMF-ISAC and decay of neutron-rich Cd studied with GRIFFIN. .

Lv, BF, Petrache, CM, Chen, QB, Meng, J, Astier, A, Dupon, E, Greenlees, P, Badran, H, Calverley, T, Cox, DM
et al (show 28 more authors) (2019) Chirality of Nd-135 reexamined: Evidence for multiple chiral doublet bands. PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 100 (2).

Petrache, CM, Frauendorf, S, Lv, BF, Astier, A, Dupont, E, Guo, S, Liu, ML, Zhou, XH, Wang, KL, Greenlees, PT
et al (show 25 more authors) (2019) Collective rotation of an oblate nucleus at very high spin. PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 99 (4).

Ertoprak, A, Cederwall, B, Qi, C, Aktas, Ö, Doncel, M, Hadinia, B, Liotta, R, Sandzelius, M, Scholey, C, Andgren, K
et al (show 49 more authors) (2020) Evidence for octupole collectivity in $$^{172}{\mathrm {Pt}}$$172Pt. The European Physical Journal A, 56 (2).

Petrache, CM, Lv, BF, Astier, A, Dupont, E, Wang, YK, Zhang, SQ, Zhao, PW, Ren, ZX, Meng, J, Greenlees, PT
et al (show 31 more authors) (2018) Evidence of chiral bands in even-even nuclei. PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 97 (4).

Lv, BF, Petrache, CM, Astier, A, Dupont, E, Lopez-Martens, A, Greenlees, PT, Badran, H, Calverley, T, Cox, DM, Grahn, T
et al (show 29 more authors) (2018) Evolution from gamma-soft to stable triaxiality in Nd-136 as a prerequisite of chirality. PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 98 (4).

Petrache, CM, Lv, BF, Astier, A, Dupont, E, Zheng, KK, Greenlees, PT, Badran, H, Calverley, T, Cox, DM, Grahn, T
et al (show 28 more authors) (2019) Highly deformed bands in Nd nuclei: New results and consistent interpretation within the cranked Nilsson-Strutinsky formalism. PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 100 (5).

Cederwall, B, Liu, X, Aktas, O, Ertoprak, A, Zhang, W, Qi, C, Clement, E, de France, G, Ralet, D, Gadea, A
et al (show 61 more authors) (2020) Isospin Properties of Nuclear Pair Correlations from the Level Structure of the Self-Conjugate Nucleus Ru-88. PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 124 (6).

Dudouet, J, Lemasson, A, Duchene, G, Rejmund, M, Clement, E, Michelagnoli, C, Didierjean, F, Korichi, A, Maquart, G, Stezowski, O
et al (show 56 more authors) (2017) Kr-96(36)60-Low-Z Boundary of the Island of Deformation at N=60. PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 118 (16).

Cederwall, B, Doncel, M, Aktas, O, Ertoprak, A, Liotta, R, Qi, C, Grahn, T, Cullen, DM, Hodge, D, Giles, M
et al (show 30 more authors) (2018) Lifetime Measurements of Excited States in Pt-172 and the Variation of Quadrupole Transition Strength with Angular Momentum. PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 121 (2).

Xiao, Y, Go, S, Grzywacz, R, Orlandi, R, Andreyev, AN, Asai, M, Bentley, MA, de Angelis, G, Gross, CJ, Hausladen, P
et al (show 20 more authors) (2019) Search for a decay of Te-104 with a novel recoil-decay scintillation detector. PHYSICAL REVIEW C, 100 (3).

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