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Ab Ghani, A
(2000) Pharmacogenetics in warfarin therapy. [Unspecified]

Abbas Al-Huseini, L
(2000) Modulation of dendritic cell signalling and function by redox regulators. [Unspecified]

Abdul Hamid, NF
(2000) Development of molecular tools for the characterisation of foot-and-mouth disease virus strains circulating in Southeast Asia. [Unspecified]

Abdul Rani, M
(2000) Structural dynamic analysis and model updating for a welded structure made from thin steel sheets. [Unspecified]

Abdullah, YAB
(2000) The benchmarking method and realistic evaluation as tools for the assessment of urban regeneration programmes: the case of regional parks. [Unspecified]

Abeyratna, S
(2000) An affective interface for conveying student feedback. [Unspecified]

Abilio, A
(2000) Assessing entomological and parasitaemia prevalence to monitor a malaria control programme in Zambezia, Mozambique. [Unspecified]

Abram, LC
(2000) The influence of physical dynamics on trophic and biogeochemical processes in Celtic seas. [Unspecified]

Abu Hasan, H
(2000) Studies on host-seeking, resting behaviour and control of the dengue vector Aedes aegypti. [Unspecified]

AbuAlainin, W
(2000) Evaluation of UHRF1 expression in pancreatic cancer. [Unspecified]

Adamson, K
(2000) "A bit of unoriginal sin": allusions to the Fall in selected novels of Anthony Burgess. [Unspecified]

Adey, D, Agarwalla, SK, Ankenbrandt, CM, Asfandiyarov, R, Back, JJ, Barker, G, Baussan, E, Bayes, R, Bhadra, S, Blackmore, V
et al (show 103 more authors) (2000) nuSTORM - Neutrinos from STORed Muons: Proposal to the Fermilab PAC. [Internet Publication]

Adey, D, Agarwalla, SK, Ankenbrandt, CM, Asfandiyarov, R, Back, JJ, Barker, G, Baussan, E, Bayes, R, Bhadra, S, Blackmore, V
et al (show 99 more authors) (2000) Neutrinos from Stored Muons nuSTORM: Expression of Interest. [Internet Publication]

Adjei-Asante, K
(2000) Developing and applying serological and molecular skills to the virological analysis of HIV-infected patients from Kumasi, Ghana. [Unspecified]

Aflaifel, N
(2000) Postpartum haemorrhage: new insights from published trials and the development of novel management options. [Unspecified]

Afzal, S and Afzal, S
(2000) A study of the electrical properties of polycrystalline based organic devices. [Unspecified]

Agurto Detzel, H
(2000) Seismotectonics of the southern subduction Chilean margin revealed by recent aftershock sequences. [Unspecified]

Ahmed, A
(2000) Online network intrusion detection system using temporal logic and stream data processing. [Unspecified]

Ahmed, MS
(2000) Natural immunity to pneumococcal Pilus-1 RrgA and RrgB antigens, and its relationship with pneumococcal carriage. [Unspecified]

Ahmed-Ebbiary, A
(2000) Developing novel therapeutic strategies for targeting the p53 pathway in renal cell carcinoma. [Unspecified]

Aiston, AK
(2000) Skein theoretic idempotents of Hecke algebras and quantum group invariants. [Unspecified]

Al Ja'Afreh, S
(2000) MIMO antennas for mobile phone applications. [Unspecified]

Al-Ataby, A
(2000) Automatic detection, sizing and characterisation of weld defects using ultrasonic time-of-flight diffraction. [Unspecified]

Al-Iamee, H
(2000) The characterisation of endometrial epithelial stem/progenitor cells. [Unspecified]

Al-Mosule, F
(2000) Synthesis and characterization of, and dynamic processes occurring in, highly active Pd catalyst for alkyne and alkene hydroesterification. [Unspecified]

Al-Tae, F
(2000) Biology of interleukin-6 production by human natural killer cells. [Unspecified]

Al-Twaim, S
(2000) Comparative transcriptomic and proteomic investigation of host cell responses during toxoplasma gondii and neospora caninum invasion of human astrocytes. [Unspecified]

Al-khafaji, A
(2000) Investigation of molecular modulation of taxane response in respiratory tract cancers by differential expression of mitotic spindle associated genes. [Unspecified]

Albarrak, A
(2000) Three-dimensional image classification using hierarchical spatial decomposition: A study using retinal data. [Unspecified]

Albrakati, A
(2000) Structural and functional studies of caveolae in the femoral artery. [Unspecified]

Alejenef, A
(2000) Imprint of cytomegalovirus and varicella zoster virus infections on the immune system of healthy and diseased subjects. [Unspecified]

Alexander, K
(2000) The synthesis, detection and repair of nucleotides containing the 8-nitroguanine modification. [Unspecified]

Alfraidi, Y
(2000) Developing building design resilience strategies to climate change risks. [Unspecified]

Alhaidari, M
(2000) Activation of CD8+ T-Cell with abacavir and HLA-B*57:01 binding peptides and elimination of T-Cell responses through chemical modification. [Unspecified]

Alhilfi, T
(2000) Utilising anionic branched polymerisation techniques for the synthesis of novel nanoparticles. [Unspecified]

Ali, F
(2000) Shape coexistence in the proton-unbound nucleus 177Au. [Unspecified]

Almajali, Z
(2000) Fault diagnosis for transmission lines using chromatic processing. [Unspecified]

Almehmadi, M
(2000) CD56+ T-cells in relation to cytomegalovirus in healthy subjects and kidney transplant patients. [Unspecified]

Almhmoud, A
(2000) The laws and regulations related to remuneration practices: a comparative and analytical investigation into legal aspects. [Unspecified]

Alomoush, O
(2000) Multilingualism in the linguistic landscape of urban Jordan. [Unspecified]

Alotaibi, M
(2000) Deoxygenation and hydrogenation of biomass-derived molecules over multifunctional catalysts. [Unspecified]

Alshali, R
(2000) The molecular basis of enhanced glucose transporter, SGLT1, expression in the diabetic intestine. [Unspecified]

Alshdaifat, E
(2000) Hierarchical ensemble classification: towards the classification of data collections that feature large numbers of class labels. [Unspecified]

Alston, B
(2000) Aqueous polyoxometalates: design and analysis of electrochemical catalysts for the indirect reduction of oxygen in PEM fuel cells. [Unspecified]

Alvarado Bustos, R
(2000) Mixing in the continental slope: study case Gulf of Cadiz. [Unspecified]

Alwaleedi, M
(2000) Band structures of 131Ce. [Unspecified]

Alzaed, A
(2000) User centered passive building design. [Unspecified]

Alzahrani, A
(2000) Uncovering the emerging risks from climate change scenarios and related climate change risk management in the building sector in the UK. [Unspecified]

Alzahrani, S
(2000) Dynamic simulation of the Impact of risk events and risk cost in KSA PPP projects. [Unspecified]

Amali, M
(2000) Characterisation of the B-lymphocyte response in delayed-type piperacillin hypersensitivity reactions. [Unspecified]

Ambroglini, F, Armillis, R, Azzi, P, Bagliesi, G, Ballestrero, A, Balossini, G, Banfi, A, Bartalini, P, Benedetti, D, Bevilacqua, G
et al (show 50 more authors) (2000) Proceedings of the Workshop on Monte Carlo's, Physics and Simulations at the LHC PART II. .

Ambroglini, F, Armillis, R, Azzi, P, Bagliesi, G, Ballestrero, A, Balossini, G, Banfi, A, Bartalini, P, Benedetti, D, Bevilacqua, G
et al (show 49 more authors) (2000) Proceedings of the Workshop on Monte Carlo's, Physics and Simulations at the LHC PART I. .

Ando, H
(2000) Exploring reasons for declining and withdrawing from non-invasive ventilation among motor neurone disease patients: an interpretative phenomenological analysis. [Unspecified]

Angulo, J
(2000) Development of parallel meshless methods for moving geometry simulations. [Unspecified]

Antoine, T
(2000) Molecular and biochemical characterisation of the electron transport chain of plasmodium falciparum. [Unspecified]

Antonacopoulou, E and Chiva, R
(2000) the Social Complexity of Organisational Learning: Dynamics of Learning and Organizing. Management Learning, 38 (3). 277 - 296.

Antonacopoulou, E and Guttel, W
(2000) Staff Induction Practices and Organizational Socialization: A Review and Extension of the Debate. Society and Business Review, 5 (1). 22 - 47.

Anya, O
(2000) Practice-centred e-health system design for cross-boundary clinical decision support. [Unspecified]

Apperley, L
(2000) The importance of innate resistance genes in respiratory syncytial virus replication in airway epithelial cells. [Unspecified]

Argyres, PC, Faraggi, AE and Shapere, AD
(2000) Curves of Marginal Stability in N=2 Super-QCD. .

Arnold, D
(2000) Simple components, correlated components and an application of statistical shape analysis to consumer and other multivariate data. [Unspecified]

Arnold, LJ
(2000) Using technology for student feedback: Lecturer perspectives. [Unspecified]

Artale, A, Kontchakov, R, Wolter, F and Zakharyaschev, M
(2000) Temporal Description Logic for Ontology-Based Data Access (Extended Version).

Ashe, M
(2000) Does accelerated long term forgetting occur in patients recently diagnosed with localisation related epilepsy? [Unspecified]

Ashish, A
(2000) Impact of pseudomonas aeruginosa Liverpool epidemic strain (LES) on cystic fibrosis patients. [Unspecified]

Awad, F
(2000) Studies on the immunopathogenesis, diagnosis and control of infectious bronchitis and avian metapneumoviruses in chicken. [Unspecified]

Awhida, S
(2000) Functionalised dipeptides as hydrogelators for energy transfer and as drug delivery vehicles. [Unspecified]


Bailey, MS
(2000) Febrile illnesses at the Colombo North Teaching Hospital in Sri Lanka (The Ragama Fever Study). [Unspecified]

Baird, AEG
(2000) Investigating the genetic basis of cranial cruciate ligament rupture in the Newfoundland dog. [Unspecified]

Bajhmoum, W
(2000) Clinical and laboratory features of HIV/AIDS in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. [Unspecified]

Bakht, K
(2000) Developing a biological caries model & studying fluoride in caries control. [Unspecified]

Baldwin, S
(2000) Analysis of the cytokine-induced signalling dynamics of STAT3 and NF-κB. [Unspecified]

Bangert, M
(2000) An augmented passive immunotherapy to treat pneumococcal diseases. [Unspecified]

Barlow, C
(2000) Coerced into crime? legal and media representations of co-accused women. [Unspecified]

Barna, RE
(2000) Online and offline rock music networks: a case study on Liverpool, 2007-2009. [Unspecified]

Barritt, E
(2000) The silver, copper and silicon (110) surfaces in ambient environments. [Unspecified]

Barrow, M
(2000) Functional aligned porous materials via directional freezing and frozen UV initiated polymerization. [Unspecified]

Bates, C
(2000) The mechanism of defence: identity, structure and perceptions of gender and sexuality in the military. [Unspecified]

Bayahia, H
(2000) Catalytic conversion of biomass-derived molecules. [Unspecified]

Bayram, H
(2000) A proteomic study of sperm competition in mammals. [Unspecified]

Beamer, E
(2000) A kainic acid-induced status epilepticus model of epileptogenesis in the C57BL/6J mouse. Interventions targeting nitric oxide and NMDA receptor-mediated pathophysiology. [Unspecified]

Beckerman, J
(2000) Accessing the learning lifeworld: transformative student learning experiences in regional academic travel at New York University Abu Dhabi. [Unspecified]

Bennett, JF and Gracey, JA
(2000) On the n -> 0 limit of gamma_gg(a) in QCD. Physics Letters B, 488 (3-4). 269 - 273. ISSN 0370-2693

Berriman, AD
(2000) Mathematical modelling of the dynamics and control of Salmonella on UK pig farms. [Unspecified]

Bethell, G
(2000) The source of enteric nervous System progenitor cells present in Aganglionic gut in Hirschsprung’s disease. [Unspecified]

Bethell, L
(2000) Stress and its covariates in carers of children newly diagnosed with epilepsy. [Unspecified]

Biktashev, VN and Biktasheva, IV
(2000) Dynamics of filaments of scroll waves. In: Unspecified .

Bin Turki, N
(2000) Fundamental domains for left-right actions in Lorentzian geometry. [Unspecified]

Bishop, H
(2000) The impact of EU funding upon the management of archaeological monuments within England and the Republic of Ireland with specific reference to agri-environmental schemes. [Unspecified]

Blocksidge, J
(2000) Characterisation of lens epithelium derived growth factor isoforms in chronic lymphocytic leukemia: Studies and significance. [Unspecified]

Bloxam, L
(2000) Genome wide analysis of small heat shock proteins involved in yeast ageing. [Unspecified]

Bojarpour, A
(2000) Multi-robotic teamwork in AgentSpeak. [Unspecified]

Bond, A
(2000) Purinergic signalling in osteoblasts. [Unspecified]

Bonnett, L
(2000) Prognostic factors for epilepsy. [Unspecified]

Booth, D
(2000) The role of mitochondrial dysfunction in acute pancreatitis. [Unspecified]

Borrill Mather, G
(2000) The chick embryo; a new drug delivery model for neuroblastoma. [Unspecified]

Boucaud, P, Burgio, G, Renzo, FD, Leroy, JP, Micheli, J, Parrinello, C, Pene, O, Pittori, C, Rodriguez-Quintero, J, Roiesnel, C
et al (show 1 more authors) (2000) Lattice calculation of 1/p^2 corrections to α_s and of Λ_(QCD) in the MOM-tilde scheme. J. High Energy Phys..

Bowler, KC, Boyle, P, Garden, J, Kenway, RD, Richards, DG, Rowland, PA, Ryan, SM, Simma, H, Michael, C, Shanahan, HP
et al (show 1 more authors) (2000) Quenched QCD with improvement: The spectrum of light hadrons. Physical Review D, 62 (5). ISSN 0556-2821, 1089-4918

Boyden, B
(2000) Structure and agency in small scale production: an historical archaeology of the clay tobacco pipemakers of Kent. [Unspecified]

Boyes, SJ
(2000) Reverberation chambers and the measurement of antenna characteristics. [Unspecified]

Bramhall, E
(2000) Penitence and the English Reformation. [Unspecified]

Brami, M
(2000) The diffusion of Neolithic practices from Anatolia to Europe. A contextual study of residential and construction practices 8,500-5,500 BC cal. [Unspecified]

Brandstaetter, TH
(2000) Wasta- Triadic Governance and Trust in Jordanian Business. [Unspecified]

Brena, MC
(2000) Effect of different poultry production methods on Campylobacter incidence and transmission in the broiler meat food chain. [Unspecified]

Brown, H
(2000) Monitoring radiation damage in the vertex locator and top pair production in LHCb. [Unspecified]

Browne, V
(2000) Feminist historiography and the reconceptualisation of historical time. [Unspecified]

Burcea, M
(2000) Online dynamic bin packing. [Unspecified]

Burkitt, M
(2000) Investigation of the importance of individual members of the Nuclear Factor-κB family during Helicobacter felis induced gastric carcinogenesis. [Unspecified]

Burton, K
(2000) Investigation of the expression pattern and functional importance of the Gnasxl-encoded XLαs protein of the imprinted Gnas Locus. [Unspecified]


Cahill, E, Irving, A, Johnston, C and Sexton, J
(2000) Numerical stability of Lanczos methods. Nuclear Physics B - Proceedings Supplements, 83-84. 825 - 827. ISSN 0920-5632

Calland, R
(2000) A 3 flavour joint near and far detector neutrino oscillation analysis at T2K. [Unspecified]

Cao, P
(2000) UWB antennas for wireless communications. [Unspecified]

Carson, N
(2000) Numerical modelling of landfast sea ice. [Unspecified]

Cesar, C
(2000) The roles of the cockle Cerastoderma edule L. on ecosystem functioning: cockle comings and goings. [Unspecified]

Chamoun, R
(2000) A supply chain management approach for home care re-ablement in the North West of England. [Unspecified]

Chanda, E
(2000) Optimizing impact assessment of entomological intervention for malaria control in an operational setting in Zambia. [Unspecified]

Chang, S
(2000) An Investigation of the role of the MDM2-NME interaction in cancer cells. [Unspecified]

Chappell, S
(2000) Transition metal terpyridine complexes for molecular electronics. [Unspecified]

Charoensutthivarakul, S
(2000) From medicinal chemistry optimisation of antimalarial 2-aryl quinolones to synthesis and application of endoperoxide activity-based protein profiling probes. [Unspecified]

Cheeseman, L
(2000) Rapid removal of TACC3–ch-TOG–clathrin from kinetochore fibres during mitosis. [Unspecified]

Chi, Y
(2000) Machine learning techniques for high dimensional data. [Unspecified]

Chichenkov, A
(2000) Electrokinetic manipulation of micro to nano-sized objects for microfluidic application. [Unspecified]

Christensen, J, Draper, T and McNeile, C
(2000) Renormalization of the lattice heavy quark effective theory Isgur-Wise function. Physical Review D, 62. ISSN 1550-7998, 1550-2368

Christie, E
(2000) Numerical modelling of morphological impacts of off�shore wind farms. [Unspecified]

Chua, SHL
(2000) An investigation into the use of negation in Inductive Rule Learning for text classification. [Unspecified]

Chudek, D
(2000) Investigations into the significance of Nrf2 signalling and ubiquitination of proteins in Respiratory Syncytial Virus infection. [Unspecified]

Ciuchini, M, Derkachov, S, Gracey, J and Manashov, A
(2000) Computation of quark mass anomalous dimension at O(1/Nf2) in quantum chromodynamics. Nuclear Physics B, 579 (1-2). 56 - 100. ISSN 0550-3213

Clapham, C
(2000) Targeting cell metabolism in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) through the inhibition of monocarboxylate transporters (MCT) -1 and -4. [Unspecified]

Clubbe, J
(2000) Molecular studies towards improved avian metapneumovirus vaccines. [Unspecified]

Clulow, J
(2000) The representation of communism in post-war British film, theatre, and art 1945-1963. [Unspecified]

Coey, C
(2000) International academics in English higher education: practising and capturing mobile 2013 careers. [Unspecified]

Colbon, P
(2000) Exploring new avenues in c-c coupling: broadening application of the Heck reaction via in-situ formation of olefins. [Unspecified]

Collings, R
(2000) The Sumatra subduction zone: seismicity, velocity structure and seismic anisotropy. [Unspecified]

Collins, J
(2000) Oxygen and pH-sensitivity of articular chondrocytes. [Unspecified]

Colosimo, S
(2000) The characterisation of AGATA high purity germanium detectors for pulse shape analysis. [Unspecified]

Connor, M
(2000) Assessing the efficacy of psychological treatments for major depression: An investigation of methodological issues. [Unspecified]

Convery, J
(2000) Reflection anisotropy spectroscopy as a potential new tool for linking macromolecular conformation to biological function. [Unspecified]

Cook, S
(2000) Exploring the utility of the metacognitive model in predicting and preventing emotional distress after cancer. [Unspecified]

Coriano, C and Faraggi, AE
(2000) SUSY Scaling Violations and UHECR. .

Coriano, C, Faraggi, AE and Guzzi, M
(2000) Z-prime Searches at the LHC: Some QCD Precision Studies in Drell-Yan. .

Cornejo Castro, EM
(2000) Characterisation of molecular mechanisms involved in nevirapine- induced hypersensitivity. [Unspecified]

Cowie, L
(2000) Determination of ocean continent transition structure, continent ocean boundary location and magmatic type at rifted continental margins. [Unspecified]

Cox, D
(2000) A GEANT4 simulation of the SAGE spectrometer and its first application to 255Lr. [Unspecified]

Crayford, G
(2000) The infection biology of pig associated Salmonella. [Unspecified]

Croft, A
(2000) Exploring the collaborative development of cognitive analytic therapy (CAT) sequential diagrammatic reformulations (SDRs) with patients in a high secure hospital: implications for understanding and managing risks. [Unspecified]

Crowther, J
(2000) Dementia: what care do patients and carers need in the last year of life and time surrounding death? an exploratory qualitative study. [Unspecified]

Crozon, C
(2000) Coupling flight mechanics and CFD - numerical simulation of shipborne rotors. [Unspecified]

Culshaw, J and Culshaw, J
(2000) Discovery and functionalisation of microporous materials. [Unspecified]

Cummings, L
(2000) Monolayer and multilayer & mixed OH/water on Pd(111). [Unspecified]

Cummings, R
(2000) Development and application of label free quantitative proteomic methods. [Unspecified]

Cunningham, R
(2000) Dissemination methods and attitudes to family intervention for psychosis in trainee clinical psychologists. [Unspecified]

Cwenar, S
(2000) An exploration of teacher - pupil communication, narrative thinking and learning. [Unspecified]

Czekala, P
(2000) Modelling of molecules on surfaces and thin-film photovoltaic absorbers. [Unspecified]


Dale, T
(2000) Transmission dynamics and pathogenesis of squirrelpox in UK red (Sciurus vulgaris) and grey squirrels (Sciurus carolinensis). [Unspecified]

Daniel Naguib, G
(2000) Bioinformatics methods for annotating genomes using proteomic data. [Unspecified]

Darlington, M
(2000) The stability of single crystal Pt and Pt3Ni surfaces during electro-oxidation. [Unspecified]

Davoodi Samirmi, F
(2000) Multi-agent and knowledge-based system for power transformer fault diagnosis. [Unspecified]

De Divitiis, G, Del Debbio, L, Di Pierro, M, Flynn, JM and Michael, C
(2000) Lattice determination of the B* B pi coupling. Nuclear Physics B - Proceedings Supplements, 83-84. 277 - 279. ISSN 0920-5632

De Stefani Casanova, P
(2000) Emancipatory horizons: The possibility of a revolutionary architectural practice. [Unspecified]

Deboick, SL
(2000) Image, authenticity and the cult of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, 1897-1959. [Unspecified]

Deering, C
(2000) Cluster and clash? everyday space and the butchers of late medieval Winchester, 1360-1420. [Unspecified]

Del Gaudio, A
(2000) Operational art and the Narva Front 1944, Sinimäed and campaign planning. [Unspecified]

Dempster, P
(2000) Time-like reductions of supergravity and black string solutions. [Unspecified]

Ding, C
(2000) Effects of calcitriol on the crosstalk between macrophages and human adipocytes. [Unspecified]

Ding, C
(2000) Vitamin D signalling in adipose tissue. [Unspecified]

Dingsdale, H
(2000) Distribution and dynamics of endoplasmic reticulum-plasma membrane junctions in pancreatic acinar and pancreatic cancer cells. [Unspecified]

Dixon, C, Fisher, M, Konev, B and Lisitsa, A
(2000) Efficient First-Order Temporal Logic for Infinite-State Systems.

Dondeynaz, C
(2000) Water, governance and human development variables in developing countries: multivariate inter-relationships analysis and statistical modelling using Bayesian networks. [Unspecified]

Dong, K
(2000) Liquidity prediction in limit order book markets. [Unspecified]

Dong, L
(2000) Resource allocation for relay based green communication systems. [Unspecified]

Donnelly, M, Leach, H and Strass, V
(2000) Variability in the lower circumpolar deep water and the Lazarev Sea. [Unspecified]

Dormand, J
(2000) The proof of concept of a fused radiometric and optical stereoscopic imaging system. [Unspecified]

Dowey, P
(2000) Prediction of clay minerals and grain-coatings in sandstone reservoirs utilising ancient examples and modern analogue studies. [Unspecified]

Draper, H
(2000) A role for SOX9 and Wnt-related proteins in endometrial adenocarcinoma. [Unspecified]

Drummond, MC
(2000) Spectroscopy of ¹⁶³,¹⁶⁵Os and ¹⁶⁴Ir. [Unspecified]

Dube, Q
(2000) Aetiology and outcome of neonatal sepsis and meningitis in Malawi. [Unspecified]

Duncalf, L
(2000) Exploring the role of nuclear phosphatases and their associated protein in cell growth and development. [Unspecified]

Duret, D and Durrani, Z
(2000) Is PeerMark a useful tool for formative assessment of literature review? A trial in the School of Veterinary Science. [Poster]


Easterby-Smith, M, Graca, M, Antonacopoulou, Elena and Ferdinand, Jason
(2000) Absorptive Capacity: A Process Perspective. Management Learning, 39 (5). 483 - 501.

Eden, B, Howe, PS, Pickering, A, Sokatchev, E and West, PC
(2000) Four-point functions in N=2 superconformal field theories. Nuclear Physics B, 581 (1-2). 523 - 558.

Edge, G
(2000) Disposition of PEGylated proteins. [Unspecified]

Edi, A
(2000) Genetics of multiple insecticide resistance in Anopheles gambiae from Côte d’Ivoire. [Unspecified]

Edmonds, M
(2000) A systematic study of palmitoylation using the model organism Caenorhabditis elegans. [Unspecified]

Edwards, K
(2000) Investigating population performance and factors that influence reproductive success in the eastern black rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis michaeli). [Unspecified]

Ekwueme, K
(2000) An evaluation of modified transperineal template guided saturation biopsy in the diagnosis of prostate cancer. [Unspecified]

Ellwood, P and Pandza, K
(2000) Addressing the challenges of cooperation and coordination in complex innovation environments: narratives of openness. In: European Group for Organization Studies, 2015-07-01 - 2015-07-04, Athens.

Elmore, S
(2000) Scrape-off layer ion temperature measurements on MAST by retarding field energy analyser. [Unspecified]

Elzagzoug, E
(2000) Chromatic monitoring of transformer oil condition using CCD camera technology. [Unspecified]

Elzagzoug, H
(2000) DC interruption principle using a helical arc arrangement. [Unspecified]

Erriquez, E
(2000) Computational models of trust. [Unspecified]

Ewing, V
(2000) Access to appropriate malaria treatment among children in the Chikhwawa district of Malawi. [Unspecified]

Exall, F
(2000) Rational maps represented by both rabbit and aeroplane matings. [Unspecified]


Falk, D
(2000) Ritual processional furniture: a material and religious phenomenon in Egypt. [Unspecified]

Fan, YN
(2000) The role of genetic background and hypoxia in the chemotherapeutic efficiency in paediatric brain tumours. [Unspecified]

Faraggi, AE
(2000) Cosmological and phenomenological implications of Wilsonian matter in realistic superstring derived models. .

Faraggi, AE
(2000) Deriving The Standard Model From Superstring Theory. .

Faraggi, AE
(2000) Duality, Equivalence, Mass and The Quest For The Vacuum. .

Faraggi, AE
(2000) On the origin of three generation free fermionic superstring models. .

Faraggi, AE
(2000) Phenomenological survey of free fermionic heterotic-string models. .

Faraggi, AE
(2000) Realistic Superstring Models. .

Faraggi, AE
(2000) Superstring Phenomenology - A Personal Perspective. .

Faraggi, AE
(2000) Superstring phenomenology -- present and future perspective. .

Faraggi, AE
(2000) The $Z_2\times Z_2$ Orbifold and the SUSY Flavor Problem. .

Faraggi, AE and Matone, M
(2000) Reply to Comment on "Duality of x and psi in Quantum Mechanics".

Faraggi, AE and Rizos, J
(2000) Spinor-vector duality and light Z' in heterotic string vacua. .

Fatmi, A
(2000) Moroccan-Spanish relations from above and below (1990 – 2012). [Unspecified]

Fawcett, S
(2000) The development of novel surface modifications for use in a skeletal regeneration system. [Unspecified]

Fawkner - Corbett, D
(2000) The viral and atypical bacterial causes of acute respiratory infection in children in Recife, Brazil. [Unspecified]

Fellows, M
(2000) Assessment of drug induced genotoxicity in mammalian cells and the contribution of topoisomerase II inhibition. [Unspecified]

Ferguson, R
(2000) Wild-type N-Ras complements mutant K-Ras in pancreatic cancer cell lines but K-Ras has a specific role in cell cycle independent regulation of G2 cyclins. [Unspecified]

Fernandez-Reyes, P
(2000) Metallurgical characterisation of 1st and 2nd century AD Roman copper-alloy military equipment from north-western Europe. [Unspecified]

Filmer, F
(2000) Methodology development for the analysis of AGATA data. [Unspecified]

Fisher, A
(2000) Transcriptional profiling to identify therapeutic targets influencing skeletal muscle atrophy. [Unspecified]

Fitzgerald, R
(2000) The reporting of ethical approval and informed consent for clinical trials in four major orthodontic journals. [Unspecified]

Fitzjohn, Matthew
(2000) Hearth and home: evaluating quality of life in the ancient Greek world. In: Building, dwelling, and living in the ancient Greek world. Cambridge University Press.

Flack, N
(2000) Thin film components for solid oxide fuel Cells (SOFCs). [Unspecified]

Ford, D
(2000) The relationship between subjective and objective cognitive functioning in Multiple Sclerosis; the role of self-efficacy. [Unspecified]

Forsey, M
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