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Abdul-kareem, Ihssan
Investigating structural plasticity in musicians’ brains using structural magnetic resonance and diffusion tensor imaging techniques. [Unspecified]

Abe, K, Aihara, H, Ajmi, A, Andreopoulos, C, Antonova, M, Aoki, S, Asada, Y, Ashida, Y, Atherton, A, Atkin, E
et al (show 373 more authors) T2K ND280 Upgrade - Technical Design Report.

Abe, K, Aihara, H, Amji, A, Amey, J, Andreopoulos, C, Antonova, M, Aoki, S, Atherton, A, Ban, S, Barbato, FCT
et al (show 307 more authors) Proposal for an Extended Run of T2K to $20\times10^{21}$ POT. [Internet Publication]

Abe, K, Akutsu, R, Ali, A, Andreopoulos, C, Anthony, L, Antonova, M, Aoki, S, Ariga, A, Ashida, Y, Awataguchi, Y
et al (show 318 more authors) Search for heavy neutrinos with the T2K near detector ND280.

Abe, K, Akutsu, R, Ali, A, Andreopoulos, C, Anthony, L, Antonova, M, Aoki, S, Ariga, A, Ashida, Y, Awataguchi, Y
et al (show 311 more authors) Search for light sterile neutrinos with the T2K far detector Super-Kamiokande at a baseline of 295 km.

Abe, K, Akutsu, R, Ali, A, Andreopoulos, C, Anthony, L, Antonova, M, Aoki, S, Ariga, A, Ashida, Y, Awataguchi, Y
et al (show 307 more authors) Search for neutral-current induced single photon production at the ND280 near detector in T2K.

Abe, K, Andreopoulos, C, Antonova, M, Aoki, S, Ariga, A, Autiero, D, Ban, S, Barbi, M, Barker, GJ, Barr, G
et al (show 309 more authors) Sensitivity of the T2K accelerator-based neutrino experiment with an Extended run to $20\times10^{21}$ POT. [Internet Publication]

Abi, B, Acciarri, R, Acero, MA, Adamowski, M, Adams, C, Adams, DL, Adamson, P, Adinolfi, M, Ahmad, Z, Albright, CH
et al (show 821 more authors) The Single-Phase ProtoDUNE Technical Design Report. [Internet Publication]

Abrams, RJ, Agarwalla, SK, Alekou, A, Andreopoulos, C, Ankenbrandt, CM, Antusch, S, Apollonio, M, Aslaninejad, M, Back, J, Ballett, P
et al (show 126 more authors) Interim Design Report.

Abu Alhaija, Mahmoud
Chemical speciation of iron with humic ligands in estuarine and coastal waters. [Unspecified]

Acciarri, R, Acero, MA, Adamowski, M, Adams, C, Adamson, P, Adhikari, S, Ahmad, Z, Albright, CH, Alion, T, Amador, E
et al (show 795 more authors) Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility (LBNF) and Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE) Conceptual Design Report Volume 1: The LBNF and DUNE Projects. [Internet Publication]

Acciarri, R, Acero, MA, Adamowski, M, Adams, C, Adamson, P, Adhikari, S, Ahmad, Z, Albright, CH, Alion, T, Amador, E
et al (show 794 more authors) Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility (LBNF) and Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE) Conceptual Design Report, Volume 4 The DUNE Detectors at LBNF. [Internet Publication]

Acciarri, R, Adams, C, An, R, Andreopoulos, C, Ankowski, AM, Antonello, M, Asaadi, J, Badgett, W, Bagby, L, Baibussinov, B
et al (show 214 more authors) A Proposal for a Three Detector Short-Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Program in the Fermilab Booster Neutrino Beam. [Internet Publication]

Acharyya, A, Agudo, I, Angüner, EO, Alfaro, R, Alfaro, J, Alispach, C, Aloisio, R, Batista, R Alves, Amans, J-P, Amati, L
et al (show 460 more authors) Monte Carlo studies for the optimisation of the Cherenkov Telescope Array layout.

Adams, C, Andreopoulos, C, Asaadi, J, Baller, B, Bishai, M, Camilleri, L, Cavanna, F, Chen, H, Church, E, Cianci, D
et al (show 40 more authors) LAr1-ND: Testing Neutrino Anomalies with Multiple LArTPC Detectors at Fermilab. [Internet Publication]

Ageena, I
Trends and patterns in the climate of Libya (1945-2010). [Unspecified]

Ahmad Hijazi, Mohd Hanafi
Image classification : a study in age-related macular degeneration screening. [Unspecified]

Ahmed, Shakeel
Rebuilding customer trust in the British retail banking industry following the recent financial crisis. [Unspecified]

Ajagbe, Samson, Ajagbe, Samson O Temioda and Ajagbe, Samson O Temioda
The Dilemma of an Urhobo Baptist regarding Funeral rites: an Appraisal. [Unspecified]

Akrida, Eleni C, Mertzios, George B, Nikoletseas, Sotiris, Raptopoulos, Christoforos, Spirakis, Paul G and Zamaraev, Viktor
How fast can we reach a target vertex in stochastic temporal graphs?

Al Salem, Waleed
Epidemiological characterization and control of Old World cutaneous leishmaniasis in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. [Unspecified]

Al-Dayel, M
Staphylococcus aureus survival mechanisms from skin antimicrobials. [Unspecified]

Al-Mazyad, M
Food advertising to children on UK television in 2012: implications for dental health. [Unspecified]

Al-Naimat, Ghazi
Brand names in the linguistic landscape of Aqaba, Jordan. [Unspecified]

Al-Ramadhan, Noor
Do systematic reviews and meta-analyses, published in the dental literature, comply with the QUOROM and PRISMA statements? [Unspecified]

Al-Sanabra, Ola
Regulation of protein kinase CbetaII (PKCbetaII) gene expression in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) cells. [Unspecified]

Al-Sit, W
Automatic feature detection and interpretation in borehole data. [Unspecified]

Alam, M, Andreopoulos, C, Athar, M, Bodek, A, Christy, E, Coopersmith, B, Dennis, S, Dytman, S, Gallagher, H, Geary, N
et al (show 11 more authors) GENIE Production Release 2.10.0.

Albert, P
Physical activity monitoring in COPD patients. [Unspecified]

Aldhafeeri, Faten
An investigation into the neural substrates of tinnitus. [Unspecified]

Alghanem, A
The role of regulator of calcineurin 1 (RCAN1) signalling in endothelial cells. [Unspecified]

Alghanmi, Maimonah
Identification and therapeutic application of molecular parallels between parasites, parasitic vectors and snake venom. [Unspecified]

Alhijaillan, H, Coenen, F, Dukes-McEwan, J and Thiyalgalingam, J
Segmenting Sound Waves to Support Phonocardiogram Analysis: The PCGseg Approach. In: 15th Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2018-08-27 - 2018-08-31, Nanjing, China. (Submitted)

Aljurayyan, AN
Characterisation of T Follicular Helper Cell (TFH) in Nasopharynx-Associated Lymphoid tissue and Its effect on regulation of immune response to influenza virus. [Unspecified]

Alkhamis, A
A comparison of access to medical care for insured and uninsured expatriates in Saudi Arabia. [Unspecified]

Alkurbi, M
Development and characterisation of anti-DBLβ surface-labelling and cytoadhesion-inhibitory mouse monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies. [Unspecified]

Allton, CR, Hart, A, Hepburn, D, Irving, AC, Joo, B, McNeile, C, Michael, C and Wright, SV
Improved Wilson QCD simulations with light quark masses. Phys.Rev.D, 70. 014501 - ?.

Aloqalaa, DA, Hodgson, Jenny A, Kowalski, Dariusz R and Wong, Prudence WH
Estimating Invasion Time in Real Landscapes: Supplementary Materials. .

Alotaibi, Mohammed
An investigation into the effect of hypoxia in the uterus: Does hypoxic preconditioning occur? [Unspecified]

Alrawashdeh, R
Implantable antennas for biomedical applications. [Unspecified]

Alsaeed, Suliman
Local invariants of fronts in 3-manifolds. [Unspecified]

Alshukri, Ayesh
Website boundary detection via machine learning. [Unspecified]

Alsumiri, Mohammed
Sliding mode control of renewable energy generation systems. [Unspecified]

Alzu'Bi, Hamzah
Analysis of human activities and animal behaviours based on computational intelligence. [Unspecified]

Amato, Christopher and Oliehoek, Frans A
Scalable Planning and Learning for Multiagent POMDPs: Extended Version.

Amaxilatis, D, Logaras, M, Michail, O and Spirakis, PG
NETCS: A New Simulator of Population Protocols and Network Constructors.

Ameh, Charles
The effectiveness of emergency obstetric care training in Kenya. [Unspecified]

Amos, H
The Friulian Language, Rosa Mucignat (ed.) (2014). Taylor & Francis (Routledge): SSH Titles.

Amos, W
The Linguistic Landscape of Toulouse: Theories and methodologies for exploring urban multilingualism. [Unspecified]

Anantharam, Venkat and Konstantopoulos, Takis
Integral representation of Skorokhod reflection.

Anbalagan, Yogesh, Norin, Sergey, Savani, Rahul and Vetta, Adrian
Polylogarithmic Supports are required for Approximate Well-Supported Nash Equilibria below 2/3. .

Anbrine, Shama
The Co-operative model town society; history, planning, architecture and social character of an indigenous garden suburb in colonial Lahore. [Unspecified]

Anderton, Dane
Firm ecologies: life science and video game industries in Liverpool. [Unspecified]

Andreev, VF, Belousov, AS, Fomenko, AM, Gorbov, LA, Greenshaw, T, Levonian, SV, Malinovski, EI, Maxfield, SJ, Sheviakov, IP, Smirnov, PA
et al (show 2 more authors) A New High Energy Photon Tagger for the H1 - Detector at HERA.

Andreopoulos, Costas, Barry, Christopher, Dytman, Steve, Gallagher, Hugh, Golan, Tomasz, Hatcher, Robert, Perdue, Gabriel and Yarba, Julia
The GENIE Neutrino Monte Carlo Generator: Physics and User Manual.

Angi, Martina
Identification of biomarkers of metastatic disease in uveal melanoma using proteomic analyses. [Unspecified]

Anshari, Buan
Structural behaviour of glued laminated timber beams reinforced by compressed wood. [Unspecified]

Ansumana, Rashid
Tiered laboratory analyses for common infections to characterize febrile morbidity not related to malaria in Sierra Leone. [Unspecified]

Apt, Krzysztof R, Grossi, Davide and Hoek, Wiebe van der
When Are Two Gossips the Same? Types of Communication in Epistemic Gossip Protocols.

Apt, Krzysztof R, Simon, Sunil and Wojtczak, Dominik
Coordination Games on Directed Graphs. .

Arbuckle, Kevin
On the macroevolution of antipredator defence. [Unspecified]

Archard, Rachael
Adolescents' evaluation of Dialectical behavior therapy. [Unspecified]

Arcon, D, Jeglic, P, Zorko, A, Potocnik, A, Ganin, AY, Takabayashi, Y, Rosseinsky, MJ and Prassides, K
Two-electronic component behavior in the multiband FeSe$_{0.42}$Te$_{0.58}$ superconductor. Physical Review B, 82. 140508 - ?.

Ardekani, M Niazi, Sardina, G, Brandt, L, Karp-Boss, L, Bearon, RN and Variano, EA
Sedimentation of elongated non-motile prolate spheroids in homogenous isotropic turbulence.

Argani, LP, Torella, F, Fisher, RK, McWilliams, RG, Wall, ML and Movchan, AB
Abdominal aortic aneurysms and endovascular sealing: deformation and dynamic response.

Aslam, Mohammed Afeef
An investigation of GRP78 expression and inhibition in squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck. [Unspecified]

Asquith, Wendy
Haiti and art: curating the nation for international exhibitions. [Unspecified]

Atherton, Kirsten
How do haematology patients make sense of clinical information? a qualitative study. [Unspecified]

Atkinson, Jessica
An In-Vivo Structural MRI Investigation of Newborn Infants’ Brains: Preterm Infants and Infants born with Intrauterine Growth Restriction. [Unspecified]

Aucott, Hannah
Investigations into the interactions of the high mobility group box 1 protein and their toxicological relevance. [Unspecified]

Austin, J
The structural characterisation of two DNA protectants during stress; the tandem RRM domains of mouse TDP-43 and E.coli DPS. [Unspecified]

Auty, S
Utilising novel thiol-acrylate click reactions to synthesise controlled branched polymer emulsifiers. [Unspecified]

Aziz, AR
The energy-absorbing characteristics of Novel tube-reinforced sandwich structures. [Unspecified]

Aziz, Haris, Lachish, Oded, Paterson, Mike and Savani, Rahul
Spanning connectivity games. [Report]


Babu, S
High fidelity multidisciplinary analyses of flow in weapon bays. [Unspecified]

Baccelli, Francois and Konstantopoulos, Takis
Stationary flows and uniqueness of invariant measures.

Baikstis, T
Rhodium-catalysed [(3+2)+2] carbocyclisation of heteroatom-substituted alkenes and synthetic studies towards (+)-repin. [Unspecified]

Baillie, Sarah
Post-traumatic growth following a burn injury. [Unspecified]

Bainbridge, James
‘He loves the mind, in all its modes’: the unity of George Crabbe’s life work. [Unspecified]

Baker, Samantha
Implicit priming of conflicting motivational states in heavy drinkers. [Unspecified]

Bakeyev, T, Galletly, D, Göckeler, M, Gürtler, M, Horsley, R, Joó, B, Kennedy, AD, Pendleton, B, Perlt, H, Pleiter, D
et al (show 5 more authors) Structure functions and form factors close to the chiral limit from lattice QCD. Nucl.Phys.Proc.Suppl., 128. 82 - 88.

Bakeyev, T, Gockeler, M, Horsley, R, Pleiter, D, Rakow, PEL, Schierholz, G and Stuben, H
Non-perturbative renormalisation and improvement of the local vector current for quenched and unquenched Wilson fermions. Phys.Lett.B, 580. 197 - 208.

Balabanova, Silviya
The neuroendocrine-like phenotype of gastric myofibroblasts and its significance in cancer. [Unspecified]

Balafas, N
Essays on corporate finance, monetary policy and asset pricing on London Stock Exchange. [Unspecified]

Balduzzi, David, Racaniere, Sebastien, Martens, James, Foerster, Jakob, Tuyls, Karl and Graepel, Thore
The Mechanics of n-Player Differentiable Games. .

Ball, C
Leptospirosis in UK vet visiting dogs, wild rodents and the pathogenomics of Leptospira species. [Unspecified]

Ballard, Celia
Contractile properties of multiple pregnancy myometrium. [Unspecified]

Banerjee, Kalyan and Guletskii, Vladimir
Étale monodromy and rational equivalence for $1$-cycles on cubic hypersurfaces in $\mathbb P^5$.

Barbosa, Susana
Mathematical models for exploring insecticide resistance in vector mosquitoes. [Unspecified]

Barker, NJ
Written evidence submitted to the House of Commons Select Committee on Foreign Affairs: Inquiry on the Future of the UK Overseas Territories. [Report] (Submitted)

Barnes, K
Investigating population structure and mechanisms driving pyrethroid resistance in Anopheles funestus reveals a selective sweep in Southern Africa. [Unspecified]

Barnes, Theresa
Defining the neutrophil phenotype in systemic sclerosis. [Unspecified]

Barton, Phillip T, Seshadri, Ram, Knöller, Andrea and Rosseinsky, Matthew J
Structural and magnetic characterization of the complete delafossite solid solution (CuAlO2){1-x}(CuCrO2){x}. J. Phys.: Condens. Matter, 24. 016002 - ?.

Barton, Phillip T, Seshadri, Ram and Rosseinsky, Matthew J
Electrical and magnetic properties of the complete solid solution series between SrRuO3 and LaRhO3: Filling t2g versus tilting. Phys. Rev. B, 83. 064417 - ?.

Batchelor, D and German, A
Anorexia and hyporexia. In: BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Gastroenterology. BSAVA. (Submitted)

Batou, A
An approximate Itô-SDE based simulated annealing algorithm for multivariate design optimization problems.

Bautista Lazo, Samuel
Sustainable manufacturing:turning waste into profitable co-products. [Unspecified]

Beard, Kieron
Self-compassion and coping in gay men. [Unspecified]

Beck, Rosie
Investigating psychological processes in paranoia. [Unspecified]

Beckingham, O

Belanyek, Agneau, Grossi, Davide and Hoek, Wiebe van der
A Note on Nesting in Dyadic Deontic Logic.

Belardinelli, Francesco, Ditmarsch, Hans van and Hoek, Wiebe van der
A Logic for Global and Local Announcements. .

Bell, Catherine
Characterisation of HLA-restricted T-cell responses to abacavir using lymphocytes from drug-naïve volunteers. [Unspecified]

Bell, Paul C and Potapov, Igor
The Identity Correspondence Problem and its Applications. World Scientific, 21. 6 - ?.

Bellingham, Clare
Estimating the distribution of the mass component of sea level trends using tide gauges, altimetry and steric reconstructions. [Unspecified]

Bellis, Jennifer
Adverse drug reactions in children - the contribution of off-label and unlicensed prescribing. [Unspecified]

Bello, G
Is it possible to improve the analytical approach to the evaluation of cluster-randomised trials where the complexity of the intervention demands a small number of clusters? the case of the triage plus Integrated TB-HIV community intervention project in Lilongwe Rural, Malawi. [Unspecified]

Benjamin, Laura
HIV infection and stroke in Malawian adults. [Unspecified]

Bennett, Kate
Emotional and personal resilience through life. The Future of an Ageing Population: Evidence Review. [Report]

Bennett, M
Does the use of diagnostic language affect causal beliefs related to mental health in non-qualified nursing and care staff? [Unspecified]

Benning, Martin, Knoll, Florian, Schönlieb, Carola-Bibiane and Valkonen, Tuomo
Preconditioned ADMM with nonlinear operator constraint.

Benning, Martin, Schönlieb, Carola-Bibiane, Valkonen, Tuomo and Vlačić, Verner
Explorations on anisotropic regularisation of dynamic inverse problems by bilevel optimisation.

Benth, Fred Espen, Detering, Nils and Kruhner, Paul
Multilinear processes in Banach space.

Bettney, Laura
Developing and testing an integrative model of binge drinking behaviour in a student population. [Unspecified]

Bettridge, Judy
The epidemiology and ecology of infectious diseases in Ethiopian village chickens and the role of co-infection in infection risk. [Unspecified]

Betts, H
The framework species approach to forest restoration: using functional traits as predictors of species performance. [Unspecified]

Bi, Z
Speciation analysis of trace metals in natural waters using vibrating electrodes. [Unspecified]

Bie, Lidong
Investigating the earthquake cycle of normal faults. [Unspecified]

Bietenholz, W, Bornyakov, V, Göckeler, M, Horsley, R, Lockhart, WG, Nakamura, Y, Perlt, H, Pleiter, D, Rakow, PEL, Schierholz, G
et al (show 5 more authors) Flavour blindness and patterns of flavour symmetry breaking in lattice simulations of up, down and strange quarks.

Biktashev, VN, Barkley, D and Biktasheva, IV
Orbital movement of spiral waves.

Bilbao-Terreros, Gorka
Divergencias y convergencias en la literatura transnacional de principios del siglo XX: El caso de Jorge Luis Borges y Miguel de Unamuno. [Unspecified]

Birch, Andrew
Developing the next generation of design for environment (DFE)tools. [Unspecified]

Birch, Jenna
Modelling financial markets using methods from network theory. [Unspecified]

Bishop, Hilary
Sacred space. A study of the mass rocks of the diocese of Cork and Ross, County Cork. [Unspecified]

Black, N
Childhood adversity in body dysmorphic concerns. [Unspecified]

Boegelein, F
L'art de la cruauté: mythologies filmiques contemporaines de la cruauté. [Unspecified]

Boegelein, Thomas
Selective laser melting of a ferritic oxide dispersion strengthened steel. [Unspecified]

Boer, FS de, Hindriks, KV, Hoek, W van der and Meyer, J-J Ch
Agent Programming with Declarative Goals.

Bogomolovas, Julijus
Titin role in muscle homeostasis: the kinase domain. [Unspecified]

Boiko, Tetiana and Karpenkov, Oleg
Mean value property for nonharmonic functions.

Bollegala, Danushka, Hayashi, Kohei and Kawarabayashi, Ken-ichi
Think Globally, Embed Locally --- Locally Linear Meta-embedding of Words.

Bollegala, Danushka, Maehara, Takanori, Yoshida, Yuichi and Kawarabayashi, Ken-ichi
Learning Word Representations from Relational Graphs. .

Bonk, Mario and Meyer, Daniel Expanding Thurston Maps. .

Booth, D
An ultrastructural study of the role of clathrin as an inter-microtubule bridge in kinetochore fibres. [Unspecified]

Booth, S, Göckeler, M, Horsley, R, Irving, AC, Joo, B, Pickles, S, Pleiter, D, Rakow, PEL, Schierholz, G, Sroczynski, Z
et al (show 1 more authors) Determination of $Λ_{\overline{MS}}$ from quenched and $N_f = 2$ dynamical QCD. Phys.Lett.B, 519. 229 - 237.

Booth, S, Göckeler, M, Horsley, R, Irving, AC, Joo, B, Pickles, S, Pleiter, D, Rakow, PEL, Schierholz, G, Sroczynski, Z
et al (show 1 more authors) The strong coupling constant from lattice QCD with N_f=2 dynamical quarks. Nucl.Phys.Proc.Suppl., 106. 308 - 310.

Boschi, E
'Playing' cultural identities in and out of the cinematic nation: popular songs in British, Spanish, and Italian cinema of the late 1990s. [Unspecified]

Bottell, L
Conflict in the communal nest: investigating female competition in house mice. [Unspecified]

Bower, DV, Lansdale, NK, Navarro, S, Featherstone, NC, Connell, MG, Al-Alam, D, Frey, MR, Trinh, L, Fernandez, GE, Warburton, D
et al (show 3 more authors) SERCA regulation of cell migration provides intracellular control of iterative budding. Nature Cell Biology. (Submitted)

Bowering, Katherine
Analysis of routine hospital administrative data (including hospital episode statistics) to assess variation in process and outcomes in gastroenterology. [Unspecified]

Bowes, M
Plasma diagnosis of reactive high power impulse magnetron sputtering (HiPIMS) discharges. [Unspecified]

Bowfield, A
Spectroscopic considerations on molecular adsorption at the solid/liquid interface. [Unspecified]

Boyd, James
A systems biology approach to explore the dynamics and interactions of the NF-κB signalling pathway. [Unspecified]

Boyland, Emma
Television food advertising to children: nature, extent and potential consequences. [Unspecified]

Bracken, Louise
Avoiding adverse drug reactions in children - development of the Liverpool Adverse Drug Reaction Avoidability Assessment Tool. [Unspecified]

Brereton, Ashley
Phytoplankton aggregations in a turbulent boundary layer. [Unspecified]

Brocklehurst, Alan
High resolution methods for the aerodynamic design of helicopter rotors. [Unspecified]

Brooke, C
Synthesis, characterisation and single molecule conductance measurements of organic molecules. [Unspecified]

Brun, M, Movchan, AB and Jones, IS
Periodically fighting shake, rattle and roll.

Bryan, H
Molecular investigation of Keap1-dependent regulation of the Nrf2 cell defence pathway. [Unspecified]

Bryniarska, Eva
A study to determine the effects of calcium based toothpastes in orthodontic patients. [Unspecified]

Bundock, AC
Measurement of the cross-section for b-jets produced in association with a Z boson at sqrt(s) = 7 TeV with the ATLAS detector. [Unspecified]

Burdyga, A
Control of cAMP signalling in the cellular migration of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. [Unspecified]

Burrow, O, Carroll, A, Chattopadhyay, S, Coleman, J, Elertas, G, Heffer, J, Metelko, C, Moore, R, Morris, D, Perl, M
et al (show 2 more authors) Atom Interferometry for Dark Contents of the Vacuum Searches.

Byrne, GM
The role of changing water geochemistry in mineral formation and distribution in estuaries. [Unspecified]

bolster, A and Marshall, A
Physical Behaviours for Trust Assessment in Autonomous Underwater MANETs. In: The 13th IEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad hoc and Sensor Systems (MASS), 2016-10-10 - 2016-04-13, Brasilia, Brasil. (Submitted)


CLIC, The, collaborations, CLICdp, Boland, MJ, Felzmann, U, Giansiracusa, PJ, Lucas, TG, Rassool, RP, Balazs, C, Charles, TK, Afanaciev, K
et al (show 507 more authors) Updated baseline for a staged Compact Linear Collider.

Cairns, Steven
Changing the culture of financial regulation: a corporate governance approach. [Unspecified]

Campbell, Colin
A social constructivist analysis of civil-military relations: US-Mexican bilateral military relations, 2000-2008. [Unspecified]

Campbell, Peter, Cox, Tamsin, Crone, Stephen and Wilks-Heeg, Stuart
‘Evidence of Things That Appear Not’? - A Critical Review of the Role of Arts and Culture in the Regeneration of Urban Places and Urban Communities. [Report]

Cane, Matthew
Ca2+ signalling and mitochondrial dynamics in the exocrine pancreas: physiology and pathophysiology. [Unspecified]

Cao, Kris, Lazaridou, Angeliki, Lanctot, Marc, Leibo, Joel Z, Tuyls, Karl and Clark, Stephen
Emergent Communication through Negotiation.

Carrion, Marina
Low mach number CFD for wind turbine analysis. [Unspecified]

Carroll, Andrew
An investigation into reducing the uncertainties associated with the leading order hadronic contributions to the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon. [Unspecified]

Carroll, J, Coleman, J, Davies, G, Lockwood, M, Metelko, C, Mills, R, Murdoch, M, Roberts, A, Schnellbach, Y and Touramanis, C
Monitoring Reactor Anti-Neutrinos Using a Plastic Scintillator Detector in a Mobile Laboratory.

Carroll, R
Multiparticle configurations in 155Lu (N = 84) and 158Ta (N = 85). [Unspecified]

Carter, Rachel
Exploiting the chick embryonic environment to reprogram neuroblastoma cells to a benign phenotype. [Unspecified]

Cartwright, DR
Digital decision-making: using computational argumentation to support democratic processes. [Unspecified]

Cauldbeck, H
Polymeric Materials for Controlled Ophthalmic Drug Delivery. [Unspecified]

Cepeda, M, Gori, S, Ilten, P, Kado, M, Riva, F, Khalek, R Abdul, Aboubrahim, A, Alimena, J, Alioli, S, Alves, A
et al (show 367 more authors) Higgs Physics at the HL-LHC and HE-LHC.

Chacón-Torres, JC, Ganin, AY, Rosseinsky, MJ and Pichler, T
Raman response of Stage-1 graphite intercalation compounds revisited. Phys. Rev. B, 86. 075406 - ?.

Chadwick, S
Photodynamic and photothermal human cancer cell killing using gold nanoparticles. [Unspecified]

Chaimontree, Santhana
Multi-agent data mining with negotiation: a study in multi-agent based clustering. [Unspecified]

Chaki, Prosper Pius
Community-based surveillance and control of malaria vectors in urban Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. [Unspecified]

Charles, Victoria
Positive psychological factors in late adolescence: The role of resilience and hope in the well-being of 16 to 18 year olds. [Unspecified]

Chen, Danqing
Inhibition of tumourigenicity of small cell lung cancer by simultaneous suppression of ID1 and ID3 expression. [Unspecified]

Chen, J
Nonlinear adaptive control of permanent magnet synchronous generator based wind turbine: a perturbation estimation approach. [Unspecified]

Chen, M-Y
Analytic function methods for nonparametric control. [Unspecified]

Chen, Su and Brookfield, David
Does bookbuilding really improve the efficiency of pricing IPOs? International Review of Financial Analysis. (Submitted)

Chepuka, L
Perceptions, experiences and health sector responses to intimate partner violence in Malawi: the centrality of context. [Unspecified]

Cherry, Mary
Exploring the relationships between attachment styles, emotional intelligence and patient-provider communication. [Unspecified]

Chiewchengchol, Direkrit
Neutrophil function in juvenile systemic Lupus Erythematosus (JSLE). [Unspecified]

Christodoulou, George, Gairing, Martin, Giannakopoulos, Yiannis and Spirakis, Paul G
The Price of Stability of Weighted Congestion Games.

Christodoulou, George, Gairing, Martin, Nikoletseas, Sotiris, Raptopoulos, Christoforos and Spirakis, Paul
Strategic Contention Resolution with Limited Feedback. .

Christodoulou, George, Melissourgos, Themistoklis and Spirakis, Paul G
Strategic Contention Resolution in Multiple Channels. .

Christodoulou, George and Sgouritsa, Alkmini
Designing Networks with Good Equilibria under Uncertainty. .

Christoff, Zoé and Grossi, Davide
Binary Voting with Delegable Proxy: An Analysis of Liquid Democracy. EPTCS 251, 2017, pp. 134-150.

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