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Ab Ghani, Azizah
Pharmacogenetics in warfarin therapy. [Unspecified]

Abbas Al-Huseini, Laith
Modulation of dendritic cell signalling and function by redox regulators. [Unspecified]

Abdul Rani, Muhamad
Structural dynamic analysis and model updating for a welded structure made from thin steel sheets. [Unspecified]

Abdul-kareem, Ihssan
Investigating structural plasticity in musicians’ brains using structural magnetic resonance and diffusion tensor imaging techniques. [Unspecified]

Abdullah, Yusfida Ayu Binti
The benchmarking method and realistic evaluation as tools for the assessment of urban regeneration programmes: the case of regional parks. [Unspecified]

Abeyratna, Savandie
An affective interface for conveying student feedback. [Unspecified]

Abilio, Ana
Assessing entomological and parasitaemia prevalence to monitor a malaria control programme in Zambezia, Mozambique. [Unspecified]

Abram, Lucy Claire
The influence of physical dynamics on trophic and biogeochemical processes in Celtic seas. [Unspecified]

Abu Alhaija, Mahmoud
Chemical speciation of iron with humic ligands in estuarine and coastal waters. [Unspecified]

Abu Hasan, Hadura
Studies on host-seeking, resting behaviour and control of the dengue vector Aedes aegypti. [Unspecified]

AbuAlainin, Wafa
Evaluation of UHRF1 expression in pancreatic cancer. [Unspecified]

Adams-White, Jade E, Wheatcroft, Jacqueline M and Jump, Michael
Measuring decision accuracy and confidence of mock air defence operators. [Unspecified]

Adamson, Katherine
"A bit of unoriginal sin": allusions to the Fall in selected novels of Anthony Burgess. [Unspecified]

Adjei-Asante, Kwabena
Developing and applying serological and molecular skills to the virological analysis of HIV-infected patients from Kumasi, Ghana. [Unspecified]

Aflaifel, Nasreen
Postpartum haemorrhage: new insights from published trials and the development of novel management options. [Unspecified]

Afzal, Sidra and Afzal, Sidra
A study of the electrical properties of polycrystalline based organic devices. [Unspecified]

Ageena, Ismail
Trends and patterns in the climate of Libya (1945-2010). [Unspecified]

Agurto Detzel, Hans
Seismotectonics of the southern subduction Chilean margin revealed by recent aftershock sequences. [Unspecified]

Ahmad Hijazi, Mohd Hanafi
Image classification : a study in age-related macular degeneration screening. [Unspecified]

Ahmed, Abdulbasit
Online network intrusion detection system using temporal logic and stream data processing. [Unspecified]

Ahmed, Muhammad Shamsher
Natural immunity to pneumococcal Pilus-1 RrgA and RrgB antigens, and its relationship with pneumococcal carriage. [Unspecified]

Ahmed, Shakeel
Rebuilding customer trust in the British retail banking industry following the recent financial crisis. [Unspecified]

Aiston, Anna Katharine
Skein theoretic idempotents of Hecke algebras and quantum group invariants. [Unspecified]

Ajagbe, Samson, Ajagbe, Samson O Temioda and Ajagbe, Samson O Temioda
The Dilemma of an Urhobo Baptist regarding Funeral rites: an Appraisal. [Unspecified]

Al Ja'Afreh, Saqer
MIMO antennas for mobile phone applications. [Unspecified]

Al Salem, Waleed
Epidemiological characterization and control of Old World cutaneous leishmaniasis in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. [Unspecified]

Al-Ali, Bushra
Life cycle energy and thermal performance of a Structurally Insulated Panel (SIPS) residential development in the North West. In: PLEA2020 - Planning Post carbon cities - 35th PLEA Conference on Passive and Low Energy Architecture, 2022-09-01 - 2020-09-03. (Submitted)

Al-Ataby, Ali
Automatic detection, sizing and characterisation of weld defects using ultrasonic time-of-flight diffraction. [Unspecified]

Al-Dayel, Munirah
Staphylococcus aureus survival mechanisms from skin antimicrobials. [Unspecified]

Al-Iamee, Hannan
The characterisation of endometrial epithelial stem/progenitor cells. [Unspecified]

Al-Mazyad, Muneera
Food advertising to children on UK television in 2012: implications for dental health. [Unspecified]

Al-Mosule, Firas
Synthesis and characterization of, and dynamic processes occurring in, highly active Pd catalyst for alkyne and alkene hydroesterification. [Unspecified]

Al-Naher, Ahmed, Downing, Jennifer, Scott, Kathryn A ORCID: 0000-0003-3395-9210 and Pirmohamed, Munir
Factors Affecting Patient and Physician Engagement in Remote Health Care for Heart Failure: Systematic Review (Preprint).

Al-Naimat, Ghazi
Brand names in the linguistic landscape of Aqaba, Jordan. [Unspecified]

Al-Ramadhan, Noor
Do systematic reviews and meta-analyses, published in the dental literature, comply with the QUOROM and PRISMA statements? [Unspecified]

Al-Sanabra, Ola
Regulation of protein kinase CbetaII (PKCbetaII) gene expression in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) cells. [Unspecified]

Al-Sit, Waleed
Automatic feature detection and interpretation in borehole data. [Unspecified]

Al-Tae, Firas
Biology of interleukin-6 production by human natural killer cells. [Unspecified]

Al-Twaim, Sarah
Comparative transcriptomic and proteomic investigation of host cell responses during toxoplasma gondii and neospora caninum invasion of human astrocytes. [Unspecified]

Al-khafaji, Ahmed
Investigation of molecular modulation of taxane response in respiratory tract cancers by differential expression of mitotic spindle associated genes. [Unspecified]

Alam, Nasra N, Wright, Alison K, Rutter, Martin K, Buchan, Iain ORCID: 0000-0003-3392-1650, Ashcroft, Darren M, Sperrin, Matthew and Renehan, Andrew
Type 2 Diabetes, Body Mass Index and Cancer Mortality: A Population-Based Matched Cohort Study of 1.0 Million Adults in England. SSRN Electronic Journal.

Albanese, Adam, Daly, Leonard A, Mennerich, Daniela, Kietzmann, Thomas and Sée, Violaine ORCID: 0000-0001-6384-8381
The Role of Hypoxia-Inducible Factor Post-Translational Modifications in Regulating its Localisation, Stability and Activity.

Albarrak, Abdulrahman
Three-dimensional image classification using hierarchical spatial decomposition: A study using retinal data. [Unspecified]

Albert, Paul
Physical activity monitoring in COPD patients. [Unspecified]

Albrakati, Ashraf
Structural and functional studies of caveolae in the femoral artery. [Unspecified]

Aldhafeeri, Faten
An investigation into the neural substrates of tinnitus. [Unspecified]

Alejenef, Ali
Imprint of cytomegalovirus and varicella zoster virus infections on the immune system of healthy and diseased subjects. [Unspecified]

Alexander, Katie
The synthesis, detection and repair of nucleotides containing the 8-nitroguanine modification. [Unspecified]

Alfraidi, Yahya
Developing building design resilience strategies to climate change risks. [Unspecified]

Alghanem, Ahmad
The role of regulator of calcineurin 1 (RCAN1) signalling in endothelial cells. [Unspecified]

Alghanmi, Maimonah
Identification and therapeutic application of molecular parallels between parasites, parasitic vectors and snake venom. [Unspecified]

Alhaidari, Mohammad
Activation of CD8+ T-Cell with abacavir and HLA-B*57:01 binding peptides and elimination of T-Cell responses through chemical modification. [Unspecified]

Alhijaillan, H, Coenen, F ORCID: 0000-0003-1026-6649, Dukes-McEwan, J and Thiyalgalingam, J
Segmenting Sound Waves to Support Phonocardiogram Analysis: The PCGseg Approach. In: 15th Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2018-08-27 - 2018-08-31, Nanjing, China. (Submitted)

Alhilfi, Tamara
Utilising anionic branched polymerisation techniques for the synthesis of novel nanoparticles. [Unspecified]

Ali, Fuad
Shape coexistence in the proton-unbound nucleus 177Au. [Unspecified]

Aliyu, Balarabe
Developing a human resources organisational model for the effective management of labour relations in the Nigerian oil and gas sector. [Unspecified]

Aljurayyan, Abdullah Nasser
Characterisation of T Follicular Helper Cell (TFH) in Nasopharynx-Associated Lymphoid tissue and Its effect on regulation of immune response to influenza virus. [Unspecified]

Alkhamis, Abdulwahab
A comparison of access to medical care for insured and uninsured expatriates in Saudi Arabia. [Unspecified]

Alkurbi, Mohammad
Development and characterisation of anti-DBLβ surface-labelling and cytoadhesion-inhibitory mouse monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies. [Unspecified]

Allen, LC
The Ophthalmological Findings and Diagnosis of Children with Cerebral Visual Impairment (CVI). [Poster]

Almajali, Ziyad
Fault diagnosis for transmission lines using chromatic processing. [Unspecified]

Almehmadi, Mazen
CD56+ T-cells in relation to cytomegalovirus in healthy subjects and kidney transplant patients. [Unspecified]

Almhmoud, Abdullah
The laws and regulations related to remuneration practices: a comparative and analytical investigation into legal aspects. [Unspecified]

Alomoush, Omar
Multilingualism in the linguistic landscape of urban Jordan. [Unspecified]

Aloqalaa, DA, Hodgson, Jenny A ORCID: 0000-0003-2297-3631, Kowalski, Dariusz R ORCID: 0000-0002-1316-7788 and Wong, Prudence WH ORCID: 0000-0001-7935-7245
Estimating Invasion Time in Real Landscapes: Supplementary Materials. .

Alotaibi, Mohammed
An investigation into the effect of hypoxia in the uterus: Does hypoxic preconditioning occur? [Unspecified]

Alotaibi, Mshari
Deoxygenation and hydrogenation of biomass-derived molecules over multifunctional catalysts. [Unspecified]

Alrawashdeh, Rula
Implantable antennas for biomedical applications. [Unspecified]

Alshali, Rasha
The molecular basis of enhanced glucose transporter, SGLT1, expression in the diabetic intestine. [Unspecified]

Alshdaifat, Esra'a
Hierarchical ensemble classification: towards the classification of data collections that feature large numbers of class labels. [Unspecified]

Alshukri, Ayesh
Website boundary detection via machine learning. [Unspecified]

Alston, Ben
Aqueous polyoxometalates: design and analysis of electrochemical catalysts for the indirect reduction of oxygen in PEM fuel cells. [Unspecified]

Alsumiri, Mohammed
Sliding mode control of renewable energy generation systems. [Unspecified]

Alvarado Bustos, Ruben
Mixing in the continental slope: study case Gulf of Cadiz. [Unspecified]

Alwaleedi, Mohammed
Band structures of 131Ce. [Unspecified]

Alzaed, Ali
User centered passive building design. [Unspecified]

Alzahrani, Abdullah
Uncovering the emerging risks from climate change scenarios and related climate change risk management in the building sector in the UK. [Unspecified]

Alzahrani, Saleh
Dynamic simulation of the Impact of risk events and risk cost in KSA PPP projects. [Unspecified]

Alzu'Bi, Hamzah
Analysis of human activities and animal behaviours based on computational intelligence. [Unspecified]

Amali, Mohammed
Characterisation of the B-lymphocyte response in delayed-type piperacillin hypersensitivity reactions. [Unspecified]

Ameh, Charles
The effectiveness of emergency obstetric care training in Kenya. [Unspecified]

Amos, H
The Friulian Language, Rosa Mucignat (ed.) (2014). Taylor & Francis (Routledge): SSH Titles.

Amos, Will
The Linguistic Landscape of Toulouse: Theories and methodologies for exploring urban multilingualism. [Unspecified]

An, Seong J, Stagi, Massimiliano ORCID: 0000-0002-5827-902X, Gould, Travis J, Wu, Yumei, Mlodzianoski, Michael, Strittmatter, Stephen, De Camilli, Pietro, Bewersdorf, Joerg and Zenisek, David
Multimodal Imaging of Synaptic Vesicles with a Single Probe. [Preprint]

Anbrine, Shama
The Co-operative model town society; history, planning, architecture and social character of an indigenous garden suburb in colonial Lahore. [Unspecified]

Anderton, Dane
Firm ecologies: life science and video game industries in Liverpool. [Unspecified]

Ando, Hikari
Exploring reasons for declining and withdrawing from non-invasive ventilation among motor neurone disease patients: an interpretative phenomenological analysis. [Unspecified]

Angi, Martina
Identification of biomarkers of metastatic disease in uveal melanoma using proteomic analyses. [Unspecified]

Angulo, Juan
Development of parallel meshless methods for moving geometry simulations. [Unspecified]

Anshari, Buan
Structural behaviour of glued laminated timber beams reinforced by compressed wood. [Unspecified]

Ansumana, Rashid
Tiered laboratory analyses for common infections to characterize febrile morbidity not related to malaria in Sierra Leone. [Unspecified]

Antoine, Thomas
Molecular and biochemical characterisation of the electron transport chain of plasmodium falciparum. [Unspecified]

Antonacopoulou, Elena P ORCID: 0000-0002-0872-7883
Tensions and extensions in knowledge integration and disintegration : rethinking the man-agement of knowledge in organizations. In: Unspecified Edward Elgar Publishing, 406 - 423.

Anya, Obinna
Practice-centred e-health system design for cross-boundary clinical decision support. [Unspecified]

Apperley, Louise
The importance of innate resistance genes in respiratory syncytial virus replication in airway epithelial cells. [Unspecified]

Apt, Krzysztof R, Grossi, Davide ORCID: 0000-0002-9709-030X and Hoek, Wiebe van der
When Are Two Gossips the Same? Types of Communication in Epistemic Gossip Protocols.

Arbuckle, Kevin
On the macroevolution of antipredator defence. [Unspecified]

Archard, Rachael
Adolescents' evaluation of Dialectical behavior therapy. [Unspecified]

Arnold, David
Simple components, correlated components and an application of statistical shape analysis to consumer and other multivariate data. [Unspecified]

Arnold, Lydia Jane
Using technology for student feedback: Lecturer perspectives. [Unspecified]

Arrington, Lauren ORCID: 0000-0002-0228-7805
Irish Modernism. [Internet Publication]

Ashe, Marion
Does accelerated long term forgetting occur in patients recently diagnosed with localisation related epilepsy? [Unspecified]

Ashish, Abdul
Impact of pseudomonas aeruginosa Liverpool epidemic strain (LES) on cystic fibrosis patients. [Unspecified]

Aslam, Mohammed Afeef
An investigation of GRP78 expression and inhibition in squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck. [Unspecified]

Aslam, Muhammad Waqar
Pattern recognition using genetic programming for classification of diabetes and modulation data. [Unspecified]

Asquith, Wendy
Haiti and art: curating the nation for international exhibitions. [Unspecified]

Atherton, Kirsten
How do haematology patients make sense of clinical information? a qualitative study. [Unspecified]

Atkinson, Jessica
An In-Vivo Structural MRI Investigation of Newborn Infants’ Brains: Preterm Infants and Infants born with Intrauterine Growth Restriction. [Unspecified]

Aucott, Hannah
Investigations into the interactions of the high mobility group box 1 protein and their toxicological relevance. [Unspecified]

Austin, James
The structural characterisation of two DNA protectants during stress; the tandem RRM domains of mouse TDP-43 and E.coli DPS. [Unspecified]

Auty, Samuel
Utilising novel thiol-acrylate click reactions to synthesise controlled branched polymer emulsifiers. [Unspecified]

Awad, Faez
Studies on the immunopathogenesis, diagnosis and control of infectious bronchitis and avian metapneumoviruses in chicken. [Unspecified]

Awhida, Salmah
Functionalised dipeptides as hydrogelators for energy transfer and as drug delivery vehicles. [Unspecified]

Aziz, Alia Ruzanna
The energy-absorbing characteristics of Novel tube-reinforced sandwich structures. [Unspecified]


Babu, Savio
High fidelity multidisciplinary analyses of flow in weapon bays. [Unspecified]

Badmos, Hammed, Cobbe, Neville, Campbell, amy ORCID: 0000-0001-8390-4360 and Bennett, Daimark
Drosophila USP22/non-stop regulates the Hippo pathway to polarise the actin cytoskeleton during collective border cell migration. Unknown. (Submitted)

Baikstis, Tomass
Rhodium-catalysed [(3+2)+2] carbocyclisation of heteroatom-substituted alkenes and synthetic studies towards (+)-repin. [Unspecified]

Bailey, Mark S
Febrile illnesses at the Colombo North Teaching Hospital in Sri Lanka (The Ragama Fever Study). [Unspecified]

Baillie, Sarah
Post-traumatic growth following a burn injury. [Unspecified]

Bainbridge, James
‘He loves the mind, in all its modes’: the unity of George Crabbe’s life work. [Unspecified]

Baird, Arabella EG
Investigating the genetic basis of cranial cruciate ligament rupture in the Newfoundland dog. [Unspecified]

Bajhmoum, Wail
Clinical and laboratory features of HIV/AIDS in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. [Unspecified]

Baker, Samantha
Implicit priming of conflicting motivational states in heavy drinkers. [Unspecified]

Bakht, Khush
Developing a biological caries model & studying fluoride in caries control. [Unspecified]

Balabanova, Silviya
The neuroendocrine-like phenotype of gastric myofibroblasts and its significance in cancer. [Unspecified]

Balafas, Nikolaos
Essays on corporate finance, monetary policy and asset pricing on London Stock Exchange. [Unspecified]

Baldwin, Stephanie
Analysis of the cytokine-induced signalling dynamics of STAT3 and NF-κB. [Unspecified]

Ballard, Celia
Contractile properties of multiple pregnancy myometrium. [Unspecified]

Banerjee, Kalyan
One-dimensional algebraic cycles on nonsingular cubic fourfolds in P5. [Unspecified]

Banerjee, Kalyan and Guletskii, Vladimir
Étale monodromy and rational equivalence for $1$-cycles on cubic hypersurfaces in $\mathbb P^5$.

Bangert, Mathieu
An augmented passive immunotherapy to treat pneumococcal diseases. [Unspecified]

Bansaye, Vincent, Gu, Chenlin and Yuan, Linglong ORCID: 0000-0002-7851-1631
A growth-fragmentation-isolation process on random recursive trees. (Submitted)

Barbosa, Susana
Mathematical models for exploring insecticide resistance in vector mosquitoes. [Unspecified]

Barlow, Charlotte
Coerced into crime? legal and media representations of co-accused women. [Unspecified]

Barna, Roza Emilia
Online and offline rock music networks: a case study on Liverpool, 2007-2009. [Unspecified]

Barnes, Kayla
Investigating population structure and mechanisms driving pyrethroid resistance in Anopheles funestus reveals a selective sweep in Southern Africa. [Unspecified]

Barnes, Theresa
Defining the neutrophil phenotype in systemic sclerosis. [Unspecified]

Barritt, Elizabeth
The silver, copper and silicon (110) surfaces in ambient environments. [Unspecified]

Barrow, Michael
Functional aligned porous materials via directional freezing and frozen UV initiated polymerization. [Unspecified]

Batchelor, Dan ORCID: 0000-0003-0141-9711 and German, Alex ORCID: 0000-0002-3017-7988
Anorexia and hyporexia. In: BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Gastroenterology. BSAVA. (Submitted)

Bates, Chad
The mechanism of defence: identity, structure and perceptions of gender and sexuality in the military. [Unspecified]

Bautista Lazo, Samuel
Sustainable manufacturing:turning waste into profitable co-products. [Unspecified]

Bayahia, Hossein
Catalytic conversion of biomass-derived molecules. [Unspecified]

Bayram, Helen
A proteomic study of sperm competition in mammals. [Unspecified]

Beamer, Edward
A kainic acid-induced status epilepticus model of epileptogenesis in the C57BL/6J mouse. Interventions targeting nitric oxide and NMDA receptor-mediated pathophysiology. [Unspecified]

Beard, Kieron
Self-compassion and coping in gay men. [Unspecified]

Beck, Rosie
Investigating psychological processes in paranoia. [Unspecified]

Beckerman, Jason
Accessing the learning lifeworld: transformative student learning experiences in regional academic travel at New York University Abu Dhabi. [Unspecified]

Beckingham, Oliver

Behboudi, Effat ORCID: 0000-0002-8162-8419, McNamara, David Daniel, Lokmer, Ivan ORCID: 0000-0001-7009-1583, Wallace, Laura ORCID: 0000-0003-2070-0891 and Saffer, Demian M
Spatial Variation of In-Situ Stress Orientation Along the Hikurangi Subduction Margin: Insights from Borehole Image Logging. [Preprint]

Bell, Catherine
Characterisation of HLA-restricted T-cell responses to abacavir using lymphocytes from drug-naïve volunteers. [Unspecified]

Bellingham, Clare
Estimating the distribution of the mass component of sea level trends using tide gauges, altimetry and steric reconstructions. [Unspecified]

Bellis, Jennifer
Adverse drug reactions in children - the contribution of off-label and unlicensed prescribing. [Unspecified]

Bello, George
Is it possible to improve the analytical approach to the evaluation of cluster-randomised trials where the complexity of the intervention demands a small number of clusters? the case of the triage plus Integrated TB-HIV community intervention project in Lilongwe Rural, Malawi. [Unspecified]

Benjamin, Laura
HIV infection and stroke in Malawian adults. [Unspecified]

Bennett, Davara L ORCID: 0000-0003-3480-6566, Schlüter, Daniela K, Melis, Gabriella ORCID: 0000-0001-7532-2563, Bywaters, Paul, Barr, Ben ORCID: 0000-0002-4208-9475, Wickham, Sophie and Taylor-Robinson, David C ORCID: 0000-0002-5828-7724
Child Poverty and Children Entering Care: A Natural Experiment Using Longitudinal Area-Level Data in England, 2015-2020.

Bennett, Kate ORCID: 0000-0003-3164-6894
Emotional and personal resilience through life. The Future of an Ageing Population: Evidence Review. [Report]

Bennett, Martin
Does the use of diagnostic language affect causal beliefs related to mental health in non-qualified nursing and care staff? [Unspecified]

Berriman, Alexander DC
Mathematical modelling of the dynamics and control of Salmonella on UK pig farms. [Unspecified]

Bethell, George
The source of enteric nervous System progenitor cells present in Aganglionic gut in Hirschsprung’s disease. [Unspecified]

Bethell, Louisa
Stress and its covariates in carers of children newly diagnosed with epilepsy. [Unspecified]

Bettney, Laura
Developing and testing an integrative model of binge drinking behaviour in a student population. [Unspecified]

Bettridge, Judy
The epidemiology and ecology of infectious diseases in Ethiopian village chickens and the role of co-infection in infection risk. [Unspecified]

Betts, Hannah
The framework species approach to forest restoration: using functional traits as predictors of species performance. [Unspecified]

Bevan, Suzanne ORCID: 0000-0003-2649-2982, Luckman, Adrian ORCID: 0000-0002-9618-5905, Hubbard, Bryn ORCID: 0000-0002-3565-3875, Kulessa, Bernd ORCID: 0000-0002-4830-4949, Ashmore, David ORCID: 0000-0003-4829-7854, Kuipers Munneke, Peter ORCID: 0000-0001-5555-3831, O'Leary, Martin, Booth, Adam ORCID: 0000-0002-8166-9608, Sevestre, Heidi and McGrath, Daniel ORCID: 0000-0002-9462-6842
Centuries of intense surface melt on Larsen C Ice Shelf.

Bi, Zhaoshun
Speciation analysis of trace metals in natural waters using vibrating electrodes. [Unspecified]

Bie, Lidong
Investigating the earthquake cycle of normal faults. [Unspecified]

Bilbao-Terreros, Gorka
Divergencias y convergencias en la literatura transnacional de principios del siglo XX: El caso de Jorge Luis Borges y Miguel de Unamuno. [Unspecified]

Bin Turki, Nasser
Fundamental domains for left-right actions in Lorentzian geometry. [Unspecified]

Birch, Andrew
Developing the next generation of design for environment (DFE)tools. [Unspecified]

Birch, Jenna
Modelling financial markets using methods from network theory. [Unspecified]

Bishop, Hilary
Sacred space. A study of the mass rocks of the diocese of Cork and Ross, County Cork. [Unspecified]

Bishop, Hilary
The impact of EU funding upon the management of archaeological monuments within England and the Republic of Ireland with specific reference to agri-environmental schemes. [Unspecified]

Bishop, Tom Rhys
Taxonomic and functional ecology of montane ants. [Unspecified]

Black, Nancy
Childhood adversity in body dysmorphic concerns. [Unspecified]

Blagrove, Marcus and Barribeau, Seth M
Immune priming can prevent WNV establishment in <i>Culex quinquefasciatus</i> mosquitoes: evidence for immune priming based reversal of WNV-mediated immune suppression. [Preprint]

Blocksidge, Jemma
Characterisation of lens epithelium derived growth factor isoforms in chronic lymphocytic leukemia: Studies and significance. [Unspecified]

Bloxam, Leanne
Genome wide analysis of small heat shock proteins involved in yeast ageing. [Unspecified]

Boegelein, Florence
L'art de la cruauté: mythologies filmiques contemporaines de la cruauté. [Unspecified]

Bogomolovas, Julijus
Titin role in muscle homeostasis: the kinase domain. [Unspecified]

Bojarpour, Ali
Multi-robotic teamwork in AgentSpeak. [Unspecified]

Boloko, Linda, Schutz, Charlotte, Sibiya, Nomfundo, Balfour, Avuyonke, Ward, Amy, Shey, Muki, Nicol, Mark P, Burton, Rosie, Wilkinson, Robert J, Maartens, Gary
et al (show 2 more authors) Xpert-Ultra to Detect and Quantify HIV-Associated <i>Mycobacterium tuberculosis</i> Blood Stream Infection: A Cohort Study.

Bond, Alistair
Purinergic signalling in osteoblasts. [Unspecified]

Booth, Daniel
An ultrastructural study of the role of clathrin as an inter-microtubule bridge in kinetochore fibres. [Unspecified]

Booth, David
The role of mitochondrial dysfunction in acute pancreatitis. [Unspecified]

Borrill Mather, Grace
The chick embryo; a new drug delivery model for neuroblastoma. [Unspecified]

Boschi, Elena
'Playing' cultural identities in and out of the cinematic nation: popular songs in British, Spanish, and Italian cinema of the late 1990s. [Unspecified]

Bottell, Lisa
Conflict in the communal nest: investigating female competition in house mice. [Unspecified]

Bowe, Michael, Kolokolova, Olga and Michalski, Marcin ORCID: 0000-0003-4217-6154
Bank Regulatory Reforms and Institutional Equity Holdings. SSRN Electronic Journal.

Bowe, Michael, Kolokolova, Olga and Michalski, Marcin Jerzy ORCID: 0000-0003-4217-6154
Systemic Risk, Interbank Market Contagion, and the Lender of Last Resort Function. SSRN Electronic Journal.

Bower, DV, Lansdale, NK, Navarro, S, Featherstone, NC, Connell, MG, Al-Alam, D, Frey, MR, Trinh, L, Fernandez, GE, Warburton, D
et al (show 3 more authors) SERCA regulation of cell migration provides intracellular control of iterative budding. Nature Cell Biology. (Submitted)

Bowering, Katherine
Analysis of routine hospital administrative data (including hospital episode statistics) to assess variation in process and outcomes in gastroenterology. [Unspecified]

Bowes, Michael
Plasma diagnosis of reactive high power impulse magnetron sputtering (HiPIMS) discharges. [Unspecified]

Bowfield, Andrew
Spectroscopic considerations on molecular adsorption at the solid/liquid interface. [Unspecified]

Boyd, James
A systems biology approach to explore the dynamics and interactions of the NF-κB signalling pathway. [Unspecified]

Boyden, Brian
Structure and agency in small scale production: an historical archaeology of the clay tobacco pipemakers of Kent. [Unspecified]

Boyes, Stephen J
Reverberation chambers and the measurement of antenna characteristics. [Unspecified]

Boyland, Emma
Television food advertising to children: nature, extent and potential consequences. [Unspecified]

Bracken, Louise
Avoiding adverse drug reactions in children - development of the Liverpool Adverse Drug Reaction Avoidability Assessment Tool. [Unspecified]

Bramhall, Eric
Penitence and the English Reformation. [Unspecified]

Brandstaetter, Thomas Horst
Wasta- Triadic Governance and Trust in Jordanian Business. [Unspecified]

Brentville, VA ORCID: 0000-0003-2000-5629, Vankemmelbeke, M ORCID: 0000-0002-7239-1640, Metheringham, RL, Symonds, P, Cook, KW, Urbanowicz, R, Tsoleridis, T, Coleman, CM, Chang, K-C, Skinner, A
et al (show 10 more authors) A novel bivalent DNA vaccine encoding both spike protein receptor-binding domain and nucleocapsid protein of SARS-CoV-2 to elicit T cell and neutralising antibody responses that cross react with variants.

Brereton, Ashley
Phytoplankton aggregations in a turbulent boundary layer. [Unspecified]

Brierley, Liam ORCID: 0000-0002-3026-4723
The role of research preprints in the academic response to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Brisbourne, Alex ORCID: 0000-0002-9887-7120, Kulessa, Bernd ORCID: 0000-0002-4830-4949, Hudson, Thomas, Harrison, Lianne, Holland, Paul, Luckman, Adrian ORCID: 0000-0002-9618-5905, Bevan, Suzanne ORCID: 0000-0003-2649-2982, Ashmore, David ORCID: 0000-0003-4829-7854, Hubbard, Bryn ORCID: 0000-0002-3565-3875, Pearce, Emma
et al (show 4 more authors) An updated seabed bathymetry beneath Larsen C Ice Shelf, west Antarctic.

Brocklehurst, Alan
High resolution methods for the aerodynamic design of helicopter rotors. [Unspecified]

Brooke, Carly
Synthesis, characterisation and single molecule conductance measurements of organic molecules. [Unspecified]

Brown, Henry
Monitoring radiation damage in the vertex locator and top pair production in LHCb. [Unspecified]

Browne, Victoria
Feminist historiography and the reconceptualisation of historical time. [Unspecified]

Bryan, Holly
Molecular investigation of Keap1-dependent regulation of the Nrf2 cell defence pathway. [Unspecified]

Bryniarska, Eva
A study to determine the effects of calcium based toothpastes in orthodontic patients. [Unspecified]

Buchanan, Pearse
Review of Odalen et al.

Buchanan, Pearse J, Matear, Richard J, Lenton, Andrew, Phipps, Steven J ORCID: 0000-0001-5657-8782, Chase, Zanna ORCID: 0000-0001-5060-779X and Etheridge, David ORCID: 0000-0001-7970-2002
The simulated climate of the Last Glacial Maximum and insights into the global carbon cycle.

Bukar, Mohammed
Does oil emplacement stop diagenesis and quartz cementation in deeply buried sandstone reservoirs. [Unspecified]

Bundock, Aaron Colin
Measurement of the cross-section for b-jets produced in association with a Z boson at sqrt(s) = 7 TeV with the ATLAS detector. [Unspecified]

Burcea, Mihai
Online dynamic bin packing. [Unspecified]

Burdyga, Alex
Control of cAMP signalling in the cellular migration of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. [Unspecified]

Burkitt, Michael
Investigation of the importance of individual members of the Nuclear Factor-κB family during Helicobacter felis induced gastric carcinogenesis. [Unspecified]

Burton, Katie
Investigation of the expression pattern and functional importance of the Gnasxl-encoded XLαs protein of the imprinted Gnas Locus. [Unspecified]

Byrne, Gemma Mary
The role of changing water geochemistry in mineral formation and distribution in estuaries. [Unspecified]

bolster, A and Marshall, A ORCID: 0000-0002-8058-5242
Physical Behaviours for Trust Assessment in Autonomous Underwater MANETs. In: The 13th IEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad hoc and Sensor Systems (MASS), 2016-10-10 - 2016-04-13, Brasilia, Brasil. (Submitted)


Cairns, Steven
Changing the culture of financial regulation: a corporate governance approach. [Unspecified]

Calland, Richard
A 3 flavour joint near and far detector neutrino oscillation analysis at T2K. [Unspecified]

Campbell, Colin
A social constructivist analysis of civil-military relations: US-Mexican bilateral military relations, 2000-2008. [Unspecified]

Canaj, Angelos ORCID: 0000-0002-4944-7909, Dey, Sourav, Regincós Martí, Emma ORCID: 0000-0002-5814-7596, Wilson, Claire, Rajaraman, Gopalan ORCID: 0000-0001-6133-3026 and Murrie, Mark ORCID: 0000-0001-7297-2878
Insight into D6h Symmetry: Targeting Strong Axiality in Stable Dysprosium(III) Hexagonal Bipyramidal Single-Ion Magnets.

Cane, Matthew
Ca2+ signalling and mitochondrial dynamics in the exocrine pancreas: physiology and pathophysiology. [Unspecified]

Cao, Peng, Bracun, Laura, Yamagata, Atsushi ORCID: 0000-0001-9285-1256, Christianson, Bern M, Negami, Tatsuki, Zou, Baohua, Terada, Tohru ORCID: 0000-0002-7091-0646, Canniffe, Daniel P, Shirouzu, Mikako ORCID: 0000-0002-7997-2149, Li, Mei
et al (show 1 more authors) Structural basis for the assembly and electron transport mechanisms of the dimeric photosynthetic RC–LH1 supercomplex. [Preprint]

Cao, Ping
UWB antennas for wireless communications. [Unspecified]

Carrion, Marina
Low mach number CFD for wind turbine analysis. [Unspecified]

Carroll, Robert
Multiparticle configurations in 155Lu (N = 84) and 158Ta (N = 85). [Unspecified]

Carter, JC and Bezzano, Johanna
Statelessness in Practice: Implementation of the UK Statelessness Application Procedure. [Report] (Unpublished)

Carter, Rachel
Exploiting the chick embryonic environment to reprogram neuroblastoma cells to a benign phenotype. [Unspecified]

Cartwright, Daniel R
Digital decision-making: using computational argumentation to support democratic processes. [Unspecified]

Casey, Conor ORCID: 0000-0002-7428-1621
Courts, Public Interest Litigation, and Homelessness: A Commentary on Recent Case Law. SSRN Electronic Journal.

Cashmore, Vanessa, Coster, Neil, McHale, Ian, Forrest, David ORCID: 0000-0003-0565-3396 and Buraimo, Babatunde ORCID: 0000-0003-3928-5624
Female Jockeys - What are the Odds?

Castanheira, Catarina, Balaskas, Panagiotis, Falls, Charlotte, Ashraf-Kharaz, Yalda, Clegg, Peter, Burke, Kim, Fang, Yongxiang, Dyer, Philip, Welting, Tim JM and Peffers, Mandy J
Equine synovial fluid small non-coding RNA signatures in early osteoarthritis.

Cauldbeck, Helen
Polymeric Materials for Controlled Ophthalmic Drug Delivery. [Unspecified]

Cesar, Christopher
The roles of the cockle Cerastoderma edule L. on ecosystem functioning: cockle comings and goings. [Unspecified]

Chadwick, Samantha
Photodynamic and photothermal human cancer cell killing using gold nanoparticles. [Unspecified]

Chaimontree, Santhana
Multi-agent data mining with negotiation: a study in multi-agent based clustering. [Unspecified]

Chaki, Prosper Pius
Community-based surveillance and control of malaria vectors in urban Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. [Unspecified]

Chamoun, Rachel
A supply chain management approach for home care re-ablement in the North West of England. [Unspecified]

Chanda, Emmanuel
Optimizing impact assessment of entomological intervention for malaria control in an operational setting in Zambia. [Unspecified]

Chandrasekaran, Mekala
The effect of photon dose calculation algorithms on the clinical outcome of radiotherapy as assessed by radiobiological models. [Unspecified]

Chang, Shie
An Investigation of the role of the MDM2-NME interaction in cancer cells. [Unspecified]

Chappell, Sarah
Transition metal terpyridine complexes for molecular electronics. [Unspecified]

Charles, Victoria
Positive psychological factors in late adolescence: The role of resilience and hope in the well-being of 16 to 18 year olds. [Unspecified]

Charoensutthivarakul, Sitthivut
From medicinal chemistry optimisation of antimalarial 2-aryl quinolones to synthesis and application of endoperoxide activity-based protein profiling probes. [Unspecified]

Cheeseman, Liam
Rapid removal of TACC3–ch-TOG–clathrin from kinetochore fibres during mitosis. [Unspecified]

Chen, Jian
Nonlinear adaptive control of permanent magnet synchronous generator based wind turbine: a perturbation estimation approach. [Unspecified]

Chen, Ming-Yen
Analytic function methods for nonparametric control. [Unspecified]

Chen, Stephen and Bouvain, Petra
Adoption of the Global Reporting Initiative by FT500 firms. In: International Business and Institutions after the Financial Crisis. Palgrave Macmillan.

Chen, Su and Brookfield, David
Does bookbuilding really improve the efficiency of pricing IPOs? International Review of Financial Analysis. (Submitted)

Chepuka, Lignet
Perceptions, experiences and health sector responses to intimate partner violence in Malawi: the centrality of context. [Unspecified]

Chi, Yuan
Machine learning techniques for high dimensional data. [Unspecified]

Chichenkov, Aleksandr
Electrokinetic manipulation of micro to nano-sized objects for microfluidic application. [Unspecified]

Chiewchengchol, Direkrit
Neutrophil function in juvenile systemic Lupus Erythematosus (JSLE). [Unspecified]

Christie, Elizabeth
Numerical modelling of morphological impacts of off�shore wind farms. [Unspecified]

Christodoulou, George, Gairing, Martin, Giannakopoulos, Yiannis and Spirakis, Paul G
The Price of Stability of Weighted Congestion Games.

Chu, Shanyun
Some contributions to Markov decision processes. [Unspecified]

Chua, Stephanie Hui Li
An investigation into the use of negation in Inductive Rule Learning for text classification. [Unspecified]

Chudek, Dorota
Investigations into the significance of Nrf2 signalling and ubiquitination of proteins in Respiratory Syncytial Virus infection. [Unspecified]

Chukwu, Gosim Martin Onu
Participatory evaluation: an action research intervention to improve training effectiveness. [Unspecified]

Chung, Esther O, Hagaman, Ashley, LeMasters, Katherine, Andrabi, Nafeesa, Baranov, Victoria, Bates, Lisa M, Gallis, John A, O’Donnell, Karen, Rahman, Atif ORCID: 0000-0002-2066-4467, Sikander, Siham ORCID: 0000-0002-0223-7234
et al (show 2 more authors) Grandmother Involvement on Child Growth and Development in Rural Pakistan.

Cifci, Ali
Interpretations of the socio-economic structure of the Urartian kingdom. [Unspecified]

Clancy, Anne, Heride, Claire, Pinto-Fernández, Adán, Kallinos, Andreas ORCID: 0000-0001-8771-963X, Kayser-Bricker, Katherine J, Wang, Weiping, Smith, Victoria, Elcocks, Hannah, Davis, Simon, Fessler, Shawn
et al (show 16 more authors) The deubiquitylase USP9X controls ribosomal stalling. [Internet Publication]

Clapham, Chloe
Targeting cell metabolism in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) through the inhibition of monocarboxylate transporters (MCT) -1 and -4. [Unspecified]

Claridge, Jennifer
Does Fasciola hepatica infection increase the susceptibility of cattle to infection with other pathogens normally controlled by a Th1 or pro-inflammatory response? [Unspecified]

Clarke, Christopher
Characterising the role of anterior gradient protein 2 in cell adhesion and metastasis. [Unspecified]

Clarke, Suzanne
Are patient attachment orientations mediating factors in changes to their attitudes towards seeking professional help to manage emotional distress? [Unspecified]

Clayton, Jane
The art of regeneration: the establishment and development of the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology, 1985–2010. [Unspecified]

Clear, Jennifer
Holocene fire and vegetation dynamics in the northern European forests. [Unspecified]

Clubbe, Jayne
Molecular studies towards improved avian metapneumovirus vaccines. [Unspecified]

Clulow, Jacqueline
The representation of communism in post-war British film, theatre, and art 1945-1963. [Unspecified]

Cobb, Mark
The clinical assessment of spirituality in palliative care. [Unspecified]

Cochemé, Helena M ORCID: 0000-0001-8637-0042, Bjedov, Ivana, Grönke, Sebastian, Menger, Katja E, James, Andrew M, Quan, Jorge Ivan Castillo, Foley, Andrea, Lennicke, Claudia, Buricova, Marcela, Adcott, Jennifer ORCID: 0000-0001-9146-3171
et al (show 3 more authors) Enhancing autophagy by redox regulation extends lifespan in <i>Drosophila</i>.

Colbon, Paul
Exploring new avenues in c-c coupling: broadening application of the Heck reaction via in-situ formation of olefins. [Unspecified]

Collaboration, ATLAS
Properties of jet fragmentation using charged particles measured with the ATLAS detector in $pp$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}=13$ TeV. Phys. Rev. D, 100. 052011 - ?.

Collaboration, ATLAS
A search for the dimuon decay of the Standard Model Higgs boson with the ATLAS detector. Phys. Lett. B, 812. 135980 - ?.

Collaboration, T, Abe, K, Amey, J, Andreopoulos, C, Antonova, M, Aoki, S, Ariga, A, Ashida, Y, Ban, S, Barbi, M
et al (show 290 more authors) First measurement of the $ν_μ$ charged-current cross section without pions in the final state on a water target. Phys. Rev. D, 97. 012001 - ?.

Collings, Rachel
The Sumatra subduction zone: seismicity, velocity structure and seismic anisotropy. [Unspecified]

Collins, Christopher
Oxide structure prediction and synthesis. [Unspecified]

Collins, John
Oxygen and pH-sensitivity of articular chondrocytes. [Unspecified]

Colosimo, Samantha
The characterisation of AGATA high purity germanium detectors for pulse shape analysis. [Unspecified]

Connor, Martin
Assessing the efficacy of psychological treatments for major depression: An investigation of methodological issues. [Unspecified]

Convery, James
Reflection anisotropy spectroscopy as a potential new tool for linking macromolecular conformation to biological function. [Unspecified]

Cook, Sharon
Exploring the utility of the metacognitive model in predicting and preventing emotional distress after cancer. [Unspecified]

Cooper, Christopher
Conservatism, imperialism and appeasement: the political career of Douglas Hogg, first Viscount Hailsham 1922-38. [Unspecified]

Cooper, Jessie
The cultural anatomy of decision making: The 'problem' of organ donation and ethnicity. [Unspecified]

Cornick, Jen
Roadmap to resistance: antimicrobial resistance in Malawian pneumococci. [Unspecified]

Corubolo, F and Fuselier, J
JT Java decoder. [Software]

Cowie, Leanne
Determination of ocean continent transition structure, continent ocean boundary location and magmatic type at rifted continental margins. [Unspecified]

Cox, Daniel
A GEANT4 simulation of the SAGE spectrometer and its first application to 255Lr. [Unspecified]

Crayford, Georgina
The infection biology of pig associated Salmonella. [Unspecified]

Crockett, Lisa
Palliative care needs of pediatric patients & their families: a phenomenological study of multidisciplinary pediatric palliative care team experiences. [Unspecified]

Croft, Aimee
Exploring the collaborative development of cognitive analytic therapy (CAT) sequential diagrammatic reformulations (SDRs) with patients in a high secure hospital: implications for understanding and managing risks. [Unspecified]

Crowther, Jacqueline
Dementia: what care do patients and carers need in the last year of life and time surrounding death? an exploratory qualitative study. [Unspecified]

Crozon, Clément
Coupling flight mechanics and CFD - numerical simulation of shipborne rotors. [Unspecified]

Cuddy, Jenna
Predictors of resilience in adolescents with a cleft lip and/or palate. [Unspecified]

Culshaw, Jamie and Culshaw, Jamie
Discovery and functionalisation of microporous materials. [Unspecified]

Culverwell, Gemma
An exploratory study investigating irritable bowel symptoms, associated unhelpful thoughts, adult attachment, emotional distress and disordered eating. [Unspecified]

Cummings, Linda
Monolayer and multilayer & mixed OH/water on Pd(111). [Unspecified]

Cummings, Rebecca
Development and application of label free quantitative proteomic methods. [Unspecified]

Cunningham, Roisin
Dissemination methods and attitudes to family intervention for psychosis in trainee clinical psychologists. [Unspecified]

Currier, Rachel
Investigating venom synthesis: exploring the composition, variation and gene expression dynamics of Bitis arietans venom. [Unspecified]

Curtis, Gemma
The impact of neonatal nutrition on the health, welfare and productivity of Holstein dairy calves. [Unspecified]

Cuthbertson, Christine H and Hunter-Jones, Philippa ORCID: 0000-0002-0880-7357
Business education jargon buster. [Report] (Unpublished)

Cwenar, Stasia
An exploration of teacher - pupil communication, narrative thinking and learning. [Unspecified]

Czekala, Piotr
Modelling of molecules on surfaces and thin-film photovoltaic absorbers. [Unspecified]


Da Ronch, Andrea
On the calculation of dynamic derivatives using computational fluid dynamics. [Unspecified]

Dale, Timothy
Transmission dynamics and pathogenesis of squirrelpox in UK red (Sciurus vulgaris) and grey squirrels (Sciurus carolinensis). [Unspecified]

Daniel Naguib, Gianluca
Bioinformatics methods for annotating genomes using proteomic data. [Unspecified]

Daras, Konstantinos ORCID: 0000-0002-4573-4628, Alexiou, Alexandros ORCID: 0000-0003-3533-3238, Rose, Tanith C, Buchan, Iain ORCID: 0000-0003-3392-1650, Taylor-Robinson, David and Barr, Benjamin
How does Vulnerability to COVID-19 Vary between Communities in England? Developing a Small Area Vulnerability Index (SAVI). SSRN Electronic Journal.

Darlington, Michael
The stability of single crystal Pt and Pt3Ni surfaces during electro-oxidation. [Unspecified]

Davies, Hannah
Expression and characterisation of cardiovascular amyloid proteins. [Unspecified]

Davies, James
Integrated target tracking and weapon guidance. [Unspecified]

Davies, James
A randomised controlled crossover trial to assess the effectiveness of, preference for and length of structured reply letters when communicating with referring practitioners. [Unspecified]

Davies, Neale
Novel, induced flow, centrifugal water pumping system for off grid application. [Unspecified]

Davies, William
For neither love nor money: was the Flexible New Deal a more effective and efficient active labour market policy than those it replaced? [Unspecified]

Davison, Jane
The art of writing: the influence of Spanish literary culture on the work of Kate O'Brien. [Unspecified]

Davnall, Richard
The experiential world. [Unspecified]

Davoodi Samirmi, Farhad
Multi-agent and knowledge-based system for power transformer fault diagnosis. [Unspecified]

Dawson, Karl
Dissimilar metal welds. [Unspecified]

Day, Christine
The perspective of families and services in early psychosis. [Unspecified]

Day, Jonathan
‘Must I remember?’ artificial memory systems and early modern England. [Unspecified]

De Souza, Nicosha
Molecular epidemiology of lung cancer in the Liverpool lung project (LLP) cohort. [Unspecified]

De Stefani Casanova, Patricio
Emancipatory horizons: The possibility of a revolutionary architectural practice. [Unspecified]

Dean, Joshua ORCID: 0000-0001-9058-7076
14CH4 sample contamination. .

Deaves, A, Grant, Emily, Trainor, Kate and Jarvis, Kathryn
Twitter - is it an educational tool. In: Networking for Education in Healthcare, 2018-09-05 - 2018-09-06, Cambridge.

Deaves, A, Trainor, K and Grant, E ORCID: 0000-0001-7833-8085
Twitter - is it an educational tool? In: Learning and Teaching Conference 2017, 2017-06-29 - 2017-06-29, University of Liverpool. (Unpublished)

Deboick, Sophia Lucia
Image, authenticity and the cult of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, 1897-1959. [Unspecified]

Deboutte, Danielle
Cost-effectiveness analysis of emergency obstetric services in a crisis environment. [Unspecified]

Deering, Carly
Cluster and clash? everyday space and the butchers of late medieval Winchester, 1360-1420. [Unspecified]

Defres, Sylviane, Tharmaratnam, Kukatharmini ORCID: 0000-0002-8255-9822, Michael, Benedict ORCID: 0000-0002-8693-8926, Ellul, Mark, Davies, Nicholas WS, Easton, Ava, Griffiths, Michael J, Bhojak, Maneesh, Das, Kumar, Hardwick, Hayley
et al (show 10 more authors) Clinical Predictors of Encephalitis in UK Adults – A Multi-Centre Prospective Observational Cohort Study. Unknown. (Unpublished)

Deja, Elizabeth
A multi-sited ethnography of patient and public involvement in epilepsy research. [Unspecified]

Del Gaudio, Andrew
Operational art and the Narva Front 1944, Sinimäed and campaign planning. [Unspecified]

Delgado, Mireia
Pursuing national leadership in the Mediterranean: Spanish and French European policy since 1995. [Unspecified]

Deligkas, Argyrios, Fearnley, John and Melissourgos, Themistoklis
Pizza Sharing is PPA-hard.

Dempster, Paul
Time-like reductions of supergravity and black string solutions. [Unspecified]

Dennison, Nathan
Sex-specific expression during embryonic development of Anopheles gambiae. [Unspecified]

Devlin, lee ORCID: 0000-0002-2059-7284, Horridge, paul, Green, Peter and Maskell, simon
The No-U-Turn Sampler as a Proposal Distribution in a Sequential Monte Carlo Sampler with a Near-Optimal L-Kernel. arxiv. (Submitted)

Ding, Cherlyn
Effects of calcitriol on the crosstalk between macrophages and human adipocytes. [Unspecified]

Ding, Cherlyn
Vitamin D signalling in adipose tissue. [Unspecified]

Ding, Ziyun
Manual assembly modelling and simulation for ergonomics analysis. [Unspecified]

Dingsdale, Hayley
Distribution and dynamics of endoplasmic reticulum-plasma membrane junctions in pancreatic acinar and pancreatic cancer cells. [Unspecified]

Dodd, Lydia
Making the best of it: an emerging grounded theory of caring for an older person with mental health problems. [Unspecified]

Dodd, Susanna
Modelling departure from randomised treatment in randomised controlled trials with survival outcomes. [Unspecified]

Dodgson, Lauren
Dissecting the molecular mechanisms of drosophila border cell migration using time-lapse live cell imaging. [Unspecified]

Doherty, Kyle George
Microplasma technology for influencing cell-surface interactions. [Unspecified]

Dondeynaz, Celine
Water, governance and human development variables in developing countries: multivariate inter-relationships analysis and statistical modelling using Bayesian networks. [Unspecified]

Dong, Keren
Liquidity prediction in limit order book markets. [Unspecified]

Dong, Linhao
Resource allocation for relay based green communication systems. [Unspecified]

Donnelly, Matthew, Leach, Harry and Strass, Volker
Variability in the lower circumpolar deep water and the Lazarev Sea. [Unspecified]

Donosa, Liliana
Single-particle configurations in the neutron-deficient nuclides 158W and 152Yb. [Unspecified]

Doran, Paul
Ontology modularization: principles and practice. [Unspecified]

Dormand, Jamie
The proof of concept of a fused radiometric and optical stereoscopic imaging system. [Unspecified]

Dorr, Liam
Interactions of native peptides and small molecules with the PDZ domains of PSD-95 and SAP97. [Unspecified]

Dowey, Patrick
Prediction of clay minerals and grain-coatings in sandstone reservoirs utilising ancient examples and modern analogue studies. [Unspecified]

Drake, Paul ORCID: 0000-0002-5564-0473
Analysis of Changes to Support Provision in Sheltered Housing in Wales. In: Asia Pacific Network for Housing Research, 2013-08-20 - 2013-08-22, Malaysia.

Draper, Hannah
A role for SOX9 and Wnt-related proteins in endometrial adenocarcinoma. [Unspecified]

Drummond, Mark Christopher
Spectroscopy of ¹⁶³,¹⁶⁵Os and ¹⁶⁴Ir. [Unspecified]

Dube, Queen
Aetiology and outcome of neonatal sepsis and meningitis in Malawi. [Unspecified]

Dugdale, Alex
Aspects of adiposity in ponies. [Unspecified]

Duncalf, Louise
Exploring the role of nuclear phosphatases and their associated protein in cell growth and development. [Unspecified]

Dunn, Karen
Investigation into the Nrf2 signalling system dynamics and its crosstalk with the NF-κB signalling pathway at the single cell level. [Unspecified]

Dusabe, John Nyirintwali
Development and evaluation of an mHealth intervention to improve the uptake of sexual and reproductive health services in Mwanza Tanzania. [Unspecified]

Dutton, Sarah
An investigation into the relationship between laboratory measured attentional bias and real life attentional bias for alcohol-related cues and its role in alcohol behaviour. [Unspecified]

Dyer, Kiri
Assessing the responsiveness of the "Challenge of Living with Cystic Fibrosis" questionnaire to change in clinical condition. [Unspecified]


Easterby, Katharine
'A lifelong romance': male narcissism in fin-de-siècle culture. [Unspecified]

Eccles, Leila
Approach- and avoidance- goal cognitions in depression and anxiety. [Unspecified]

Edge, George
Disposition of PEGylated proteins. [Unspecified]

Edi, Ako
Genetics of multiple insecticide resistance in Anopheles gambiae from Côte d’Ivoire. [Unspecified]

Edmonds, Chris
FFAGs and synchrotrons for proton therapy: a comparative study. [Unspecified]

Edmonds, Matthew
A systematic study of palmitoylation using the model organism Caenorhabditis elegans. [Unspecified]

Edwards, Katie
Investigating population performance and factors that influence reproductive success in the eastern black rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis michaeli). [Unspecified]

Eichelberger, J, Carrigan, C, Markusson, S and Lavallee, Y ORCID: 0000-0003-4766-5758
Clean magma energy for the North. In: Arctic Science Summit Week 2016, Fairbanks Alaska. (Unpublished)

Eisenberg, J and Mishura, Yuliya
Exponential Cox-Ingersoll-Ross Process as Discounting Factor. Unknown. (Submitted)

Ekwueme, Kingsley
An evaluation of modified transperineal template guided saturation biopsy in the diagnosis of prostate cancer. [Unspecified]

El Salhi, Subhieh
Identifcation of correlation between 3D surfaces using data mining techniques: a case study of predicting springback in sheet metal forming. [Unspecified]

Ellis, David
Culture, economy and the normalization of debt. [Unspecified]

Ellis, Nicola
Factors contributing to resilience in parents and carers. [Unspecified]

Ellwood, P ORCID: 0000-0002-3449-530X and Pandza, K
Addressing the challenges of cooperation and coordination in complex innovation environments: narratives of openness. In: European Group for Organization Studies, 2015-07-01 - 2015-07-04, Athens.

Elmore, Sarah
Scrape-off layer ion temperature measurements on MAST by retarding field energy analyser. [Unspecified]

Elzagzoug, Ezzaldeen
Chromatic monitoring of transformer oil condition using CCD camera technology. [Unspecified]

Elzagzoug, Hassan
DC interruption principle using a helical arc arrangement. [Unspecified]

Erriquez, Elisabetta
Computational models of trust. [Unspecified]

Etheridge, Jody
The experiences of fathers who found childbirth traumatic. [Unspecified]

Evans, Gary
Nanometric oxides for functional materials. [Unspecified]

Evans, Janet
The psychological and emotional sequelae of committing an act of severe violence. [Unspecified]

Everington, Lucy
An analysis of the implementation of horizontal collaboration to enhance performance in the logistics industry. [Unspecified]

Ewing, Victoria
Access to appropriate malaria treatment among children in the Chikhwawa district of Malawi. [Unspecified]

Exall, Freddie
Rational maps represented by both rabbit and aeroplane matings. [Unspecified]

Eyre, Marie
The experience of policing critical incidents: thematic, narrative and interpretative phenomenological analyses. [Unspecified]


Fadaak, Talha
Social policies and programmes for the eradication of poverty among poor female-headed households in Saudi society (Jeddah City). [Unspecified]

Fairfull, Alexandra
Young people: the experience of transition from custody to community. [Unspecified]

Falchieri, Marco
Avian metapneumovirus studies using reverse genetics. [Unspecified]

Falk, David
Ritual processional furniture: a material and religious phenomenon in Egypt. [Unspecified]

Fallon, Nicholas
Structural and functional brain alterations in fibromyalgia syndrome patients. [Unspecified]

Fan, Yuen Ngan
The role of genetic background and hypoxia in the chemotherapeutic efficiency in paediatric brain tumours. [Unspecified]

Fang, Ke
Optimal test signal design and estimation for dynamic powertrain calibration and control. [Unspecified]

Fanning, John
Risk and the Mental Health Act 2007: jeopardising liberty, facilitating control? [Unspecified]

Farrington, Grace
Shared reading: A practice-based study of The Reader Organisation reading model in relation to Mersey Care provision and the English literary tradition. [Unspecified]

Fatmi, Abdessamad
Moroccan-Spanish relations from above and below (1990 – 2012). [Unspecified]

Fawcett, Sandra
The development of novel surface modifications for use in a skeletal regeneration system. [Unspecified]

Fawkner - Corbett, David
The viral and atypical bacterial causes of acute respiratory infection in children in Recife, Brazil. [Unspecified]

Feetham, Claire
The role of the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus in the central control of the autonomic nervous system. [Unspecified]

Fell, Elizabeth
A qualitative study exploring the support experienced by staff members following client related violence in inpatient mental health units. [Unspecified]

Fellows, Michael
Assessment of drug induced genotoxicity in mammalian cells and the contribution of topoisomerase II inhibition. [Unspecified]

Fergani, Chrysanthi
Hormone, behaviour and neuropeptide profiles of normal and stressed ewes. [Unspecified]

Ferguson, Heather
How do male military veterans cope with psychological difficulties? [Unspecified]

Ferguson, Robert
Wild-type N-Ras complements mutant K-Ras in pancreatic cancer cell lines but K-Ras has a specific role in cell cycle independent regulation of G2 cyclins. [Unspecified]

Fernandez-Reyes, Pablo
Metallurgical characterisation of 1st and 2nd century AD Roman copper-alloy military equipment from north-western Europe. [Unspecified]

Ferrero, R ORCID: 0000-0001-7820-9021
Smart charging stations for accurate and reliable electric vehicle battery monitoring. [Report] (Unpublished)

Fielden, Hannah
Decision-making regarding risk-reducing options in breast cancer. [Unspecified]

Figueira da Silva, Louise
An assessment of the differentiation potential of epithelial stem cells in adult endometrium. [Unspecified]

Filmer, Fay
Methodology development for the analysis of AGATA data. [Unspecified]

Firman, James
Defining the chemical and molecular mechanisms of cytotoxicity Induced by the endoperoxide class of antimalarials. [Unspecified]

Fischer, Oliver ORCID: 0000-0003-2440-6411 and Smirnov, Alexei
Model Independent Bounds on the Non-Oscillatory Explanations of the MiniBooNE Excess. Unknown. (Submitted)

Fisher, Andrew
Transcriptional profiling to identify therapeutic targets influencing skeletal muscle atrophy. [Unspecified]

Fitzgerald, Rhian
The reporting of ethical approval and informed consent for clinical trials in four major orthodontic journals. [Unspecified]

Fitzpatrick, Edel
Adolescents in the youth justice system and future goal pursuit. [Unspecified]

Flack, Natasha
Thin film components for solid oxide fuel Cells (SOFCs). [Unspecified]

Flood, Jessica S, Shingleton, Joseph, Bennett, Emma, Walker, Brodie, Amin-Chowdhury, Zahin, Oligbu, Godwin, Avis, Jacob, Lynn, Richard, Davis, Peter, Bharucha, Tara
et al (show 13 more authors) Paediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome Temporally Associated with SARS-CoV-2 (PIMS-TS): Prospective, National Surveillance, UK and Ireland, 2020. [Preprint]

Foggo, Anthony
The radical experiment in Liverpool and its influence on the reform movement in the early Victorian period. [Unspecified]

Fong, Wai Yee, Canals, Rocío, Predeus, Alexander V ORCID: 0000-0002-2750-1599, Perez-Sepulveda, Blanca, Wenner, Nicolas, Lacharme-Lora, Lizeth, Feasey, Nicholas, Wigley, Paul and Hinton, Jay CD
Genome-wide fitness analysis identifies genes required for <i>in vitro</i> growth and macrophage infection by African and Global Epidemic pathovariants of <i>Salmonella</i> Enteritidis.

Ford, Debra
The relationship between subjective and objective cognitive functioning in Multiple Sclerosis; the role of self-efficacy. [Unspecified]

Ford, Katharine
Understanding of the use of alcohol in pregnancy amongst women in Scotland. [Unspecified]

Forsey, Mary
Brief group therapy for psychosis in acute care. [Unspecified]

Forshaw, Dean
Development of radiation hard planar silicon tracking detectors for the ATLAS Experiment at the HL-LHC. [Unspecified]

Foskett, Kaye
The expectations, outcomes and perceived benefits of postgraduate business programmes for Indian nationals. [Unspecified]

Foster, Geraldine
HIV-1 in the United Kingdom: population dynamics and genetic evolution. [Unspecified]

Fowler, Rachael
Studies of the Wnt/Beta-catenin signalling pathway in chronic myeloid leukaemia. [Unspecified]

Francis, Ben
Stochastic control methods to individualise drug therapy by incorporating pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic and adverse event data. [Unspecified]

Franke, Barbara
Biophysical characterisation of muscle-specific proteins involved in sarcomere signalling and elasticity: MuRF1, Twitchin kinase & cardiac titin. [Unspecified]

Franks, Lianne
Exploring multi-disciplinary team (MDT) experiences of cognitive analytic therapy (CAT) as a systemic consultation tool in an adult forensic service. [Unspecified]

Freitas, Alex Alves
A data mining-based approach for investigating the relationship between DNA repair genes and ageing. [Unspecified]

French, Marsha
Quartz growth: understanding porosity-preserving microcrystalline quartz through EBSD, TEM, and NanoSIMS examination of low temperature silica. [Unspecified]

Frith, Lucy
Ethics in the infertility clinic: a qualitative study. [Unspecified]

Fu, Liwei
Laser curing of inks for plastic electronic applications. [Unspecified]

Fyffe, CL ORCID: 0000-0001-6950-3501, Brock, BW ORCID: 0000-0002-5377-0776, Kirkbride, MP, Mair, DWF ORCID: 0000-0001-7009-5461, Arnold, NS ORCID: 0000-0001-7538-3999, Smiraglia, C, Diolaiuti, G ORCID: 0000-0002-3883-9309 and Diotri, F
An investigation of the influence of supraglacial debris on glacier-hydrology.


Gaffney, Liam P
Octupole collectivity in 220Rn and 224Ra. [Unspecified]

Gallagher, Ruairi
Adverse drug reactions causing admission in children. [Unspecified]

Gallagher-Jones, Marcus
New science exploration from XFEL: a new paradigm for structural visualisation of macromolecules. [Unspecified]

Gamble, Joanne
Targeted expression of plasminogen activator inhibitor(PAI)-1 to the stomach inhibits gut-brain signalling by the satiety hormone cholecystokinin (CCK). [Unspecified]

Gandy, Sara Louise ORCID: 0000-0003-2579-4479, Kilbride, Elizabeth, Biek, Roman, Millins, Caroline ORCID: 0000-0002-2006-092X and Gilbert, Lucy
Experimental Evidence for Opposing Effects of High Deer Density on Tick-Borne Pathogen Prevalence and Hazard.

Gao, Yuan
Simulate fluid transport in gas diffusion layers of PEM fuel cells using lattice Boltzmann method and x-ray computed tomography. [Unspecified]

Garcia Constantino, Matias
On the use of text classification methods for text summarisation. [Unspecified]

Gardiner, Laura-Jayne
New technologies for high throughput genetic analysis of complex genomes. [Unspecified]

Gardner, Christopher
Mechanisms and effects of growth hormone deficiency (due to subarachnoid haemorrhage and traumatic brain injury) on quality of life and regional body composition, and the influence of hormone replacement. [Unspecified]

Garikipati, Supriya ORCID: 0000-0001-8576-8227 and Kambhampati, Uma
Leading the Fight Against the Pandemic: Does Gender ‘Really’ Matter? [Media]

Garron, N ORCID: 0000-0002-4428-3984
An accurate calculation of the nucleon axial charge with lattice QCD. Unkonwn. (Unpublished)

Garry, Andrew
An in situ study to determine the effects of casein phosphopeptide-amorphous calcium phosphate toothpaste in orthodontic patients. [Unspecified]

Garth, Thomas
The seismic velocity structure of the Wadati-Benioff Zone – insights from guided waves. [Unspecified]

Gholami, Elaheh and Kiviniemi, Arto ORCID: 0000-0001-6570-0188
Exploiting BIM in Energy Efficient Domestic Retrofit: Evaluation of Benefits and Barriers. In: ICCBEI 2015 (2nd International Conference on Civil and Building Engineering Informatics, 2015-04 - 2015-04, Tokyo, Japan. (Submitted)

Giannoukos, Stamatios
Portable mass spectrometry for artificial sniffing. [Unspecified]

Gibson, Gillian and Stewart, Alex G
Unnatural Cycles: Anthropogenic Disruption To Health And Planetary Functions.

Gibson, Matt
Locating religious liberty in the United Kingdom: religious exceptions and the role of reasonable accommodation. [Unspecified]

Gilbertson, Alfred
An investigation of the development of intensive care of adults in England and Wales. [Unspecified]

Gillies, Stuart
The NRSF and USF transcription factor families regulate pro-convulsant neuropeptides and are targets for anti-convulsant drug treatment: implications for epilepsy. [Unspecified]

Gittens, Eleanor
Criminal Careers of a sub-set of offenders in Barbados. [Unspecified]

Gong, Liyun
Nonnegative matrix analysis for data clustering and compression. [Unspecified]

Gonzalez De Castro, Angela
Novel iron-pybisulidine catalysts for the selective aerobic oxidation and C-O/C-C cleavage of organic substrates. [Unspecified]

Gonzalez Galarza, Faviel
The development of a database and bioinformatics applications for the investigation of immune genes. [Unspecified]

González-Leonardo, Miguel ORCID: 0000-0003-2508-7977, López-Gay, Antonio, Newsham, Niall, Recaño, Joaquín and Rowe, Francisco
Understanding Patterns of Internal Migration During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Spain. [Preprint]

Gorry, Thomas
Navigation problems for autonomous robots in distributed environments. [Unspecified]

Gorst, Sarah L, Young, Bridget ORCID: 0000-0001-6041-9901, Williamson, Paula R, Wilding, John PH and Harman, Nicola
Incorporating Patients' Perspectives into the Initial Stages of Core Outcome Set Development: A Rapid Review of Qualitative Studies of Type 2 Diabetes. SSRN Electronic Journal.

Goumaa, Rasha
Examining the nature of reflective learning in an online MBA; a dialogic approach. [Unspecified]

Govella, Nicodem
Monitoring malaria vector densities and behaviours in Tanzania. [Unspecified]

Govindappa, Karthik
Immunopharmacological consequences of immune responses to therapeutic interferon beta. [Unspecified]

Gracey, JA, Zerf, N, Boyack, R, Marquard, P and Maciejko, J
Critical properties of the Néel-to-algebraic spin liquid transition. Physical Review B (Condensed Matter and Materials Physics). (Submitted)

Gracey, John, Barrios, N, Pelaez, M and Reinosa, U
Precision QCD propagators with dynamical quarks from the Curci-Ferrari model. Physical Review D: Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology. (Submitted)

Grammatikopoulos, Panagiotis
Computer simulation of dislocation interaction with radiation-induced obstacles in iron. [Unspecified]

Grant, Matthew
The genetic determinants of lamotrigine dosing in epilepsy. [Unspecified]

Gray, Ellie
Making sense of mental health difficulties through live reading: an interpretative phenomenological analysis of the experience of being in a reader group. [Unspecified]

Gray, Marianne
'Man is a dining animal': the archaeology of the English at table, c.1750-1900. [Unspecified]

Gray, Nicholas, Calleja, Dominic ORCID: 0000-0002-1495-0950, Wimbush, Alexander ORCID: 0000-0002-1719-7124, Miralles-Dolz, Enrique ORCID: 0000-0003-2135-6084, Gray, Ander, De-Angelis, Marco, Derrer-Merk, Elfriede, Oparaji, Bright Uchenna ORCID: 0000-0002-6293-0989, Stepanov, Vladimir, Clearkin, Louis ORCID: 0000-0001-8365-1770
et al (show 1 more authors) Is “no test is better than a bad test”? Impact of diagnostic uncertainty in mass testing on the spread of COVID-19.

Gray, Sophie
Conjurer laureates: reading early modern magicians with Derrida. [Unspecified]

Green, Mark A, Hungerford, Daniel J ORCID: 0000-0002-9770-0163, Hughes, David M, Garcia-Fiñana, Marta, Turtle, Lance, Cheyne, Christopher, Ashton, Matthew, Leeming, Gary, Semple, Malcolm G ORCID: 0000-0001-9700-0418, Singleton, Alex
et al (show 1 more authors) Changing patterns of SARS-CoV-2 infection through Delta and Omicron waves by vaccination status, previous infection and neighbourhood deprivation: A cohort analysis of 2.7M people. [Preprint]

Griffith, Bethan E
The Liverpool Respiratory Birth Cohort Study: questionnaire development, recruitment and preliminary results. [Unspecified]

Griffiths, David
Augustus and the Roman provinces of Iberia. [Unspecified]

Grisin, Aleksandr
Diastereoselective synthesis of syn-1,3-polyols and studies towards the C1-C31 and C32-C52 fragments of amphidinol 3. [Unspecified]

Gritzfeld, Jenna Faye
Experimental human pneumococcal carriage. [Unspecified]

Gurkan, Selcan
Insights into the defence of honey bees, Apis mellifera L., against insecticides. [Unspecified]


Dot Matrix Dialect. [Performance]

Haddley, Joel A
Symmetries of unimodal singularities and complex hyperbolic reflection groups. [Unspecified]

Hadji, Richard John
Homfly skein theory of reversed string satellites. [Unspecified]

Hafiz, Taghreed
Molecular, biochemical and pharmacological characterisation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis cytochrome bd-I oxidase: a putative therapeutic target. [Unspecified]

Hahn, Ines ORCID: 0000-0001-7703-8160, Voelzmann, Andre, Parkin, Jill, Fuelle, Judith, Slater, Paula G, Lowery, Laura A, Sanchez-Soriano, Natalia and Prokop, Andreas
Tau, XMAP215/Msps and Eb1 co-operate interdependently to regulate microtubule polymerisation and bundle formation in axons.

Halawi, Mustafa
Immune responses against human herpes virus 6. [Unspecified]

Hale, Karen
Long-term carbon storage in a semi-natural British woodland. [Unspecified]

Hall, Alison M
The differential regulation of the adiponectin system in response to lipopolysaccharide and sepsis. [Unspecified]

Halliday, Alice
The role of TLR2 in cutaneous leishmaniasis and as a target for vaccine adjuvants. [Unspecified]

Hamainza, Busiku
Measurement of malaria transmission and impact of malaria control interventions using health facility and community-based routine reporting systems. [Unspecified]

Hamdam, Junnat
Role of the redox responsive transcription factor, NRF2 in immune cell function. [Unspecified]

Hammerle, Esme
Technological change or consistency? an investigation of faience produced from the Middle to the New Kingdom at Abydos, Egypt. [Unspecified]

Hammond, Megan
The use of archaeomagnetism to answer archaeological and geomagnetic questions with particular focus on determination of the strength of the geomagnetic field In the Middle East during the Bronze Age. [Unspecified]

Hammond, Thomas
In vitro and in vivo investigations into the interactions between the acyl glucuronide metabolite of diclofenac and serum albumin. [Unspecified]

Hampson, Peter
High spin spectroscopic studies of 156Ho: shape changes and band termination. [Unspecified]

Hamsi Junior, Gilvan Pio
Ocean-continent transition along the Northeast Brazilian rifted margin. [Unspecified]

Hanafi, Zurina
Carbon emission policies impact in logistics supply chain networks. [Unspecified]

Hanedi, Abdalla
Physiological importance of various NFκB family members in regulating intestinal responses to injury. [Unspecified]

Hanley, Jacqui-Ann
The effect of lactate on myometrial contractility. [Unspecified]

Hanmer, Sarah
Self-compassion and trait mindfulness as protective factors of parental wellbeing when caring for a young person with type 1 diabetes. [Unspecified]

Harasimowicz, Janusz
Development of instrumentation for low energy beams. [Unspecified]

Harman, Victoria
QconCAT method development and applications in proteomics. [Unspecified]

Harney, Ewan
The evolution of maturation in Daphnia. [Unspecified]

Harper, David
The dynamics of the outer satellites of Saturn. [Unspecified]

Harris, David
Investigating phagocytic markers in Juvenile-onset Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (JSLE) monocytes and macrophages. [Unspecified]

Harris, John
Unravelling the epidemiology of norovirus outbreaks in hospitals. [Unspecified]

Harrison, Gareth
Geometric and haemodynamic changes after carotid intervention. [Unspecified]

Harrison, Michelle
Managing France's regional languages: language policy in bilingual primary education in Alsace. [Unspecified]

Harrison, Nigel
Modelling chemotactic motion of cells in biological tissue with applications to embryogenesis. [Unspecified]

Harry, Inye Hamilton
Detection of low residual current flow through gas during the arcing period. [Unspecified]

Hars, Sanger
Surface structure and epitaxy on Ag-In-Rare earth quasicrystals and related approximants. [Unspecified]

Hartley, Daniel
Image, money, music: more than business, less than autonomous self. [Unspecified]

Harvey, Daniel
Evaluation of a novel rotor-stator design for emulsification and the impact on chemical reactions. [Unspecified]

Hasan, Rafidah
Progressive collapse of titanium alloy micro-lattice structures manufactured using selective laser melting. [Unspecified]

Haslinger, Stewart
Mathematical modelling of flexural waves in structured elastic plates. [Unspecified]

Hassan, Aram Mohammad
Ultra high performance fibre reinforced concrete for highway bridge applications. [Unspecified]

Hassan, Eusra
A study of the relationship of abnormal reward processing and dopamine signalling in adults with high functioning autistic spectrum disorder. [Unspecified]

Hassan, Mohamad
The low velocity impact response of sandwich structures. [Unspecified]

Hassan, Nurhafizzah
Development of a dynamic model for vibration during turning operation and numerical studies. [Unspecified]

Hatami, Farhad, Beamish, Emma ORCID: 0000-0002-7000-7641, Rigby, Rachael and Dondelinger, Frank ORCID: 0000-0003-1816-6300
A Bayesian Multi-Task Approach for Detecting Global Microbiome Associations.

Hatcher, Ruth
An investigation of attrition from community-based offending behaviour programmes. [Unspecified]

Hatton, Fiona
Hyerbranched polydendrons: a new macromolecular architecture. [Unspecified]

Haynes, Kaylie
Biochemical profiling of adipocyte metabolism. [Unspecified]

Hayward, Emma
From London to New York: peripatetic narratives and the urban imaginary in British and American literature from 1985-present. [Unspecified]

Haywood, Jan Liam Thomas
Intertext and allusion in Herodotus' Histories: authority, proof, polemic. [Unspecified]

Hazeldine, Poppy
The role of heparan sulphate in the development of mouse embryoid bodies. [Unspecified]

Heath, Deana ORCID: 0000-0003-2304-6266 and Martin, Emma
Untold Histories of Empire. [Show/Exhibition]

Hedges, Susan
‘You’re My Best Friend’ a consideration of country music, sounds, scenes and communities in Liverpool. [Unspecified]

Heikura, Harri and Kiviniemi, Arto ORCID: 0000-0001-6570-0188
Improving Productivity through Alliance Implementation between Contractors. In: 5D Conference 2015, 2015-05 - 2015-05, Constance, Germany. (Submitted)

Hemingway, Harry, Lyons, Ronan, Li, Qianrui, Buchan, Iain ORCID: 0000-0003-3392-1650, Ainsworth, John, Pell, Jill and Morris, Andrew
A National Initiative in Data Science for Health: An Evaluation of the UK Farr Institute. SSRN Electronic Journal.

Heng, Terence ORCID: 0000-0001-5971-9114
Living with ghosts: The dead, divine and demonic. [Internet Publication]

Hengel, Erin ORCID: 0000-0002-2039-3521
Publishing while female: Are women held to higher standards? Evidence from peer review. [Internet Publication]

Hengel, Erin ORCID: 0000-0002-2039-3521
Rescue Culture. [Internet Publication]

Hengel, Erin ORCID: 0000-0002-2039-3521, Gorelkina, Olga ORCID: 0000-0002-0873-8873 and Grypari, Ioanna
One strike and you're out! The Master Lever's effect on senatorial policy-making. [Internet Publication]

Hengel, Erin ORCID: 0000-0002-2039-3521 and Moon, Eunyoung
Gender and quality at top economics journals. [Internet Publication]

Henry, Joanne
The response to chemical stress: development of preclinical and translational biomarkers of Nrf2 activity. [Unspecified]

Hercock, Carol Ann
Specialisation for fast locomotion: performance, cost and risk. [Unspecified]

Herdegen, Martin, Hobson, David and Jerome, Joseph ORCID: 0000-0002-8312-0053
Proper solutions for Epstein–Zin Stochastic Differential Utility. SSRN Electronic Journal.

Herodotou, Stephania
Zirconium doped zinc oxide thin films deposited by atomic layer deposition. [Unspecified]

Hesp, David
Surface characterisation of contact materials for thin film CdTe solar cells. [Unspecified]

Hickey, GL ORCID: 0000-0002-4989-0054
Checking model assumptions with regression diagnostics. , Vienna, Austria.

Hicks, Emma
A measurement of σ(Z → μμ) using the LHCb detector at CERN. [Unspecified]

Hicks, Stephen
Seismic properties and processes along the Subduction Plate Interface: the Februrary 2010 Mw 8.8 Maule, Chile Earthquake. [Unspecified]

Higham, Victoria
An exploration of the psychological and emotional needs of pregnant women with female genital mutilation. [Unspecified]

Hill, Daniel ORCID: 0000-0003-4546-8662, McLeod, Stephen ORCID: 0000-0003-1457-2942 and Tanyi, Attila
Entrapment and 'Paedophile Hunters'. Unknown. (Unpublished)

Hindley, Sarah
Atomic layer deposition and metal organic chemical vapour deposition of materials for photovoltaic applications. [Unspecified]

Ho, Kelvin
Rapid increase of molecular complexity through C–H and C–C bond activation. [Unspecified]

Hoare, Sally
A multi-proxy approach to reconstructing palaeoenvironmental change at Kilombe, Central Rift Valley, Kenya. [Unspecified]

Hobson, James
Development and characterisation of antiretroviral drugs encapsulated in polymer stabilised oil-in-water nanoemulsions. [Unspecified]

Hobson, James, Savage, Alison, Dwyer, Andrew, Unsworth, Catherine, Arshad, Usman, Pertinez, Henry, box, helen, Tatham, Lee, Rajoli, Rajith KR, Neary, Megan
et al (show 8 more authors) Scalable nanoprecipitation of niclosamide and in vivo demonstration of long-acting delivery after intramuscular injection.

Hodgkinson, Anna
Royal cities of the New Kingdom: a spatial analysis of production and socio-economics in Late Bronze Age Egypt. [Unspecified]

Hodkinson, Alexander
Assessments of harms in clinical trials. [Unspecified]

Hoffman, Emma
Sexual communication in mice: linking male signals, female learning and adult neurogenesis. [Unspecified]

Holden, Daniel
Understanding the diffusion of small gases in porous organic cages using molecular dynamics. [Unspecified]

Holder, David
Studies toward a demonstration of relativistic electron beam energy modulation by interaction with terahertz radiation in free space. [Unspecified]

Holliday, Lois
Stress and its covariates in parents who have been referred to clinic with a possible diagnosis of epilepsy in their child. [Unspecified]

Hollins, Rachael
A new model for studying the effects of NSAIDs on cell migration in the canine gastric epithelium. [Unspecified]

Holmes, Andrew
Mechanisms and contexts of kin recognition in female house mice. [Unspecified]

Holmes, Andrew
Transcriptomic approaches to understanding ageing and metabolism in rodents. [Unspecified]

Hood, Fiona E, Sahraoui, Yasmina M ORCID: 0000-0002-5397-965X, Jenkins, Rosalind E and Prior, Ian A
Ras protein abundance correlates with Ras isoform mutation patterns in cancer.

Hope, Andrew
Host location and selection by British Culicoides species associated with farms. [Unspecified]

Hornik, Tomas
Power quality in microgrids. [Unspecified]

Horsburgh, Gavin, Parsons, Paul, Maher, Kathryn, Paterson, Steve ORCID: 0000-0002-1307-2981 and Burke, Terry
Sub-ARTIC Illumina SARS-CoV-2 Spike sequencing protocol (LoCost) V3.2 v1.

Hosni, Sara
Cervical vertebral maturation as a valid predictor of growth. [Unspecified]

Houghton, James
Molecular diversity and functional composition of cellulose degrading communities in anoxic environments. [Unspecified]

Howson, Luke
The role of ultra-orthodox political parties in Israeli democracy. [Unspecified]

Hoy, Michael
Isaac Barrow: builder of foundations for a modern nation. [Unspecified]

Huang, Huan
An experimental study of particle sizing in static condition and in shear flow by diffusing-wave spectroscopy. [Unspecified]

Huang, Xiangmeng
Green supply chain management in manufacturing small and medium-sized enterprises: Perspectives from Chang Chiang Delta. [Unspecified]

Hughes, Ashley
Development of techniques for the analysis of protein: glycosaminoglycan interactions in solution. [Unspecified]

Hughes, CW, Williams, J, Coward, AC and de Cuevas, BA
Antarctic Circumpolar Transport and the Southern Mode: a model investigation of interannual to decadal time scales.

Hughes, Erica
Structured deposition and the interpretation of ritual in the Near Eastern Neolithic: a new methodology. [Unspecified]

Hukelova, Miroslava
Integration, homogenisation and radicalisation: contemporary muslim identity in the UK, Germany and the Czech Republic. [Unspecified]

Hulbert, Alice
Maternal prenatal stress and infant postnatal salivary cortisol levels: does maternal sensitivity moderate the link? [Unspecified]

Humann, Michael
Deliberation and implementation activity in forced-choice decision making environments: variations in information processing within a neurocognitive framework. [Unspecified]

Humphreys, Gabrielle, Evans, Rebecca, Makin, Harriet ORCID: 0000-0002-1769-2205, Cooke, Richard and Jones, Andrew ORCID: 0000-0001-5951-889X
Identification of Behavior Change Techniques From Successful Web-Based Interventions Targeting Alcohol Consumption, Binge Eating, and Gambling: Systematic Review (Preprint).

Hunt, JA ORCID: 0000-0002-5168-4778
Heirloom. [Performance] (Unpublished)

Hunt, JA ORCID: 0000-0002-5168-4778
Sk-interfaces 2008. [Show/Exhibition]

Hunter-Jones, P ORCID: 0000-0002-0880-7357, Menzies, L ORCID: 0000-0002-9981-1529, Pyrah, M, Knight, H and Sudbury-Riley, L ORCID: 0000-0001-5097-3407
Hospice blueprinting: An innovative technique for improving service delivery. [Poster]

Hunter-Jones, Philippa ORCID: 0000-0002-0880-7357
A guide to using Open Educational Resources (OERs) in marketing education. [Report] (Unpublished)

Hunter-Jones, Philippa ORCID: 0000-0002-0880-7357
An insider's guide to becoming a business academic : questions, answers and checklists for new business academics. [Report] (Unpublished)

Hunter-Jones, Philippa ORCID: 0000-0002-0880-7357
An insider's guide to becoming a business academic in the UK : insights for the international academic community. [Report] (Unpublished)

Husseini, Rayan
Trading strategies and their implementation into portfolios. [Unspecified]

Hutchens-Boll, Nicholas
The use of fractal geometry in the study of settlements in West Africa. [Unspecified]

Höller, Christoph
Indirect methods of obtaining activity and mobility of structure-borne sound sources. [Unspecified]

hunt, J
3D: Printing the Future. [Show/Exhibition]


Ibison, Mark
ALICE tomography section: phase-space measurements and analysis. [Unspecified]

Ibrahim, Mazlinda
Variational models and numerical algorithms for effective image registration. [Unspecified]

Ibrahim, Shahram
Proteins, which are upregulated at early time points following Apc deletion, are involved in intestinal tumourigenesis and represent potential colorectal cancer biomarkers. [Unspecified]

Ibrahim, Sulaiman Sadi
Allelic variation and multigenic metabolic activity of cytochrome P450s confer insecticide resistance in field populations of anopheles funestus s.s., a major malaria vector in Africa. [Unspecified]

Iliev, Petar
On the relative succinctness of some modal logics. [Unspecified]

Inns, Thomas, Fleming, Kate, Iturriza-Gómara, Miren and Hungerford, Daniel ORCID: 0000-0002-9770-0163
Paediatric Rotavirus Vaccination, Coeliac Disease and Type 1 Diabetes in Children: A Population-Based Cohort Study. [Preprint]

Intermite, Angela
Development of a beam loss monitor using the Cherenkov Effect in optical fibres. [Unspecified]

Ireland, Christopher
Niobium oxide based material for visible light photocatalysis. [Unspecified]

Ireland, Lucy, Luckett, Teifion, Schmid, Michael C and Mielgo, Ainhoa ORCID: 0000-0002-4159-5931
Blockade of stromal Gas6 alters cancer cell plasticity, activates NK cells and inhibits pancreatic cancer metastasis.

Irving, Greg
Adjustment and adaptation in patients with chronic heart failure at the end of life. [Unspecified]

Ishak, Intan
Characterisation of mechanisms of insecticide resistance in Malaysian populations of the arbovirus vectors Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus. [Unspecified]

Iskandrani, Majd Munir Mohammad
The effect of ownership level, concentration and owners’ identity on market liquidity in the UK capital market. [Unspecified]

Iuliano, Marco ORCID: 0000-0002-5727-6150
Eternal City. Rome in the Photographs Collection of the Royal Institute of British Architects. [Show/Exhibition]


Jackson, ID ORCID: 0000-0003-3481-6895, Bruce-Konuah, Allotey and Osae-Addo, Joe
Sharing Stories from Jamestown: The Creation of Mercantile Accra. [Show/Exhibition]

Jackson, ID ORCID: 0000-0003-3481-6895, Chaloupka, Amy and Patterson, Karen
"The World in a Garden: Nek Chand" - part of The Road Less Travelled Exhibition Series. [Show/Exhibition]

Jackson, Matthew
Search for a standard model Higgs Boson in the ZH -> vvbb channel with the ATLAS Detector. [Unspecified]

Jackson, NMT ORCID: 0000-0002-3139-7552
Built to Sell: the Third Rate Speculative House in London. In: Architecture and Experience in the Nineteenth Century, 2016-03 - ?, St John’s College, Oxford. (Unpublished)

Jackson, NMT ORCID: 0000-0002-3139-7552
Found in Translation: an architectural dialogue between Glasgow, Berlin and Japan. In: Japan Cities in Global Context, 2012-02 - ?, Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, USA. (Unpublished)

Jackson, NMT ORCID: 0000-0002-3139-7552
Gaikokujin and Giyōfū: Western Architecture in Japan. In: Society of Architectural Historians [USA] Annual Conference, 2015-04 - ?, Chicago, Illinois, USA. (Unpublished)

Jackson, NMT ORCID: 0000-0002-3139-7552
Impolite Architecture: The ‘Message’ of the Nineteenth-century Speculative House. In: The Medium and the Message, 2016-06 - ?, Barber Institute of Fine Art, University of Birmingham. (Unpublished)

Jackson, NMT ORCID: 0000-0002-3139-7552
Japanese Architecture and Japan-ness in the 1920s and ’30s. In: ‘Architecture, the Built Environment, and the Aftermath of the First World War’, Annual Symposium of the Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain, 2018-06-08 - 2018-06-09, Institute of Historical Research, Senate Hiuse, University of London. (Unpublished)

Jackson, NMT ORCID: 0000-0002-3139-7552
Nihon to Seiyō – Japan and the West. In: Annual Lecture, Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain, 2017-11-29 - 2017-11-29, Courtauld Institute of Art, Somerset House, London. (Unpublished)

Jackson, NMT ORCID: 0000-0002-3139-7552
Noh Theatre or No Theatre? The Westernisation of the Japanese Performance Venue. In: Annual Symposium of the Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain, 2012-05 - ?, University of Cambridge. (Unpublished)

Jackson, NMT ORCID: 0000-0002-3139-7552
Wabi sabi and Ukiyo: Tradition in Post-War Japanese Architecture. In: Society of Architectural Historians [USA] Annual Conference, 2013-04 - ?, Buffalo, New York, USA. (Unpublished)

Jackson, Richard
Some statistical methods for the analysis of survival data in cancer clinical trials. [Unspecified]

Jackson, Victoria
Investigating employability: the perspective of the business school graduate. [Unspecified]

Jalali, Mehdi
Experimental techniques for the isolation of pancreatic stellate cells. [Unspecified]

Jameson, Lisa Jane
Seoul hantavirus as a cause of acute kidney injury in the United Kingdom. [Unspecified]

Jassova, Alena
On ergodic theory in non-archimedean settings. [Unspecified]

Jeaco, Stephen Mark
The Prime Machine: a user-friendly corpus tool for English language teaching and self-tutoring based on the Lexical Priming theory of language. [Unspecified]

Jeanniot, Ludovic
Deformation of the lithopshere during the formation of continental rifted margins. [Unspecified]

Jeff, Adam
Longitudinal density monitor for the LHC. [Unspecified]

Jeffries, Claire L ORCID: 0000-0002-0298-2808, Tantely, Luciano M, Kadriaj, Perparim, Blagrove, Marcus SC, Lytra, Ioanna, Orsborne, James, Al-Amin, Hasan M, Mohammed, Abdul Rahim, Alam, Mohammad Shafiul, Girod, Romain
et al (show 8 more authors) Genetic and microbial diversity of the invasive mosquito vector species <i>Culex tritaeniorhynchus</i> across its extensive inter-continental geographic range. [Preprint]

Jenn, Robert
A systematic analysis of human transmembrane E3-RING proteins. [Unspecified]

Jerome, Joseph ORCID: 0000-0002-8312-0053, Hobson, David and Herdegen, Martin
The Infinite Horizon Investment-Consumption Problem for Epstein-Zin Stochastic Differential Utility. Unknown. (Submitted)

Jeyatheswaran, Jonathan
Studies of RNF168 and CXCL5 expression by epithelial cell lines during RSV infection. [Unspecified]

Jiang, Shan
Synthesis and simulation of porous organic cages. [Unspecified]

Jiffri, Mohamed, Mottershead, John ORCID: 0000-0003-1279-2562 and Cooper, Jonathan
Active Control of a Nonlinear Flexible Aircraft Wing. In: ICEDyn 2013 (International Conference on Structural Engineering Dynamics), 2013-06-17 - 2013-06-19, Sesimbra, Portugal.

Johnson, Catherine
Optimisation of aspects of rotor blades using computational fluid dynamics. [Unspecified]

Johnson, JR ORCID: 0000-0002-8849-0993
arktic & mosquito: automated high-density sample storage and miniaturised liquid handling for high-throughput synthetic biology construct assembly. [Media]

Johnson, Noel
Social capital and organisational resilience. [Unspecified]

Johnston, Steven
Mechanistic studies of the hydrogenation of imino bonds. [Unspecified]

Johnstone, Marianne
The role of genetic variation in predisposition to alcohol-related chronic pancreatitis. [Unspecified]

Jones, Andrew
Disinhibition and alcohol consumption. [Unspecified]

Jones, Frederick
The caged bird in Roman life and poetry; metaphor, cognition, and value. syllecta classica. (Submitted)

Jones, George
Sedimentary processes and stratigraphic record of the shelf to slope transition: an example from the Karoo Basin, South Africa. [Unspecified]

Jones, Hayley
Antiepileptic drug transport at the blood-brain barrier, the role of the SLC transporter family. [Unspecified]

Jones, Nicholas
The development and application of real-time protein interaction technology. [Unspecified]

Jones, Rebecca
Borderline personality disorder: Clinical outcomes and personal recovery. [Unspecified]

Jones, Robert
Transcatheter hepatic therapy with irinotecan eluting beads (DEBIRI) for the treatment of colorectal liver metastases. [Unspecified]

Judge, Ryan
On the accuracy (or uncertainty) in the modelling of vehicle impact. In: Automobile Safety in Emerging and Developing Countries, 2015-03 - 2015-03, University of Sao Paolo, Brazil. (Unpublished)

Judge, Ryan
Structural cables subjected to blast fragmentation. [Unspecified]

Juntunen, Jouni, Kiviniemi, Arto ORCID: 0000-0001-6570-0188 and Alhava, Otto
The Use of Modified PPC Measurement in Design Management. In: 5d Conference 2015, 2015-05 - 2015-05, Constance, Germany. (Submitted)

Józsa, TI ORCID: 0000-0002-5082-0299, Padmos, RM ORCID: 0000-0001-7253-240X, El-Bouri, WK, Hoekstra, AG ORCID: 0000-0002-3955-2449 and Payne, SJ ORCID: 0000-0003-1156-2810
On the sensitivity analysis of porous finite element models for cerebral perfusion estimation. [Preprint]


Kaaria, Christopher
Investigating the impact of ship superstructure aerodynamics on maritime helicopter operations. [Unspecified]

Kalyankuppam Selvaraj, Jothybasu
Modelling the effect of geometric uncertainties, clonogen distribution and IMRT interplay effect on tumour control probability. [Unspecified]

Kanatas, Anastasios
Development of a breast cancer specific patients concerns inventory (PCI). [Unspecified]

Kandola, Sandhir
The role of extracellular proteases in stromal-epithelial interactions in gastric cancer. [Unspecified]

Karam, Asiyah
The role and origin of uterine natural killer cells in patients with unexplained recurrent miscarriage. [Unspecified]

Kashyap, Sudhanva
dnj-14: a new C. elegans model for neurodegenerative diseases. [Unspecified]

Kay, Katherine
Pharmacological modelling to investigate antimalarial drug treatment. [Unspecified]

Kay, Nicola Julie
Single molecule electronics in ionic liquid media. [Unspecified]

Keegan, Fiona
Experimental investigation into non-Newtonian fluid flow through gradual contraction geometries. [Unspecified]

Keenan, Craig
Identification of ochronosis, its inhibition by nitisinone, and the use of surgical and chemical interventions in Murine models of alkaptonuria. [Unspecified]

Kelly, Christina
Understanding seismic properties of fault zones. [Unspecified]

Kelly, Gemma
Polar geomagnetism. [Unspecified]

Kelly, Jennifer
Metagenomic and genomic analysis of the skin microbiota. [Unspecified]

Kemmett, Kirsty
The characterisation and epidemiology of avian pathogenic Escherchia coli in UK broiler chickens. [Unspecified]

Kenawy, Emad
Collaborative approach for developing a more effective regional planning framework in Egypt: ecotourism development as case study. [Unspecified]

Kenitz, Katarzyna
The paradox of the plankton: Investigating the effect of inter-species competition of phytoplankton and its sensitivity to nutrient supply and external forcing. [Unspecified]

Kennett, David
On the development of a meshless method to study multibody systems using computational fluid dynamics. [Unspecified]

Kenny, David and Casey, Conor ORCID: 0000-0002-7428-1621
A One Person Supreme Court? The Attorney General, Constitutional Advice to Government, and the Case for Transparency. SSRN Electronic Journal.

Kewley, Adam
The synthesis and separation properties of organic cage compounds. [Unspecified]

Khabra, Gurdeep
The heritage of British Bhangra: popular music heritage, cultural memory, and cultural identity. [Unspecified]

Khan, Leena
The origin and role of uterine natural killer cells in patients with recurrent implantation failure. [Unspecified]

Khan, Muhammad
Psychological distress during pregnancy in a conflict-affected area in Pakistan: A study of prevalence, risk factors, and an intervention to improve awareness. [Unspecified]

Khan, Romy
Implications of theTriple Helix Model in Peshawar, Pakistan a case study of the Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC) IMSciences. [Unspecified]

Kharabsheh, Buthiena
The effect of board structure and presence of female directors on corporate risk taking in the UK. [Unspecified]

Khogeer, Yusra
Brand anthropomorphism : the literary lives of marketing mascots. [Unspecified]

Kia, Richard
Novel approaches using human induced pluripotent stem cells and microRNAs in the development of relevant human hepatocyte models for drug-induced liver injury. [Unspecified]

Kinderman, Peter and Butler, Frances
Implementing a human rights approach within public services: an outline psychological perspective. A report for the Department for Constitutional Affairs. [Report] (Unpublished)

King, Peter
Hafnium oxide-based dielectrics by atomic layer deposition. [Unspecified]

Kleine, Klaus
Micromachining with single mode fibre lasers for medical device production. [Unspecified]

Kluiters, Georgette
Determining and modelling the Bluetongue vector landscape. [Unspecified]

Knight, Anya K
Examining Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) and body dysmorphic concerns in a clinical and non-clinical population. [Unspecified]

Knight, Gwenan ORCID: 0000-0002-7263-9896, Pham, Thi Mui, Stimson, James, Funk, Sebastian, Jafari, Yalda, Pople, Diane, Evans, Stephanie, Yin, Mo, Brown, Colin S, Bhattacharya, Alex
et al (show 5 more authors) The contribution of hospital-acquired infections to the COVID-19 epidemic in England in the first half of 2020. [Preprint]

Knight, Paul
Investigation of strategies to protect against harmful bacteria – mucosa interaction in crohn’s disease and other diarrhoeal diseases. [Unspecified]

Koeck, R ORCID: 0000-0002-4547-9719, Sanjari, P and Koeck, R ORCID: 0000-0002-4547-9719
Moment 2:45. [Show/Exhibition]

Kok, Seng Kiong
Islamic finance and the global economy: An exploration of risk management and governance within shariah finance. [Unspecified]

Kori, Sa'Id and Kiviniemi, Arto ORCID: 0000-0001-6570-0188
Toward Adoption of BIM in the Nigerian AEC Industry; Context Framing, Data Collecting and Paradigm for Interpretation. In: 9th BIM Academic Symposium & Job Task Analysis Review, 2015-04 - 2015-04, Washington DC, USA. (Submitted)

Kosmicki, JA, Horowitz, JE, Banerjee, N, Lanche, R, Marcketta, A, Maxwell, E, Bai, X, Sun, D, Backman, JD, Sharma, D
et al (show 70 more authors) A catalog of associations between rare coding variants and COVID-19 outcomes. [Preprint]

Krzemien Barkley, Aneta
Contemporary models of curatorial and institutional praxis: a study of the foundation for art and creative technology (FACT). [Unspecified]

Ku, Ho Ming
Interacting Markov branching processes. [Unspecified]

Kuang, Kevin
Optical fibre sensors for process and structural health monitoring of advanced composite materials. [Unspecified]

Kuipers Munneke, Peter ORCID: 0000-0001-5555-3831, McGrath, Daniel ORCID: 0000-0002-9462-6842, Medley, Brooke ORCID: 0000-0002-9838-3665, Luckman, Adrian ORCID: 0000-0002-9618-5905, Bevan, Suzanne ORCID: 0000-0003-2649-2982, Kulessa, Bernd ORCID: 0000-0002-4830-4949, Jansen, Daniela, Booth, Adam ORCID: 0000-0002-8166-9608, Smeets, Paul, Hubbard, Bryn ORCID: 0000-0002-3565-3875
et al (show 6 more authors) Observationally constrained surface mass balance of Larsen C Ice Shelf, Antarctica.

Kulohoma, Benard
Genetic antigen diversity and gene flux among meningitic and bacteraemia-associated pneumococci from Malawi. [Unspecified]

Kulshrestha, Richa, Emery, Nicholas, Faux-Nightingale, Alice, Willis, Tracey and Philp, Fraser
Upper limb rehabilitation in facioscapulohumeral dystrophy (FSHD): a patients perspective.

Kumar, Jothi Dinesh
Novel stromal cell signalling systems in oesophageal cancer. [Unspecified]

Kuzma-Kuzniarska, Maria
Investigating the renogenic potential of mesenchymal stem cells. [Unspecified]

Kõks, Sulev ORCID: 0000-0001-6087-6643, Pfaff, Abigail L ORCID: 0000-0002-2231-9800, Bubb, Vivien J and Quinn, John P
Longitudinal intronic RNA-Seq analysis of Parkinson’s Disease patients reveals disease-specific nascent transcription.


Lace, Rebecca
Intraocular lenses and their potential to prohibit posterior capsule opacification. [Unspecified]

Lahiri, Dhruba
Identifying 'high performing' entrepreneurial oriented microenterprises -an empirical framework. [Unspecified]

Lambert, Luke
Efficient probabilistic structural response prediction for aircraft turbulence and offshore wave loading. [Unspecified]

Land, Anthony Christopher
Towards enhancing responsibility and accountability in humanitarian action: Understanding the subjective factors that influence evaluation of humanitarian actions and the implementation of the recommendations made. [Unspecified]

Landborg, Anne
Manifestations of the dead in ancient Egyptian coffin texts. [Unspecified]

Lansdale, Nicholas
Investigating the role of Sarco-Endoplasmic Reticulum Ca2+-ATPase(SERCA)in airway development. [Unspecified]

Laraki, Rida and Renault, Jerome
Acyclic Gambling Games. SSRN Electronic Journal.

Larham, Bethany
Do childhood experiences and insecure attachment style in women with gynaecological cancer affect trust in care? [Unspecified]

Latif, Faraz
Following the plan: Local Authority infrastructure planning in England. [Unspecified]

Lawrenson, Alexandre
Antimalarial drug design: targeting the plasmodium falciparum cytochrome bc1 complex through computational modelling, chemical synthesis and biological testing. [Unspecified]

Laybourn, Andrea
Synthesis and molecular level characterisation of amorphous microporous networks. [Unspecified]

Lea, Jonathan
Mechanistic regulation of HMGB1 function in drug-induced liver injury. [Unspecified]

Leedale, Joseph
Modelling HIF-1α dynamics within single cells and neurospheres. [Unspecified]

Lehan, Allan
Search for non-prompt photons in a diphoton and large missing transverse momentum final state at the ATLAS Detector. [Unspecified]

Lelek Tvetmarken, Cecilie
Visualising social space: investigating the use of space and human-animal interaction in Neolithic built environments in the Zagros Mountains and adjacent lowlands. [Unspecified]

Leney, Katharine JC
Searches for Higgs bosons in the di-tau decay channels at the ATLAS experiment. [Unspecified]

Lertchoosakul, Poj
On the metric theory of numbers in non-Archimedean settings. [Unspecified]

Lester, Hannah
Anthelmintic resistance in equine parasites: an epidemiological approach to build a framework for sustainable parasite control. [Unspecified]

Lewis, Fiona
Reprogramming human keratinocytes: a non-viral, microRNA approach. [Unspecified]

Lewis, Robert
Investigating the drivers of spatial and temporal biodiversity patterns of the Machair. [Unspecified]

Lewis, Stephen
U.S. drone strikes and international law: Jus ad bellum, International Human Rights Law and International Humanitarian Law issues. [Unspecified]

Li, Chili
Understanding EAP learners’ beliefs, motivation and strategies from a socio-cultural perspective: A longitudinal study at an English-medium university in mainland China. [Unspecified]

Li, Jiajie
Backward stochastic differential equations with unbounded coefficients and their applications. [Unspecified]

Li, Xiaoyun
Effects of pain catastrophising on behavioural and cortical responses to pain-related stimuli. [Unspecified]

Li, Yang
Comparative genomics approaches to study species divergence in ageing. [Unspecified]

Li, Zongyan
Model structure selection in powertrain calibration and control. [Unspecified]

Liao, Huilian
Multi-objective optimisation using learning automata and its applications in power systems. [Unspecified]

Liao, Yaoping
Energy absorbing characteristics of hybrid composite pipe systems. [Unspecified]

Lichtenfels, Maike
Investigation of immunogenetic risk factors for carbamazepine-induced hypersensitivity reactions. [Unspecified]

Liebig, Bernd
Invasive and non-invasive diagnostics of High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering (HiPIMS) discharges. [Unspecified]

Lindley, Richard
Isolation, characterisation and transplantation of human enteric nervous system stem cells. [Unspecified]

Linford, Andrea
The identification of Rab GTPase Control Systems involved in cell migration. [Unspecified]

Linnane, Emily
Metabolic reprogramming in gastric cancer. [Unspecified]

Liu, Fei
Heavy-tailed distribution in the presence of dependence in insurance and finance. [Unspecified]

Liu, Yichen
Optimization problems in partial differential equations. [Unspecified]

Liu, Yina
Variational inequalities and optimization problems. [Unspecified]

Lloyd, Katy
The role of immunoglobulin M in immune evasion by plasmodium falciparum. [Unspecified]

Lloyd-Kelly, Martyn
Modelling emotions and simulating their effects on social interactions in agent systems. [Unspecified]

Lo Presti, Nicola
Third- and all- order results for semi-inclusive QCD hard processes. [Unspecified]

Lofthouse, Christopher
Dissecting the role and regulation of MRL function in Drosophila. [Unspecified]

Lu, Chen
Advanced winding models and ontology-based fault diagnosis for power transformers. [Unspecified]

Luckhurst, Christopher
Renormalisation of general N=2 supersymmetric Chern-Simons theories in three dimensions. [Unspecified]

Lui, Alison
Regulation and corporate governance : a case study of the UK banking industry. [Unspecified]

Lukac, Sascha Georg
Homfly skeins and the Hopf link. [Unspecified]

Lumley, Guy
Quantitative functional magnetic resonance imaging in cerebral small vessel disease. [Unspecified]

Lyon, Andrew
Tourism and sustainable development: active stakeholder discourses in the Waterberg Biosphere Reserve, South Africa. [Unspecified]


Ma, Liangang
Continuity of quadratic matings. [Unspecified]

Ma, Teng
Development and verification of semi-blind receiver structures for broadband wireless communication systems. [Unspecified]

MacDonald, Ewan
The role of reversible ubiquitylation in EGF signalling. [Unspecified]

MacDonald, John
The effects of overprinting on isotopic ages and rock fabrics: The Lewisian Gneiss Complex as a case study. [Unspecified]

MacLeod, David
Quantifying uncertainty in climate-driven disease risk predictions. [Unspecified]

MacPherson, Eleanor
Understanding gender power relations, transactional sex and HIV in fishing communities in Southern Malawi. [Unspecified]

MacPherson, Peter
Improving linkage into HIV care among adults in Blantyre, Malawi. [Unspecified]

Mackenzie-Impoinvil, Lucy
Characterization and Mosquito infection of the Tengah Isolate of Japanese encephalitis virus. [Unspecified]

Madkhali, Aymen
Adhesion analysis of different PfEMP1 variants to CD36, ICAM-1 and primary endothelial cells. [Unspecified]

Mageean, Craig
Cellular responses to oncogenic Ras signalling. [Unspecified]

Mahallawi, Waleed
Natural immunity to influenza virus in humans following 2009 pandemic H1N1 influenza. [Unspecified]

Maher, Simon
Magnetically enhanced quadrupole mass spectrometer. [Unspecified]

Mahoney, Sarah
The effects of maternal obesity on neonatal anthropometry and placental regulation of cytokine production. [Unspecified]

Maini, Anika
The relationship between plaque accumulation and anterior crowding in an adolescent orthodontic population. [Unspecified]

Makuloluwa, Kanchani
Investigating the role of neutrophil extracellular traps in the pathogenesis of juvenile-onset systemic Lupus Erythematosus (JSLE). [Unspecified]

Maling, BJ, Colquitt, DJ ORCID: 0000-0001-5637-1626 and Craster, RV
The homogenisation of Maxwell's equations with applications to photonic crystals and localised waveforms on metafilms.

Malki, Mohammed Imad
The tumorigenicity-promoting activity of C-FABP in prostate cancer cells depends on its fatty acid-binding ability. [Unspecified]

Malone, Catherine
An examination of the relationship between depression, autobiographical memory specificity and executive function. [Unspecified]

Manessi, Giacomo Paolo
Development of advanced radiation monitors for pulsed neutron fields. [Unspecified]

Mangaoang, Aine
Dangerous mediations: YouTube, pop music, and power in a Philippine prison video. [Unspecified]

Manjon Sanz, Alicia
Synthesis, structure and properties of bismuth based electroceramic perovskites. [Unspecified]

Mao, Aimei
Exploring children’s exposure to household tobacco smoke in rural China. [Unspecified]

Marks, Kate
Hope, flow, mindfulness and subjective well-being: a study of relationships. [Unspecified]

Marlot, Philippe
In vitro evaluation of cytotoxicity caused by carbamazepine and its metabolites in association to carbamazepine-induced hypersensitivity reactions. [Unspecified]

Marshall, Kirsty
An exploration of the Interpersonal and Intrapersonal experiences of women who are morbidly obese. [Unspecified]

Martin, Laura E
Global patterns of genetic diversity and geographical distribution in the marine protist morphospecies Oxyrrhis marina. [Unspecified]

Martin, Victoria
Physiological analysis of structural/functional features of neuronal calcium sensor-1. [Unspecified]

Martindale, Anne-Marie
A life lived: experiencing an acquired facial ‘disfigurement’ and identity shift. [Unspecified]

Mat Rejab, Mohd Ruzaimi
The mechanical properties of novel lightweight structures based on corrugated-cores. [Unspecified]

Mathew, David
Investigation of neonatal mouse kidney and endometrial cell populations in explant culture combined with an in silico approach to the endometrium. [Unspecified]

Matthews, April
The use of salivary biomarkers in the detection of oral squamous cell carcinoma. [Unspecified]

Mauri, Sergio
Insulin unfolding and aggregation: a multi-disciplinary study. [Unspecified]

Mauz, Barbara and Elmejdoub, Noureddine
A review of last interglacial sea-level proxies in the eastern Mediterranean coastal region. [Internet Publication]

Mbeye, Nyanyiwe
Use of Cotrimoxazole Prophylactic treatment in HIV exposed children and its impact on malaria. [Unspecified]

McBride, Fiona
An investigation of the structure of water layers at plane and modified metal surfaces. [Unspecified]

McCarron, Eamon
Translational developments in the study of sepsis: investigations into molecular pathways, experimental modelling and applications of novel biomarkers. [Unspecified]

McCarty, Sara
The role and control of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) in equine cutaneous wounds: a focus on both endogenous and exogenous proteases. [Unspecified]

McClure, Patricia
The archaeology of Manx church interiors: contents and contexts 1634-1925. [Unspecified]

McCormack, Moninne
Dialectical behaviour therapy: factors relating to dropout and experiences of completion. [Unspecified]

McCue, Hannah
Characterisation of two calmodulin-related calcium sensors, CaBP7 and CaBP8. [Unspecified]

McCullough, Hazel
Using personal development planning for career development with research scientists in sub-Saharan Africa. [Unspecified]

McFarlane, Ross
High-performance computing for computational biology of the heart. [Unspecified]

McGowan, Ian
The clinical development of rectal microbicides for HIV prevention. [Unspecified]

McGrath, John
Semantic fluidity: Samuel Beckett, repetition and modern music. [Unspecified]

McGrogan, David
Cultural values and human rights: a matter of interpretation. [Unspecified]

McIntyre, Kirsty Marie, Bolton, Frederick J ORCID: 0000-0002-9685-9738, Christley, Rob M, Cleary, Paul ORCID: 0000-0001-9335-5422, Deja, Elizabeth ORCID: 0000-0002-3626-4927, Durie, Ann E ORCID: 0000-0002-4121-8247, Diggle, Peter J ORCID: 0000-0003-3521-5020, Hughes, Dyfrig A, de Lusignan, Simon ORCID: 0000-0002-8553-2641, Orton, Lois ORCID: 0000-0002-9641-523X
et al (show 8 more authors) A Fully Integrated Real-Time Detection, Diagnosis, and Control of Community Diarrheal Disease Clusters and Outbreaks (the INTEGRATE Project): Protocol for an Enhanced Surveillance System (Preprint).

McIntyre, Laura J
Synthesis and characterisation of layered hydroxy anion exchange materials. [Unspecified]

McKenna, Joseph
Silicon vertex detector and its applications in the ALPHA experiment. [Unspecified]

McKeown, John Patrick
US Protestant natalist reception of Old Testament “fruitful verses”: a critique. [Unspecified]

McLennan, Alec
Synthesis and characterisation of novel superconductors. [Unspecified]

McLeod, Ian
Epitaxial growth of lead and bismuth on silver and silver rich alloys. [Unspecified]

McManus, Jennifer
English degree modifiers: a diachronic corpus-based study of the maximizer class. [Unspecified]

McNamara, David
Review of se-2019-111. .

McNelis, Timothy
Popular music, identity and musical agency in U.S. youth films. [Unspecified]

McNulty, Susannah
Predictors of resilience and quality of life in children with paediatric medical conditions. [Unspecified]

McQuillan, Colin
The computational complexity of approximation of partition functions. [Unspecified]

McQuillan, Victoria ORCID: 0000-0002-4275-2660, Sugden, David and Chambers, Mary
An investigation into the profiles of children with developmental coordination disorder for motor and associated characteristics over time. In: DCD UK conference 2014 Physical Activity, Health and Wellbeing, Liverpool John Moores University. (Submitted)

McSkelly, Ben
WW dibosons at the LHCb experiment. [Unspecified]

McVey, Julie
The experiences of healthcare staff in using the Mental Capacity Act (2005) when working with people with a learning disability. [Unspecified]

McWhirter, Derek
Defining the role!of microRNA-122 in the early detection of chemotherapy- induced hepatotoxicity in the neo- adjuvant treatment of advanced colorectal cancer. [Unspecified]

Mccracken, Andrew
Methods for the calculation of aerodynamic models for flight simulation. [Unspecified]

Mearns, Anne
Married Regnant Queenship in Early Modern England: Gender, Blood and Authority, 1553-1714. [Unspecified]

Medellin Gasque, Angel Rolando
Argumentation-based dialogues over cooperative plans. [Unspecified]

Mehta, Viraf M
Light U(1)s in heterotic string models. [Unspecified]

Mei, Wensheng
A corpus-based comparative study of pragmatic markers: I mean and you know in native and non-native conversation. [Unspecified]

Mellett, Claire Louise
Drowned landscapes of the eastern English Channel: records of Quaternary environmental change. [Unspecified]

Mellor, Claire
Developing safer HIV drugs: elucidating the mechanistic pathway of Tenofovir-induced cytotoxicity via mitochondrial dysfunction. [Unspecified]

Melo, Flávio Eler De, Maskell, Simon, Fasiolo, Matteo and Daum, Fred
Stochastic Particle Flow for Nonlinear High-Dimensional Filtering Problems. Unknown.

Menzel, Mark
Transformational and shared leadership in self-organising teams: an action research study. [Unspecified]

Menzel Barraqueta, Jan-Lukas ORCID: 0000-0002-9735-1231, Schlosser, Christian ORCID: 0000-0003-4858-2276, Planquette, Hélène, Gourain, Arthur, Cheize, Marie, Boutorh, Julia, Shelley, Rachel ORCID: 0000-0001-8998-1332, Pereira Contreira, Leonardo, Gledhill, Martha, Hopwood, Mark J ORCID: 0000-0002-9743-079X
et al (show 3 more authors) Aluminium in the North Atlantic Ocean and the Labrador Sea (GEOTRACES GA01 section): roles of continental inputs and biogenic particle removal.

Metcalf, Lindsey
Governance and public services: trustees' experiences of the changing role and responsibilities of the voluntary sector. [Unspecified]

Methrayil Varghese, Praveen Thomas
Parity and generalised Büchi automata - determinisation and complementation. [Unspecified]

Mgawadere, Florence
Identification of maternal deaths, cause of death and contributing factors in Mangochi District, Malawi: a RAMOS study. [Unspecified]

Milburn, Kate
Synthesis and characterization of ZIF-8 and ZIF-8/polymer composites. [Unspecified]

Milella, Ferdinando, Shufflebotham, Senga and Reilly, Andy
Experiencing virtual manufacturing: Collaboration in Product and Process Development. , Birmingham, UK.

Milinis, Kristijonas
The relationship between spasticity, quality of life and other neurological impairments in multiple sclerosis. [Unspecified]

Miller, Cara
The use of QLF-D (quantitative light-induced fluorescence-digitalTM) as an oral hygiene evaluation tool to assess plaque accumulation and enamel demineralisation in orthodontics. [Unspecified]

Mills, Hayley
Assessing the viability of using foraminifera from Mersey Estuary saltmarsh sediments to reconstruct former sea level. [Unspecified]

Minetti, Corrado
The epidemiology and molecular epidemiology of Giardiasis in North West England. [Unspecified]

Minnion, Anton
Crowsdsourcing semantic web. [Unspecified]

Mistry, Andrew
In-beam gamma and electron spectroscopy of 253No. [Unspecified]

Mitra, S ORCID: 0000-0001-5264-1983
Tax Evasion, Tax Policies and the Role Played by Financial Markets. . (Unpublished)

Mitseas, Ioannis
An efficient stochastic dynamics framework for response determination, reliability assessment, and performance based design of nonlinear structural systems. [Unspecified]

Mohamed Helmy Abdallah, May
The role of convexity in the corner enhancement effect, in visual short- term memory, in perception of symmetry, and in shape interference. [Unspecified]

Mohammad, Saeed Hassan Ali Ramadhan
Analysis of the obstacles facing the implementation of the ‘nationalisation’ (emiratisation) in the UAE labour market. [Unspecified]

Mohammd, Alaa
Factors influencing the duration of orthodontic treatment for patients with a class II malocclusion treated with a functional/fixed appliance approach. [Unspecified]

Mohammed, Mariwan
A comparison of host-parasite interactions between Toxoplasma gondii and Neospora caninum. [Unspecified]

Mohammed Amin, Dashty
Infection of the Ovine herpesvirus 2 in the reservoir host, sheep, and the susceptible host, cattle. [Unspecified]

Mohammed Mustafa, Mohammed
Nuclear structure studies of 159Er up to high spin. [Unspecified]

Moldenhauer, Jan
The impact of peak oil on globalisation – an example of steel exports to the United States. [Unspecified]

Molyneux, Richard
Hyperset approach to semi-structured databases and the experimental implementation of the query language Delta. [Unspecified]

Monaghan, Andrew
Complex hyperbolic triangle groups. [Unspecified]

Moneypenny, Michael
Evaluating professionalism, teamwork and leadership in medical undergraduates. [Unspecified]

Monshi, Manal
Characterisation of the cellular basis of beta-lactam induced skin and liver injury. [Unspecified]

Montenegro, Jose Miguel Pinto de Mendonca
Psychologists’ attitudes and clinical communication towards lesbians and gay men. [Unspecified]

Moran, Josephine
Staphylococcal responses to antimicrobial skin lipids. [Unspecified]

Morley, Craig
Rome and the Sasanian Empire in the fifth century A.D: a necessary peace. [Unspecified]

Morris, Emma
Stratigraphic record of sedimentary processes in submarine channel-levee systems. [Unspecified]

Morrison, Philippa
Equine obesity: concepts and mechanisms. [Unspecified]

Mottram, Philip
A commentary on Statius Thebaid 6. 1-192. [Unspecified]

Mournetas, Virginie
Defining stemness of human embryonic stem cells: a systems biology approach. [Unspecified]

Moxon, Chris
Coagulation and the endothelium in malawian children with cerebral malaria. [Unspecified]

Mubarak, Ayman
Characterisation of Treg and Th17 cells in Nasopharynx-associated lymphoid tissue and their association with pneumococcal carriage in children and adults. [Unspecified]

Mubaraki, Murad
Pharmacometabolomic study of the human malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum: new insights into parasite biology and mode of drug action. [Unspecified]

Muhammad, Dildar
Understanding the experiences of Pakistani educated nurses working in the United Kingdom: a phenomenological approach. [Unspecified]

Mukaka, Mavuto
Comparison of statistical methods of handling missing binary outcome data in randomized controlled trials of efficacy studies. [Unspecified]

Muller, Brigitte
Health of conflict-affected children in South Sudan. Children's roles, skills and competencies in identifying health threats, proposing solutions and implementing action. [Unspecified]

Murdoch, Matthew
A CC1π+/CCQE cross-section ratio measurement on carbon using the T2K near detector. [Unspecified]

Murphy, John
Physiological and pathological intracellular calcium release in human and murine pancreatic acinar cells. [Unspecified]

Murray, Alice
The role of olfaction in human social interactions. [Unspecified]

Murugesan, Senthil
The role of gastrin in the development of gastric preneoplastic and neoplastic changes. [Unspecified]

Musa, Aliyu
The role of political, socio-economic factors and the media in Nigeria's inter-religious conflict. [Unspecified]

Mustaffa, Khairul
Investigations of anti-adhesion and endothelial environment for plasmodium falciparum cytoadherence. [Unspecified]

Myers, Paul
Does G-quadruplex DNA have a functional role in regulation of the transcriptome? [Unspecified]

Myerscough, Christopher
Intracellular functions and interactions of age-related macular degeneration-associated variant B cystatin C. [Unspecified]


Natanzon, Sergey and Pratoussevitch, Anna ORCID: 0000-0003-2248-6382
Moduli Spaces of Higher Spin Klein Surfaces. Not submitted yet. (Unpublished)

Nattrass, Ryan
Development and use of a mouse model to investigate β-lactam hypersensitivity reactions. [Unspecified]

Nawwab, Fahd Saud
Agents with a human touch: modeling of human rationality in agent systems. [Unspecified]

Ndula, Miranda
Elucidating mechanisms of carbamate resistance and carbamate/pyrethroid cross resistance in An. funestus in Africa. [Unspecified]

Nelson, Hannah
Investigating the family in Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). [Unspecified]

Newman, Freya
A geo-behavioural model of stranger rape: implications for offender profiling and linking. [Unspecified]

Newman, Jenny
Human-directed dog aggression; a systematic review. [Unspecified]

Newsham, Emma
The molecular pathogenesis of feline calicivirus infection. [Unspecified]

Ng, May
Infants and clinical research: legal and ethical perspectives. [Unspecified]

Nguyen, Nhat
Risk evaluation in public-private partnership projects in the transport sector in Vietnam. [Unspecified]

Nguyen, Van Thu ORCID: 0000-0003-2197-0455, Ravaud, Philippe ORCID: 0000-0001-8264-9206, Tran, Viet Thi ORCID: 0000-0003-1863-6739, Young, Bridget and Boutron, Isabelle ORCID: 0000-0002-5263-6241
Patients’ Perspectives on Transforming Clinical Trial Participation: Large Online Vignette-based Survey (Preprint).

Nicholls, Jennifer
New inorganic and hybrid framework materials. [Unspecified]

Nicholls, Thomas ORCID: 0000-0002-6971-8614 and Culpepper, Pepper D
Deep learning models for multilingual supervised political text classification. In: COMPTEXT, 2022-05-05 - 2022-05-07, Dublin. (Unpublished)

Nickson, Thomas
Pattern formations with discrete waves and broadcasting sequences. [Unspecified]

Nieves, Daniel
Probing the structure of the extracellular matrix using gold nanoparticle based single molecule microscopy. [Unspecified]

Nieves, Jeremiah J, Bondarenko, Maksym, Sorichetta, Alessandro ORCID: 0000-0002-3576-5826, Steele, Jessica E, Kerr, David, Carioli, Alessandra, Stevens, Forrest R, Gaughan, Andrea E and Tatem, Andrew J
Annual Projections of Future Built-Settlement Expansion Using Relative Changes in Projected Small Area Population and Short Time-Series of Built-Extents.

Nightingale, Sam
The role of the central nervous system as a sanctuary site for HIV due to limited penetration of antiretroviral drugs. [Unspecified]

Nikolaidis, Konstantinos
Techniques for data pattern selection and abstraction. [Unspecified]

Nimmo, Camus ORCID: 0000-0001-7355-4651, Brien, Kayleen, Millard, James, Grant, Alison D ORCID: 0000-0002-2437-5195, Padayatchi, Nesri ORCID: 0000-0003-2543-9071, Pym, Alexander S ORCID: 0000-0002-6260-8180, O’Donnell, Max ORCID: 0000-0002-1232-3718, Goldstein, Richard ORCID: 0000-0001-5148-4672, Breuer, Judith ORCID: 0000-0001-8246-0534 and Balloux, François ORCID: 0000-0003-1978-7715
Dynamics of within-host <i>Mycobacterium tuberculosis</i> diversity and heteroresistance during treatment.

Nithianandarajah-Jones, Gopika
The role and regulation of VEGF-mediated ERK5 activity in endothelial cells. [Unspecified]

Nobari, Amir
Uncertainty quantification of brake squeal Iistability via surrogate modelling. [Unspecified]

Noble, Debbie
The effects of prostaglandin F2α on the force / calcium relationship in pregnant rat myometrium. [Unspecified]

Nofal, Samer
Algorithms for argument systems. [Unspecified]

Nohuddin, Puteri
Predictive trend mining for social network analysis. [Unspecified]

Nordberg, Donald
Corporate governance and institutionalization. [Unspecified]

Norman, Brendan P ORCID: 0000-0001-9293-4852, Davison, Andrew S ORCID: 0000-0001-5501-4475, Hughes, Juliette H ORCID: 0000-0001-6155-4136, Sutherland, Hazel, Wilson, Peter J, Berry, Neil G, Hughes, Andrew T, Milan, Anna M, Jarvis, Jonathan C, Roberts, Norman B
et al (show 3 more authors) Studies in alkaptonuria reveal new roles beyond drug clearance for phase I and II biotransformations in tyrosine metabolism. biorxiv. (Unpublished)

Nunes, Quentin
The role of Heparin-binding proteins in normal pancreas and acute pancreatitis. [Unspecified]

Nunn, Nicolas
The role of the signalling protein XLalphas in cardiovascular control in mice. [Unspecified]

Nwankwor, Emeka
A unified metaheuristic and system-theoretic framework for petroleum reservoir management. [Unspecified]

Nwosu, Amarachukwu
The assessment of hydration states in advanced cancer patients using novel technology: the evaluation of bioelectrical impedance vector analysis (BIVA) in the palliative care setting. [Unspecified]

Nyirenda, Tonney
Natural immunity to salmonella in humans. [Unspecified]

Nyoni, Benjamin
Assessing indoor residual spraying for malaria control in Chikhwawa, Malawi, using exit traps in houses. [Unspecified]


O'Brien, Philip
Exploring the use of spatial concepts in the planning and development of the North West of England. [Unspecified]

O'Connor, Daniel
Burning the Foxes: The dialectics of Ted Hughes. [Unspecified]

O'Connor, Ryan
Rhodium-catalysed allylic substitution with unstabilised carbon nucleophiles: asymmetric construction of carbon-carbon bonds. [Unspecified]

O'Donnell, Angel-Luke
Tangible imaginations: community, print culture, and American identity in Philadelphia, 1764 - 1776. [Unspecified]

O'Flaherty, Martin
A better understanding of recent coronary heart disease mortality trends and determinants. [Unspecified]

O'Toole, John
Civil Service reform in Ireland 1922 to 2012. [Unspecified]

Ochola, Harold
Using genomics and population genetics to understand genetic variation in Malawi Plasmodium falciparum clinical isolates. [Unspecified]

Odaga, John
Rapid diagnostic tests for malaria: effect on quality of care under experimental conditions and in routine practice. [Unspecified]

Ogese, Monday
Definition of antigenic determinants in drug hypersensitive patients: an integrated clinical, chemical and cellular approach to quantify and characterize the drug signals presented to T-Lymphocytes. [Unspecified]

Okeke, Emmanuel
Epithelial-mesenchymal transition, translocation of Ca2+ signalling complexes and regulation of migration in pancreatic cancer cells. [Unspecified]

Olabanji, Olumuyiwa, Olabanji, Olumuyiwa and Olabanji, Olumuyiwa
The study and characterisation of plasma microfluidic devices. [Unspecified]

Olagunju, Adeniyi
Pharmacogenetics of antiretroviral drugs used for prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV during pregnancy and lactation. [Unspecified]

Olariu, Cristina
Multifunctional magnetic nanoparticles for biomedical applications. [Unspecified]

Olayanju, Adedamola
The Pharmacological Manipulation of the Nrf2 Pathway and Its Therapeutic Significance. [Unspecified]

Oldham, Melissa, Tomiyama, A Janet and Robinson, Eric
The Effect of Wearing an Obese Body Suit on Snack Food Consumption and Alcohol Consumption. SSRN Electronic Journal.

Oliver, Clare
Responsive, Sensitive and Reflective Parenting. The Value of Parental Support in Merseyside; A qualitative study. [Unspecified]

Oliver, Samuel
Rhodium-catalysed allylic substitution with an acyl anion equivalent: asymmetric construction of acyclic quaternary carbon stereogenic centres. [Unspecified]

Omiunu, Ohiocheoya
Moving from ‘central exclusivity’ to cooperative federalism in the international economic participation of federal systems : A case study of Nigeria. [Unspecified]

Omiya, Takuma
Energy conversion between CO and porphyrins on surfaces studied by ultrafast vibrational and scanning tunneling spectroscopies. [Unspecified]

Ong, Joanne SH
Investigating the IL-17 family and Th17-related cytokines in juvenile-onset systemic lupus erythematosus. [Unspecified]

Onovughe, Elvis
Geomagnetic diurnal variation studies using global models & observatory data at quiet & moderately disturbed times. [Unspecified]

Opyd, Dorota
Why are women under-represented in the British House of Commons and the Sejm of the Republic of Poland. [Unspecified]

Osborne, Scott
Immunopathology of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. [Unspecified]

Ostrowski, Kamil
Optimal dynamic calibration methods for powertrain controllers. [Unspecified]

Otchie, Michael
Parkour and the city: the role of human mobility in place-making. [Unspecified]

Owusu-Ofori, Alex
Transfusion-transmitted malaria and bacterial infections in a malaria endemic region. [Unspecified]


Pace-Sigge, Michael
Evidence of lexical priming in spoken Liverpool English. [Unspecified]

Pak, Christopher
Ecopolitical transformations and the development of environmental philosophical awareness in science fictional narratives of terraforming. [Unspecified]

Palacios Baldeon, Joe
Geometric symmetric powers in the homotopy categories of schemes over a field. [Unspecified]

Palial, Kanchan
Alterations of endometrial basement membrane integrity and stem/progenitor cell markers in endometriosis. [Unspecified]

Pannozzo, Natascia, Smedley, Rachel, Carnacina, Iacopo ORCID: 0000-0001-5567-7180 and Leonardi, Nicoletta ORCID: 0000-0002-6211-739X
Understanding the resilience of salt marshes to changes in external forcings.

Panton, Anouska
The impact of physical processes on primary and secondary production in temperate shelf seas. [Unspecified]

Papangelis, Konstantinos ORCID: 0000-0002-1980-6069, Velaga, Nagendra R, Sripada, Somayajulu, Beecroft, Mark, Nelson, John D, Anable, Jillian and Farrington, John H
Real-time passenger information in rural areas during disruptions: A conceptual model development.

Park, Sang Hee
Understanding the perception of floor impact sounds in apartment buildings. [Unspecified]

Parker, Tony
Initiation and termination of cAMP signalling in PANC-1 cells: interplay between cAMP and Ca2+ signalling cascades. [Unspecified]

Parmar, SK ORCID: 0000-0002-7289-9436
‘Archive for a Daughter’, BBC Arts online short film, commissioned piece. [Media]

Parmar, SK ORCID: 0000-0002-7289-9436
‘Hope Mirrlees’s Paris’, Sunday Feature, BBC Radio 3. [Media]

Parody, Clare
A theory of the transmedia franchise character. [Unspecified]

Parr, Edward
Spectroscopy of excited states in 252No. [Unspecified]

Parratt, Steven
Studies of the sprad and diversity of the insect Symbiont Arsenophonus Nasoniae. [Unspecified]

Parry, Sarah
Caution & distortion: consuming narratives of violent actors and spaces in Colombian cultural products: 1990-2005. [Unspecified]

Parsons, Bryony
The epidemiology of campylobacter infection in dogs in the context of the risk of infection to humans. [Unspecified]

Passalidou, Eudokia
Optimal premium pricing strategies for nonlife products in competitive insurance markets. [Unspecified]

Pastok, Daria
Causes of spatial variation in parasite and pathogen pressure in insects. [Unspecified]

Pastrikakis, Vasileios
Flow control on helicopter rotors using active gurney flaps. [Unspecified]

Patel, Dharmesh, Zamboulis, Danae E, Spiesz, Ewa M, Birch, Helen L ORCID: 0000-0002-7966-9967, Clegg, Peter D, Thorpe, Chavaunne T ORCID: 0000-0001-7051-3504 and Screen, Hazel RC ORCID: 0000-0002-9077-0732
Structure-function Specialisation of the Interfascicular Matrix in the Human Achilles Tendon. [Preprint]

Patel, Latifa
Assessing self efficacy in caregivers of children with cystic fibrosis. [Unspecified]

Patel, Sanjay
Cochrane systematic reviews of mutation specific therapies for patients with cystic fibrosis. [Unspecified]

Patel, Tulsi Prafull
Assessing the impact of administering the 'Challenges of Living with Cystic Fibrosis' questionnaire on the self-efficacy of caregivers of children with cystic fibrosis. [Unspecified]

Patios, Georgios
Kierkegaard's contribution to the philosophy of history. [Unspecified]

Pazukhina, Ekaterina, Andreeva, Margarita, Spiridonova, Ekaterina, Bobkova, Polina, Shikhaleva, Anastasia, El-Taravi, Yasmin, Rumyantsev, Mikhail, Gamirova, Aysylu, Bairashevskaia, Anastasiia, Petrova, Polina
et al (show 41 more authors) Prevalence and Risk Factors of Post-COVID-19 Condition in Adults and Children at 6 and 12 Months After Hospital Discharge: A Prospective, Cohort Study in Moscow (Stop COVID). [Preprint]

Pearson, Richard, Martínez-Meyer, Enrique, Andrade Velázquez, Mercedes, Caron, Mercedes, Corona-Núñez, Rogelio, Davis, Katrina, Paz Durán, América, García Morales, Rodrigo, Hackett, Talya, Ingram, Daniel
et al (show 20 more authors) Research priorities for maintaining biodiversitys contributions to people in Latin America.

Peeney, David
The role of mesenchymal stem cells in the tumour microenvironment. [Unspecified]

Peffers, Mandy
Cyclical hyperosmolar loading of chondrocytes enhances extracellular matrix production and occurs as a consequence of p38 MAPK/ERK signalling amd increased mRNA half life. [Unspecified]

Peffers, Mandy
Protein and transcriptome signatures of cartilage ageing and disease. [Unspecified]

Pellegrini, Giovanni
An investigation into the contribution of flavin containing monooxygenases to the development and prevention of thiourea-induced pulmonary toxicity in the rat. [Unspecified]

Peng, Yong
Lattice Boltzmann simulations of environmental flow problems in shallow water flows. [Unspecified]

Pennington, Andrea
Examining the dynamics of the proteome using stable isotopes as metabolic tracers. [Unspecified]

Perego, Elisa, Callard, Felicity ORCID: 0000-0002-5350-1963, Stras, Laurie ORCID: 0000-0002-0129-2047, Melville-Jóhannesson, Barbara, Pope, Rachel and Alwan, Nisreen A ORCID: 0000-0002-4134-8463
Why the Patient-Made Term 'Long Covid' is needed. [Internet Publication]

Pereira, Sofia
Magnetic reporter genes for MRI-based stem cell tracking. [Unspecified]

Perkins, Catherine
Synthesis, characterisation and properties of flexible metal-organic frameworks. [Unspecified]

Perry, Daniel C
The aetiology and epidemiology of Perthes’ disease of the hip. [Unspecified]

Peter, Michelle
The role of the verb in the development of syntax: evidence from the structural priming paradigm. [Unspecified]

Peters, Abby E, Geraghty, Brendan, Bates, Karl T, Akhtar, Riaz, Readioff, Rosti and Comerford, Eithne
Biomechanics of aging and osteoarthritic human knee ligaments. [Preprint]

Pethen, Hannah
Cairns in context: GIS analysis of visibility at Stelae Ridge, Egypt. [Unspecified]

Petts, Andrew
Shape coexistence and collectivity in neutron-deficient mercury isotopes. [Unspecified]

Phelps, Jack
Modelling hydrodynamic transport and larval dispersal in North-East Atlantic Shelf seas. [Unspecified]

Philp, Fraser, Telford, Callum, Reid, Danielle and McCluskey, Michael
Establishing normative performance values of modified Star Excursion Balance Test (mSEBT) and Limb Symmetry Index (LSI) scores and their relationship to age in female adolescent footballers.

Phoomvuthisarn, Panrawee
Effects of Purvalanol A on Imatinib-Sensitive and -Insensitive Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia Cell Lines. [Unspecified]

Picton, John
Charitable intention in the Cy-Pres doctrine and related trusts principles. [Unspecified]

Pietras, Ben
Spectroscopy of neutron-rich oxygen and fluorine nuclei via single-neutron knockout reactions. [Unspecified]

Pimm, Ciara, Williams, Ric, Jones, Dan ORCID: 0000-0002-8701-4506 and Meijers, Andrew ORCID: 0000-0003-3876-7736
How does heat flux affect potential vorticity in the Southern Ocean?

Piro, Robert
Model-theoretic characterisations of description logics. [Unspecified]

Pitt, Edward
Feedback in Higher Education: Exploring students’ appraisal, comprehension and utilisation. [Unspecified]

Pollock, Natalie
The incidence of cross-linked actin networks (CLANs)in the trabecular meshwork of the ageing eye. [Unspecified]

Poolcharuansin, Phitsanu
The development of electrical plasma diagnostics for HiPIMS discharges. [Unspecified]

Pounder, Keiran Christopher
Targeted surveillance for Ljungan virus and hantaviruses in UK rodents. [Unspecified]

Powell, Joanne Lindsey
An Investigation of the Association between Handedness, Cognition, Brain Structure and Function. [Unspecified]

Power, Nicola
Cognition in crisis: decision inertia and failures to take action in multi-agency emergency response command teams. [Unspecified]

Powers, TuShun R ORCID: 0000-0003-0762-6316, Haeberle, Amanda L, Hammarlöf, Disa L ORCID: 0000-0002-8077-7615, Cundiff, Jennifer A, Predeus, Alexander V, Hokamp, Karsten ORCID: 0000-0001-7464-2370, Hinton, Jay CD and Knodler, Leigh A ORCID: 0000-0002-3028-2198
Niche-specific profiling reveals transcriptional adaptations required for the cytosolic lifestyle of <i>Salmonella enterica</i>.

Prajongsan, Pimolsiri
Natural ventilation strategies to enhance human comfort in high-rise residential buildings in Thailand. [Unspecified]

Preativatanyou, Kanok
Molecular characterisation of virulence in Entamoeba histolytica. [Unspecified]

Price, Joseph
Search for a Higgs Boson in the H->ZZ and ZH->ll+invisible channels with the ATLAS detector. [Unspecified]

Pritchard, Adrian
B_{s}^{0}\rightarrow D_{s}^{(*)+}D_{s}^{(*)-} decays in the LHCb detector, and a study of radiation damage in the Vertex Locator. [Unspecified]

Pulman, Jane
A transcriptomics approach to understanding polymorphic and transcript level differences linked to isoquinoline alkaloid production in triploid varieties of narcissus pseudonarcissus. [Unspecified]

Putignano, Massimiliano
Supersonic gas-jet based beam profile monitor. [Unspecified]

Pyrgies, Oscar and Jay, Stephen ORCID: 0000-0002-5178-6256
The Potential for Marine Spatial Planning and Blue Economy Initiatives to Improve the Management of Exclusive Economic Zones. [Report] (Unpublished)


Querques, Francesca, Darling, Sarah, Cheetham-Wilkinson, Izaak, Kim, Robbert Q, Hapangama, Dharani K, Sixma, Titia K ORCID: 0000-0001-6180-0632 and Coulson, Judy M
S18-phosphorylation of USP7 regulates interaction with TCEAL4 that defines specific complexes and potentially distinct functions.

Quinn, Rachael
The effect of epac activation on human coronary artery endothelial cells. [Unspecified]

Qursha, Evan
Investigating the management of gender equality within UNDP/UNFPA country offices in Jordan and Egypt: a frame analysis approach. [Unspecified]


Rada, Lavdie
Variational models and numerical algorithms for selective image segmentation. [Unspecified]

Raeburn, Jaclyn
Understanding the self-assembly process and tunability of the final properties of dipeptide-based low molecular weight hydrogels. [Unspecified]

Raedisch, Steffen
Drug transport and drug-drug interactions at the blood-brain barrier. [Unspecified]

Raftopoulos, Malayna
Questioning the principles of sustainable tourism development: a case study of Cocachimba, Peru. [Unspecified]

Raji, Wasiu
Seismic and petro-physical studies on seismic wave attenuation. [Unspecified]

Raju, Riya Susan
The role of metastasis inducing proteins in endometrial cancer. [Unspecified]

Rak-Raszewska, Aleksandra
Investigating the nephrogenic potential of mouse embryonic stem cells and their derivatives. [Unspecified]

Ramirez Mendoza, Rafael
Flocculation controls in a hypertidal estuary. [Unspecified]

Ramphul, Urvashi
The influence of tsetse midgut oxidants on trypanosome establishment. [Unspecified]

Ramsay, Lourina
Investigating third year medical students' racial and mental health attitudes. [Unspecified]

Ramsey, Laurence
Control of molecular motor motility in electrical devices. [Unspecified]

Rasanen, Sanna
Investigating children’s acquisition of verb inflection in English, Swedish and Finnish: challenges for current generativist and constructivist approaches. [Unspecified]

Rasolonjanahary, Manan'Iarivo
Scaling of morphogenetic patterns in continuous and discrete models. [Unspecified]

Rasti, Iman
Involving the reader in the text: engagement markers in native and non-native student argumentative essays. [Unspecified]

Ratvijitvech, Thanchanok
Functionalised microporous organic polymers as adsorbents. [Unspecified]

Ravenscroft, Stephanie
The role of non-myocytes in drug-induced cardiovascular toxicity. [Unspecified]

Ray, Stephen
The design and inception of a pilot study assessing the relationship between migraine and appetite behaviours in a paediatric population. [Unspecified]

Rees, Joseph
Gamma-ray spectroscopic studies of 155Ho and 156Er. [Unspecified]

Rees, Mary
Persistent Markov partitions for rational maps. Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems. (Submitted)

Reeve, Graham
Singularities of systems of chords in affine space. [Unspecified]

Reiss, Paul
Porous organic cages: synthesis and application in noble gas separation. [Unspecified]

Ren, Jie
Robust moving object detection by information fusion from multiple cameras. [Unspecified]

Rengifo Ibanez, Maria Camila
Bioinformatic design of venom toxin-specific antivenom to improve the treatment of snakebite in Africa. [Unspecified]

Rennie, C, Noyes, HA ORCID: 0000-0002-0656-200X, Kemp, SJ, Hulme, H, Brass, A and Hoyle, DC
Mismatches between probe and target sequences have a strong position-dependent effect on signal ratios from aCGH using 60mer oligonucleotide microarrays. [Poster]

Revill, John
Quadrupole moments of strongly deformed shapes in 154Er. [Unspecified]

Rice, Michael
The roles of hypoxia on neuroblastoma cell migration and invasion. [Unspecified]

Richards, Christopher M
High statistics study of the scalar singlet states in lattice QCD. [Unspecified]

Richards, Emma
Immobilisation of polyazamacrocycles into porous materials. [Unspecified]

Richey, Roberta
The manipulation of dosage forms of medications, with the aim of achieving the required dose, for administration to children. [Unspecified]

Ridgeway, GM ORCID: 0000-0002-8704-6524
Is enlightened two-person freedom paradoxical: the future of micro ethics in the workplace? In: EGOS 2019: Enlightening the Future, 2019-07-04 - 2019-07-06, University of Edinburgh.

Ridgway, Garnet R
Optical Tau theory : current and future roles in fixed-wing flight operations. [Unspecified]

Ridley, Victoria Anne
Jovimagnetic secular variation. [Unspecified]

Rigby, Shaun, Williams, Richard, Achterberg, Eric and Tagliabue, Alessandro
Which Processes Sustain Biota in Open-Ocean Deep Chlorophyll Maxima?

Riley, Heather
Real forms of higher spin structures on Riemann orbifolds. [Unspecified]

Riley, Luke
Decentralised Coalition Formation Methods for Multi-Agent Systems. [Unspecified]

Roberts, Joseph
Synthesis and characterisation of nanoscale oxides for energy applications. [Unspecified]

Roberts, Kate
Regulation of neutrophil function by NAMPT. [Unspecified]

Roberts, Keith
The rise and fall of Liverpool sectarianism. [Unspecified]

Roberts, Michael ORCID: 0000-0002-3484-5031, Chen, Ke ORCID: 0000-0002-6093-6623 and Irion, Klaus L
Multigrid Algorithm Based on Hybrid Smoothers for Variational and Selective Segmentation Models.

Roberts Artal, Laura
A palaeomagnetic study of 3.5 to 3.2 billion year old rocks from the Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa. [Unspecified]

Robin, Matthew
The threat of African horse sickness virus in the UK: furthering our understanding of vector biology and how best to protect horses in the event of an outbreak. [Unspecified]

Robinson, Hayley
Investigating the role of hydrogen sulfide in the myometrium. [Unspecified]

Robinson, Joseph
Optimisation of the selective laser melting process for the production of hybrid orthopaedic devices. [Unspecified]

Robinson, Sophie
Taming the autogyro: will the autogyro ever be truly domesticated? [Unspecified]

Rodrigues, Alison
Metabolic biomarkers of aminoglycoside nephrotoxicity. [Unspecified]

Rogan, Nicholas
Processes affecting the cycling of iron in the Atlantic Ocean. [Unspecified]

Rooney, Lee
Prophecy in Shakespeare's English History Cycles. [Unspecified]

Rosas Maldonado, Maritza
Strategic communication in Spanish as L2: exploring the effects of proficiency, task and interlocutor. [Unspecified]

Rostron, AI ORCID: 0000-0003-1803-720X
How to be a hero: the role of everyday mythologising for manager identity work. In: Organisational Learning, Knowledge and Capabilities Conference 2018, 2018-04-26 - 2018-04-27, Liverpool. (Unpublished)

Roussenov, Vassil, Williams, Ric and Katavouta, Anna
Added and redistributed heat and carbon in climate model projections for the Southern Ocean.

Rowe, Francisco
Big Data and Human Geography. [Preprint]

Rowe, Francisco, Robinson, Caitlin and Patias, Nikos
Sensing Global Changes in the Local Patterns of Energy Consumption in Cities During the Early Stages of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Ruiz, E Josue, Pinto-Fernandez, Adan, Turnbull, Andrew P, Lan, Linxiang, Charlton, Thomas M, Scott, Hannah Claire, Damianou, Andreas, Vere, George, Riising, Eva M, Da Costa, Clive
et al (show 22 more authors) USP28 deletion and small molecule inhibition destabilises c-Myc and elicits regression of squamous cell lung carcinoma.

Rushworth, Elisabeth
Carbonates from Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania: Palaeohydrology and geochronology. [Unspecified]

Rusilowicz-Jones, Emma V, Barone, Francesco G ORCID: 0000-0003-4382-9313, Lopes, Fernanda Martins, Stephen, Elizabeth, Mortiboys, Heather ORCID: 0000-0001-6439-0579, Urbé, Sylvie ORCID: 0000-0003-4735-9814 and Clague, Michael J
Benchmarking a highly selective USP30 inhibitor for enhancement of mitophagy and pexophagy.

Russell, Clark Donald, Valanciute, Asta, Gachanja, Naomi N, Stephen, Jillian, Penrice-Randal, Rebekah, Armstrong, Stuart D ORCID: 0000-0002-3862-1801, Clohisey, Sara, Wang, Bo, Al Qsous, Wael, Wallace, William A
et al (show 9 more authors) Mechanisms and Stages of Covid-19 Immunopathology Revealed by Tissue-Specific Proteomes.

Russell, Lauren G, Davis, Lydia AK, Hunter, Jill E, Perkins, Neil D and Kenneth, Niall S ORCID: 0000-0001-8528-1021
Increased migration and motility in XIAP-null cells mediated by the C-RAF protein kinase.

Russell, Richard
The effect of prolongation of luteal support with progesterone following in-vitro fertilisation treatments on pregnancy outcome. [Unspecified]

Rutland, Francoise
The lost gallery: John Garstang and Turkey – a postcolonial reading. [Unspecified]

Ryder, Nathan Derek Anthony
Skein based invariants in the Kauffman polynomial. [Unspecified]

Rylance, Jamie
The role of redox balance in pulmonary innate immunity. [Unspecified]


Sacco, Joseph
Investigating roles for the deubiquitylating enzymes in the PtdIns3-K/PKB pathway in cancer. [Unspecified]

Sadek, Husam
Mechanistic-based characterisation of fatigue resistance of alternative mix designs. [Unspecified]

Sadeq, Amal
The effect of fixed orthodontic brackets on the bacterial composition of dental plaque in adolescents. [Unspecified]

Sagoe, Alberta, Pyrgies, Oscar, Jay, Stephen ORCID: 0000-0002-5178-6256, Angnuureng, Donatus, Mattah, Precious, Chuku, Ernest, Prah, Ekow and Aheto, Denis
Stakeholder Engagement on Key Sustainable Development Issues for Marine Spatial Planning in African Nations Bordering the Atlantic. [Report] (Unpublished)

Sajjad, Usman
Investigating the Pathology of Endometriosis through the use of Bioinformatics. [Unspecified]

Sakellariou, Yorgos
Superoxide in skeletal muscle: sites that regulate intracellular changes during contractions and role in age related degeneration. [Unspecified]

Salah, Zaher
Machine learning and sentiment analysis approaches for the analysis of Parliamentary debates. [Unspecified]

Salaz, Alicia Michelle
International branch campus faculty member experiences of the academic library. [Unspecified]

Salh, Luna
Analysis and behaviour of structural concrete reinforced with sustainable materials. [Unspecified]

Salido Grana, Lara
What makes species more vulnerable to environmental change? Passerines as a case study. [Unspecified]

Salim, Adeline
Neuroblastoma: clinical outcomes and experimental studies on cell signalling. [Unspecified]

Salisbury, Anne
S.Virchow infection and the immune responses produced in poultry. [Unspecified]

Salkeld, John Owen
Generalized exchangeable braids. [Unspecified]

Salman, Suhair
The effect of stimulation with TSLP and KRN7000 on iNKT cell proliferation and cytokine production. [Unspecified]

Salonia, Matteo
Genoese economic culture: from the Mediterranean into the Spanish Atlantic. [Unspecified]

Sangster, Heather
Hazard responses in the pre-industrial era: vulnerability and resilience of traditional societies to volcanic disasters. [Unspecified]

Sarabipour, Sarvenaz, Debat, Humberto J ORCID: 0000-0003-3056-3739, Emmott, Edward, Burgess, Steven ORCID: 0000-0003-2353-7794, Schwessinger, Benjamin ORCID: 0000-0002-7194-2922 and Hensel, Zach ORCID: 0000-0002-4348-6229
On the value of preprints: an early career researcher perspective.

Sarperi, Luciano
Blind and semi-blind equalisation for Multiple-Input Multiple-Output wireless communication systems using Independent Component Analysis. [Unspecified]

Sarr Sallah, Mariama
Pharmacology of artemether in children with protein energy malnutrition in the Gambia. [Unspecified]

Saunders, Simon
Challenges in the management of younger adults with type 1 diabetes in hospital outpatient and inpatient settings. [Unspecified]

Savage, Abigail
Hominid retrotransposons as a modulator of genomic function. [Unspecified]

Saygi, Bahadir
Anomalous B(E2)4+/2+ ratios in the neutron-deficient nuclide 168Os and 166W. [Unspecified]

Scanlon, Helen
The lived experience of Quality of Life (QOL) in relation to dementia progression. [Unspecified]

Scarfe, Lauren, Taylor, Arthur, Sharkey, Jack, Harwood, Rachel, Barrow, Michael, Comenge, Joan, Beeken, Lydia, Astley, Cai, Santeramo, Ilaria, Hutchinson, Claire
et al (show 10 more authors) Non-invasive imaging reveals conditions that impact distribution and persistence of cells after in vivo administration.

Schache, Andrew G
The molecular and clinical implications of human papillomavirus-16 mediated oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma. [Unspecified]

Schaeffer, Nicolas
Polymer routes toward designing gold nanostructures. [Unspecified]

Scheck, Jochen
Characterisation of lightweight stairs as structure-borne sound sources. [Unspecified]

Schmiedel, Benjamin J, Chandra, Vivek, Rocha, Job, Gonzalez-Colin, Cristian, Bhattacharyya, Sourya, Madrigal, Ariel, Ottensmeier, Christian H ORCID: 0000-0003-3619-1657, Ay, Ferhat ORCID: 0000-0002-0708-6914 and Vijayanand, Pandurangan
COVID-19 genetic risk variants are associated with expression of multiple genes in diverse immune cell types. [Preprint]

Schnellbach, Yan-Jie
Search for new heavy neutral gauge bosons in √s = 8 TeV pp collisions with ATLAS. [Unspecified]

Schoenaers, Dirk
Getranslateerd uuten Franssoyse. Translation from French into Dutch in Holland in the 15th century. The case of Gerard Potter's Middle Dutch translation of Froissart's 'Chroniques'. [Unspecified]

Scott, Beverley
Aspects of Transgression in Valerius Flaccus' Argonautica. [Unspecified]

Scribbins, Steven
The diagnosis of electronegative magnetron plasmas. [Unspecified]

Scriven, James
Characterization of the immune response in HIV-associated cryptococcal meningitis. [Unspecified]

Sebastian, Christopher
Towards the validation of thermoacoustic modelling in aerospace structures. [Unspecified]

Seed, David ORCID: 0000-0002-7726-6144
Nixon Burning. In: American Literature in Transition, 1970–1980. Cambridge University Press, 262 - 280.

Seetho, Ian
The assessment and characterisation of obstructive sleep apnoea in severe obesity. [Unspecified]

Selbach-Allen, Megan
A survey of epidemiological modeling on networks and investigation of the relationship between the fraction of epidemics that take-off and the endemic level in a network. [Unspecified]

Sellers, Graham
Searches for gluino mediated sbottom production with the ATLAS detector. [Unspecified]

Seo, Ji-Hyun
Neoliberal extractivism and rural resistance: the anti-mining movement in the Peruvian Northern Highlands, Cajamarca (2011-2013). [Unspecified]

Sesay, Sanie
The evaluation of easy access groups as a tool for malaria surveillance in Chikhwawa, Malawi. [Unspecified]

Seyed Forootan, Farzad
Identification of a C-FABP-PPARγ-VEGF axis promoting tumorigenicity in prostate cancer cells. [Unspecified]

Sgrilli, Tommaso
Chiral organisations expressed by biomolecules at the Cu(110) surface. [Unspecified]

Shahani, Sahib
A study of functional markers in raw and processed bovine sperm and their potential uses for fertility prediction and process refinement. [Unspecified]

Shallcross, Rebekah
Women's experiences of vulvodynia: a meta-ethnography of existing literature and an Interpretative phenomenological analysis of the journey towards diagnosis. [Unspecified]

Shami, Ashwag
Functional and comparative genomics of Enterococcus faecium isolated from animals. [Unspecified]

Shanmugasundram, Achchuthan
Genome annotation and metabolic reconstruction of apicomplexan parasites. [Unspecified]

Shao, Jia
Modelling catastrophe risk bonds. [Unspecified]

Sharkey, Jack
Molecular biomarkers and regulators of susceptibility to drug induced kidney injury. [Unspecified]

Sharp, John
Theory and modelling of routes to information storage on the atomic scale. [Unspecified]

Shaw, Karen
The effect of post brushing mouthrinses on salivary fluoride retention and The effect of varying fluoride concentration on remineralisation of bovine enamel in vitro. [Unspecified]

Shaw, Shereen
A study of Tawfiq al-Hakim’s Equilibrium doctrine and philosophical narratives. [Unspecified]

Shaw, Timothy
Reconstructing historical sea-level trends for the Croatian coast of the Adriatic Sea using salt-marsh foraminifera. [Unspecified]

Shawihdi, Mustafa
Inequality in outcome for oesophago-gastric cancer in England : is there an association with gastroscopy rates in general practice populations? [Unspecified]

Shazadi, Kanvel
Genetic predictors for epilepsy development, treatment response and dosing. [Unspecified]

Sheikh Md.Fadzullah, Siti
The oblique impact response of composites and sandwich structures. [Unspecified]

Shelton, Luke
The physiological, pharmacological and toxicological roles of Nrf2 in the kidney. [Unspecified]

Sheridan, Victoria
Characterising the role of murine gammaherpesvirus-68 host shutoff protein in mediating cellular mRNA degradation. [Unspecified]

Shillito, Matthew Robert ORCID: 0000-0001-5816-2895
Countering Dark Web Marketplace Crime: A System of Inconsistent and Improbable Deterrence. , University of West England. (Unpublished)

Shmygol, Maria
‘A sea-change’: representations of the marine in Jacobean drama and visual culture. [Unspecified]

Shuttleworth, Andy
An anthropological assessment of Neanderthal behavioural energetics. [Unspecified]

Sia, Jye Yen
The perception and impact of changes in the recruitment and assessment of orthodontic specialty registrars (StR). [Unspecified]

Sibthorp, Christopher
Analysis of the Aspergillus nidulans transcriptome using high-throughput RNA sequencing. [Unspecified]

Sikaala, Chadwick
Community-based monitoring of vector control interventions impact upon mosquito population dynamics in rural Zambia. [Unspecified]

Simo, Frantisek
Novel oxide materials for solid oxide fuel cells applications. [Unspecified]

Sims, Angela
Genomic analysis of stress, aggression and boldness in rainbow trout. [Unspecified]

Singh, Shashi
A cross-sectional paediatric pilot study of migraine, eating behaviours and adiposity. [Unspecified]

Singleton, Alex
Cities and Context: The Codification of Small Areas through Geodemographic Classification. In: Code and the City. Routledge.

Sinha, Ian
Outcomes in clinical trials in children with asthma. [Unspecified]

Sisson, Naomi Katie
The electrochemistry of supported metal multilayers: In-situ surface x-ray scattering studies. [Unspecified]

Skinley, Kevin
Synthetic strategies towards the improvement of columns for use in high pressure liquid chromatography. [Unspecified]

Slater, Rebecca
Novel amphiphilic branched copolymer nanoparticles as candidates for drug delivery. [Unspecified]

Smedley, Rachel K, Small, David ORCID: 0000-0001-8381-2060, Jones, Richard S ORCID: 0000-0003-2988-0999, Brough, Stephen ORCID: 0000-0002-6581-6081, Bradley, Jennifer and Jenkins, Geraint TH
Supplementary material to &amp;quot;Erosion rates in a wet, temperate climate derived from rock luminescence techniques&amp;quot;.

Smith, Donald
Experiences of dialectical behavioural therapy by adults diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. [Unspecified]

Smith, Emma
The role of cardiac microvascular endothelial cells in drug induced cardiovascular toxicity. [Unspecified]

Smith, Kinley
The distribution and function of elastin and elastic fibres in the canine cruciate ligament complex. [Unspecified]

Smith, Natasha
Near-vent processes of the 273 ka Poris eruption (Tenerife). [Unspecified]

Smith, Robert
Neolithic rock-art in the north of Europe; structures, discourses and agency. [Unspecified]

Smith, Trevor
An investigation into the role of the hyperpolarisation-activated cyclic nucleotide-gated on channels in dorsal root ganglion neurons in rat models of chronic inflammatory and neuropathic pain. [Unspecified]

Smyth, Conor
Transversal homotopy theory of Whitney stratified manifolds. [Unspecified]

Soanes, Louise
The foraging behaviour of seabirds: defining and predicting home range areas. [Unspecified]

Soar, Gary
New third-order corrections and large-x resummation in perturbative QCD. [Unspecified]

Solari, Valeria
MYCN-dependent expression of sulfatase-2 regulates neuroblastoma cells. [Unspecified]

Song, Xiaodong
Titanium vaulted structures for orthopaedic applications. [Unspecified]

Sonmez, Hasan
Classifications of the free fermionic heterotic string vacua. [Unspecified]

Soon, Su-Chuin
First generation Chinese migrants and their association with the development of Liverpool's Chinatown. [Unspecified]

Sosa, Alejandro
Development of beam instrumentation for exotic particle beams. [Unspecified]

Sousa, Paulo
The social predictors, psychological and affective processes of formal thought disorder in patients diagnosed with schizophrenia-spectrum disorders. [Unspecified]

Stark, Florian
Secular variation of the Earth’s magnetic field in the South West Pacific. [Unspecified]

Starkey Lewis, Philip
The relevance of microRNAs and circadian rhythms in drug safety. [Unspecified]

Stephenson, Rebecca
Women's experiences of sexual intimacy In the early postnatal period following physical birth trauma. [Unspecified]

Stephenson, Robert
Micro-computed tomography for high resolution soft tissue imaging; applications in the normal and failing heart. [Unspecified]

Stevens, Adam ORCID: 0000-0002-1950-7325, Smith, Helen, Garner, Terence, Minogue, Ben, Sneddon, Sharon, Shaw, Lisa, Keramari, Maria, Oldershaw, Rachel ORCID: 0000-0001-8478-599X, Bates, Nicola, Brison, Daniel R
et al (show 1 more authors) Interactome comparison of human embryonic stem cell lines with the inner cell mass and trophectoderm.

Stewart, Rosalind
Identification of progenitor cell-rich sites of the conjunctiva. [Unspecified]

Stocker, Richard
Towards the formal verification of human-agent-robot teamwork. [Unspecified]

Street, Nichola
What have fractals got to do with it? individual differences in aesthetic responses. [Unspecified]

Stöckel, Ev
Synthesis of ultrahigh surface area polymer networks using tetrahedral monomers. [Unspecified]

Su, Dunhao
Production, Characterisation and Application of Humanised Anti-Histone Antibodies in Critical Illness. [Unspecified]

Su, Feng
Transformations through learning: the experiences of mainland Chinese undergraduate students in an English university. [Unspecified]

Sueke, Henri
Novel approaches in bacterial keratitis. [Unspecified]

Sufian, Amr
Monitoring honey and complex liquids by optical chromaticity. [Unspecified]

Suthers, Joanna
Epidemiology of large colon volvulus. [Unspecified]

Suttie, Neil
Geomagnetic field archaeointensities from Britain and the application of the microwave palaeointensity method to materials of differing dielectric properties. [Unspecified]

Sutton, Paul
Predicting and modifying response to neoadjuvant therapy in colorectal cancer. [Unspecified]

Swale, Andrew
Evaluation of the host response to Clostridium difficile infection. [Unspecified]

Sweeney, Anthony
Compton imaging for homeland security. [Unspecified]

Symons, Benjamin, Bane, Michael ORCID: 0000-0002-1500-2864 and Popelier, Paul LA
DL_FFLUX: a parallel, quantum chemical topology force field. Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation. (Submitted)

Szczecinski, Robert
Local crystal structure of Bi-based perovskites solved by RMC modeling. [Unspecified]

Sánchez Pascua, Teresa
Carboxylesterase 1 genetic variability, expression and potential for drug-drug interations. [Unspecified]

shaw, richard ORCID: 0000-0002-5157-4042, Nankivell, Paul, Winter, Stuart, Schache, Andrew and Ho, Michael
UK Head and neck cancer surgical capacity during the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic -- have we learned the lessons? COVIDSurg collaborative.


Tackley, Catherine ORCID: 0000-0001-9729-1964
Rhythm and Reaction: The Age of Jazz in Britain. [Show/Exhibition]

Talwar, Dinesh
Hydrogenation and dehydrogenation with cyclometalated iridium (III) complexes. [Unspecified]

Tamarozzi, Francesca and Tamarozzi, Francesca
Wolbachia endosymbiont of Onchocerca volvulus: driver of immunopathology and target for therapy. [Unspecified]

Tang, Ai-Wei
Uterine natural killer (uNK) cells and recurrent miscarriage: a pilot randomised controlled trial of prednisolone in women with high uNK cells and recurrent miscarriage. [Unspecified]

Tang, Bo
On incentive issues in practical auction design. [Unspecified]

Tang, Joseph Man Fung
Novel biomarkers for the diagnosis of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma: the proteomic approach. [Unspecified]

Tang, Wai Ying Yvonne
Plasticity of mammary cell boundaries governed by EGF and actin remodelling. [Unspecified]

Tantaroudas, Nikolaos
Nonlinear model order reduction and control of very flexible aircraft. [Unspecified]

Tanti, Matthew
The impact of epilepsy on the quality of life of patients with benign meningioma. [Unspecified]

Taplin, Kimberley
Service user experiences of the sequential diagrammatic reformulation (SDR) in cognitive analytical therapy (CAT): an interpretative phenomenological analysis. [Unspecified]

Tarkovska, Valentina
Internal governance mechanisms and their Impact on corporate policies and performance: evidence from the London Stock Exchange. [Unspecified]

Tay, Victoria
An investigation into peer assisted learning in the current Liverpool MBChB undergraduate medical curriculum. [Unspecified]

Taylor, David
Clinical academics’ views on teaching undergraduate medical students. [Unspecified]

Taylor, Lee
Positive allosteric modulators of the strychnine sensitive glycine receptor. A new concept in the treatment of chronic pain. [Unspecified]

Taylor, Pamela
An examination of the changing experience of Irish female migrants in Liverpool, from the Great Famine to post-World War Two re-development. [Unspecified]

Taylor-Robinson, David
The effect of socio-economic status on outcomes in cystic fibrosis. [Unspecified]

Tegoh, Nor Asikin
Sustainability of the impact of external intervention within SME maufacturers. [Unspecified]

Tembo, Dumizulu
Antigen expression and host-parasite interactions of Plasmodium falciparum infections in Malawian paediatric patients. [Unspecified]

Terfa, Zelalem
People, poultry and poverty : Assessing economic value of poultry health service and genetic resources in rural Ethiopia. [Unspecified]

Thaventhiran, Thilipan
Defining the effects of CD28 superagonist and TGF-β on T cell function and metabolism. [Unspecified]

Thelan, David
Aspects of the Gribov-Zwanziger Lagrangian in relation to gluon confinement. [Unspecified]

Thomas, Geoffrey
Structural studies of the adsorption of molecules on Cu(110). [Unspecified]

Thomas, Huw
A systems based approach to neutrophil gene expression. [Unspecified]

Thompson, Ameeka
Mucosal and peripheral blood responses to vaccination with the licensed live oral typhoid vaccine Ty21a. [Unspecified]

Thompson, Christopher
Examination of mitochondrial and cellular response to metabolic stresses: changes in mitochondrial membrane potential by modulators of ischaemic preconditioning and metabolic stress-induced extracellular nucleotide accumulation. [Unspecified]

Thompson, Paul
Creativity and collaboration in the recording studio: an empirical study. [Unspecified]

Thomson, Kirstie
Evolutionary patterns and consequences of developmental mode in Cenozoic gastropods from southeastern Australia. [Unspecified]

Thorbinson, Colin
Investigating the role of Toll-like receptors in juvenile onset systemic lupus erythematosus. [Unspecified]

Thornthwaite, Alexander
Structure of the neutron-deficient nuclei 173Au and 173Pt and their α-decay descendants. [Unspecified]

Thornton, Michael
The 78 kDa glucose regulated protein (GRP78) as a potential treatment predictive biomarker and therapeutic target in colorectal cancer adjuvant chemotherapy. [Unspecified]

Thornton, Niamh ORCID: 0000-0001-7513-8555
Re-Framing Independence in Mexican Cinema: Marcela Fernández Violante a Pioneering Filmmaker. In: Latin American Women Filmmakers: Production, Politics, Poetics. IB Tauris.

Tickle, Sarah
Young people in coastal resorts: a critical exploration of class, place, governance and safety. [Unspecified]

Tidbury, Nicola Marie
Investigating the role of reactive metabolites and parent compound in drug induced liver injury. [Unspecified]

Timson, Emma
Flight simulation fidelity for rotorcraft design, certification and pilot training. [Unspecified]

Todd, Beverley
Reconstructing long-term records of UK drought and analysis of variability: 1697-2013. [Unspecified]

Toe, Hyacinthe
Characterisation of insecticide resistance in Anopheles gambiae from Burkina Faso and its impact on current malaria control strategies. [Unspecified]

Tonnard, Manon, Planquette, Hélène, Bowie, Andrew R ORCID: 0000-0002-5144-7799, van der Merwe, Pier ORCID: 0000-0002-7428-8030, Gallinari, Morgane, Desprez de Gésincourt, Floriane, Germain, Yoan, Gourain, Arthur, Benetti, Marion, Reverdin, Gilles ORCID: 0000-0002-5583-8236
et al (show 8 more authors) Dissolved iron in the North Atlantic Ocean and Labrador Sea along the GEOVIDE section (GEOTRACES section GA01).

Trinick, Ruth
Aspiration lung disease in children with severe neurodisability. [Unspecified]

Troughton, Lee D ORCID: 0000-0003-3836-7249, Zech, Tobias ORCID: 0000-0001-8394-088X and Hamill, Kevin J ORCID: 0000-0002-7852-1944
Laminin N-terminus α31 is upregulated in invasive ductal breast cancer and changes the mode of tumour invasion.

Trow, Rebecca
Temples in Antis in the bronze and iron ages of the Levant: an archaeological case study of ritual and religion in the ancient Near East. [Unspecified]

Trowbridge, Hayley
From the cinema screen to the smartphone: A study of the impact of media convergence on the distribution sector of American independent cinema 2006 – 2010. [Unspecified]

Truman, Julie
Experimental evolution of parasite life history in bacteriophage Φ2. [Unspecified]

Tse, Karen
Investigating the effects of targeting nitric oxide pathways in a kainic acid mouse model of epileptogenesis. [Unspecified]

Tsiamtsouri, Maria
Structure and properties of (Ba,Sr)(Co,Fe,Mo)O3 perovskite oxides. [Unspecified]

Tucker, Helena
Self-understanding in adolescents with autism spectrum conditions, Down’s syndrome and Williams syndrome. [Unspecified]

Tuerena, Ian
The Epidemiology of Antimicrobial Resistant Escherichia coli in Hospitalised Companion Animals. [Unspecified]

Turner, Andrew
Immunogenetics and polymorphism in a natural population of field voles (Microtus agrestis). [Unspecified]

Turner, Katherine ORCID: 0000-0003-1666-1690, Williams, Richard G, Katavouta, Anna and Beerling, David J
Sensitivity of climate mitigation signals to climate engineering choice and implementation.

Turu'allo, Gidion
Early age strength development of GGBS concrete cured under different temperatures. [Unspecified]

Tweedle, Elizabeth
Protein expression in colorectal cancer. [Unspecified]


Uhl, Johannes, Hunter, Lori, Leyk, Stefan, Connor, Dylan, Nieves, Jeremiah ORCID: 0000-0002-7423-1341, Hester, Cyrus, Talbot, Catherine and Gutmann, Myron
Place-level urban-rural indices for the United States from 1930 to 2018. [Internet Publication]

Uieda, Leonardo ORCID: 0000-0001-6123-9515 and Barbosa, Valeria Cristina Ferreira
Fast non-linear gravity inversion in spherical coordinates with application to the South American Moho.

Underwood, Nicholas
Pulse pressure testing and analysis of steel plates with openings. [Unspecified]

Unhale, Manish
A Study of Supply Chain Collaborations in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in the UK, India and China. [Unspecified]

Unsworth, Jennifer
Identification, characterisation and quantification of proteins used in chemical communication. [Unspecified]


Vakilifard, Negar, Turner, Katherine, Williams, Ric, Holden, Philip ORCID: 0000-0002-2369-0062, Edwards, Neil and Beerling, David
Large ensemble assessment of how the global surface warming response to cumulative carbon differs for negative and positive carbon emissions &amp;#160;.

Vakilifard, Negar ORCID: 0000-0003-1596-1587, Williams, Richard G, Holden, Philip B ORCID: 0000-0002-2369-0062, Turner, Katherine, Edwards, Neil R and Beerling, David J
Assessment of negative and positive CO&amp;lt;sub&amp;gt;2&amp;lt;/sub&amp;gt; emissions on global warming metrics using large ensemble Earth system model simulations. [Preprint]

Vakilifard, Negar, Williams, Richard G ORCID: 0000-0002-3180-7558, Holden, Philip B, Turner, Katherine, Edwards, Neil R and Beerling, David J
Supplementary material to 'Assessment of negative and positive CO2 emissions on global warming metrics using large ensemble Earth system model simulations'. BG. (Submitted)

Vakirtzis, Antonios
Nonindependent mate choice in humans. [Unspecified]

Vallespin, David
Development of a process and toolset to study UCAV flight mechanics using computational fluid dynamics. [Unspecified]

Van Miert, Clare
Measuring Clinical Severity in Infants with Bronchiolitis. [Unspecified]

Van den Heuvel, Claudia
Inaction in action: how task and team uncertainty "derail" strategic decision making and produce implementation failures in critical and major incident management. [Unspecified]

Vaughan, Owen
The r-map, c-map and black hole solutions. [Unspecified]

Vermont, Sarah J
Proteomic and transcriptomic analysis of the Protozoan Parasite Neospora caninum. [Unspecified]

Vetrov, VM and Hommel, PN ORCID: 0000-0001-5045-9096
Vessels on the Vitim. In: Ceramics in Circumpolar Prehistory. Cambridge University Press, 37 - 62.

Vickerton, Paula
Morphological, histological and biomechanical adaptation of the rat musculoskeletal system to electrical muscle stimulation. [Unspecified]

Vilella Nilsson, A ORCID: 0000-0002-8444-1377
Cold shoulder for the mutuals. [Media]

Vimont, Noémie, Schwarzenberg, Adrian, Domijan, Mirela ORCID: 0000-0003-3853-9119, Donkpegan, Armel SL, Beauvieux, Rémi, le Dantec, Loïck, Arkoun, Mustapha, Jamois, Frank, Yvin, Jean-Claude, Wigge, Philip A
et al (show 3 more authors) Fine tuning of hormonal signaling is linked to dormancy status in sweet cherry flower buds.

Vlissides, Nikolaos
The Psychological Therapy Outcome Scale – Intellectual Disabilities (PTOS-ID): the development of a psychological therapy outcome measure for adults with intellectual disabilities. [Unspecified]

van Veen, Hendrik Theun
Continuous proliferation and simultaneous maturation of haematopoietic stem cells into blood cell lineages. [Unspecified]


Walker, Lauren
Defining the mechanistic role of high mobility group box-1 and its utility as a biomarker in the inflammatory pathogenesis of epilepsy. [Unspecified]

Wall, Emma
Early goal directed therapy for adult meningitis in Malawi. [Unspecified]

Waller, Peter
A search for new physics in the γγ channel with the ATLAS experiment at sqrt(s) = 7 TeV. [Unspecified]

Walsh, Ciara
The regulation of STIM1 translocation to the plasma membrane. [Unspecified]

Walsh, Rachel J
Chemical and biochemical aspects of drug-induced liver injury. [Unspecified]

Walters, William
Aspects of F-theory GUTs. [Unspecified]

Walton, Mark
Does a post-diagnostic dementia group increase relationship satisfaction in couplehood? [Unspecified]

Wang, Dezhi
Kriging regression in digital image correlation for error reduction and uncertainty quantification. [Unspecified]

Wang, Dian
Ontology-based fault diagnosis for power transformers. [Unspecified]

Wang, Lei
Advanced control of doubly-fed induction generator based variable speed wind turbine. [Unspecified]

Wang, Liyi
MicroRNAs in gastric and oesophageal cancer-associated myofibroblasts. [Unspecified]

Wang, Ting
Statistical feature ordering for neural-based incremental attribute learning. [Unspecified]

Wang, Wei
Development and application of lattice Boltzmann method for complex axisymmetric flows. [Unspecified]

Wang, Wei
Stock market liquidity and stock returns: evidence from the London Stock Exchange. [Unspecified]

Wang, Weizong
Investigation of the dynamic characteristics and decaying behaviour of SF6 Arcs in switching applications. [Unspecified]

Wannaprasert, Thanakul