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AbdelRaheim, SR and McLennan, AG
(2002) The Caenorhabditis elegans Y87G2A.14 Nudix hydrolase is a peroxisomalcoenzyme A diphosphatase. BMC Biochemistry, 3. 1 - 8.

Amaechi, BT, Podoleanu, AG, Mujat, C, Dogariu, A, Higham, SM and Jackson, DA
(2002) Optical coherence tomography correlated with a functional fluorescence imaging for detection and quantification of dental caries. Proceedings of SPIE-The International Society for Optical Engineering, 4619. 253 - 258.

Amaechi, Bennett T, Podoleanu, Adrian Gh, Rogers, John A, Higham, Susan M, Dunne, Shane and Jackson, David A
(2002) Versatile optical coherence tomography system applied for imaging of teeth. Proceedings of SPIE, 4619. 180 - 186.


Berry, Neil
(2002) Self-Assembly of Transition Metal Dithiocarbamate Receptors for Ionic Guest Species. [Unspecified]

Betancourt, Andrea J. ORCID: 0000-0001-9351-1413, Presgraves, Daven C. and Swanson, Willie J.
(2002) A Test for Faster X Evolution in Drosophila. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 19 (10). 1816 - 1819.

Browne, RE and Gracey, JA
(2002) The Curci–Ferrari model with massive quarks at two loops. Physics Letters B, 540 (1-2). 68 - 74.


Chantrey, J, Chapman, PS and Patterson-Kan, JC
(2002) Haemolytic-uraemic syndrome in a dog. Journal Veterinary Medicine A Physiol Pathol Clin Med, 49 (9). 470 - 472.


Eisen, DP, Bartley, PB, Hope, W ORCID: 0000-0001-6187-878X, Sigmundsdottir, G, Pehrson, C, Larsson, L and Christensson, B
(2002) Urine D-arabinitol/L-arabinitol ratio in diagnosing Candida infection in patients with haematological malignancy and HIV infection. DIAGNOSTIC MICROBIOLOGY AND INFECTIOUS DISEASE, 42 (1). 39 - 42.


Foda, O, Jack, I and Jones, DRT
(2002) Title: General classical solutions in the noncommutative CP^(N-1) model. Physics Letters B, 547 (1-2). 79 - 84. ISSN 0370-2693

Frankfurt, Leonid, Guzey, Vadim, McDermott, Martin and Strikman, Mark
(2002) Nuclear shadowing in deep inelastic scattering on nuclei: leading twist versus eikonal approaches. Journal of High Energy Physics, 2002 (02). 027 - 027.

Freund, A and McDermott, M
(2002) A detailed next-to-leading order QCD analysis of deeply virtual Compton scattering observables. The European Physical Journal C - Particles and Fields, 23 (4). 651 - 674.

Freund, A and McDermott, M
(2002) A next-to-leading order analysis of deeply virtual Compton scattering. Physical Review D, 65 (9).

Freund, Andreas and McDermott, Martin
(2002) Next-to-leading order QCD analysis of deeply virtual Compton scattering amplitudes. Physical Review D, 65 (7).

Freund, Andreas and McDermott, Martin
(2002) Next-to-leading order evolution of generalized parton distributions for DESY HERA and HERMES. Physical Review D, 65 (5).


Gracey, JA
(2002) Critical exponent omega at O(1/N) in O(N) x O(m) spin models. Nuclear Physics B, 644 (3). 433 - 450. ISSN 0550-3213

Gracey, JA
(2002) Two loop MSbar renormalization of the Curci-Ferrari model. Physics Letters B, 525 (1-2). 89 - 94. ISSN 0370-2693


Hayward, MA, Cussen, EJ, Claridge, JB ORCID: 0000-0003-4849-6714, Bieringer, M, Rosseinsky, MJ ORCID: 0000-0002-1910-2483, Kiely, CJ, Blundell, SJ, Marshall, IM and Pratt, FL
(2002) The hydride anion in an extended transition metal oxide array: LaSrCoO3H0.7. SCIENCE, 295 (5561). 1882 - 1884.

Hernández, Pilar, Jansen, Karl, Lellouch, Laurent and Wittig, Hartmut
(2002) Scalar condensate and light quark masses from overlap fermions. Nuclear Physics B - Proceedings Supplements, 106-10. 766 - 771.

Hope, CK, Clements, D and Wilson, M
(2002) Determining the spatial distribution of viable and nonviable bacteria in hydrated microcosm dental plaques by viability profiling. Journal of Applied Microbiology, 93 (3). 448 - 455. ISSN 1364-5072


Jack, I, Jones, DRT and Wild, R
(2002) Fayet-Iliopoulos D-terms, neutrino masses and anomaly mediated supersymmetry breaking. PHYSICS LETTERS B, 535 (1-4). 193 - 200.


Karpenkov, O
(2002) 'Combinatorics of multiboundary singularities of the series B^l_n'. Funct. Anal. Appl., 36 (1). 65 - 67. ISSN 0374-1990

Kneen, Rachel, Solomon, Tom ORCID: 0000-0001-7266-6547 and Appleton, Richard
(2002) The role of lumbar puncture in children with suspected central nervous system infection. BMC pediatrics, 2. 8 - ?.


Leslie, NR, McLennan, AG and Safrany, ST
(2002) Cloning and characterisation of hAps1 and hAps2, human diadenosinepolyphosphate-metabolising Nudix hydrolases. BMC Biochemistry, 3. 1 - 13.


McDermott, M, Sandapen, R and Shaw, G
(2002) Colour dipoles and virtual Compton scattering. The European Physical Journal C - Particles and Fields, 22 (4). 655 - 666. ISSN 1434-6044, 1434-6052

McDonald, FE
(2002) Literature on Industrial Districts: A State of the Art Review. [Report]

McDonald, FE and El-Said, H
(2002) Institutional reform in Jordan and entry mode by foreign firms. Journal for Institutional Innovation, Development and Transition, 6. 78 - 88.

McDonald, J
(2002) F-term Hybrid Inflation, the η-problem and Extra Dimensions. Journal of High Energy Physics (12). ISSN 1029-8479

McDonald, J
(2002) Inflaton condensate fragmentation in hybrid inflation models. Physical Review D, 66 (4). ISSN 1550-7998

Meyer, D
(2002) Quasisymmetric embedding of self similar surfaces and origami with rational maps. Annales Academiae Scien tiarum Fennicea Mathematica.

Michael, C
(2002) The eta and eta' mesons from lattice QCD. Physica Scripta. 7 - 12. ISSN 0031-8949

Mohammedi, N
(2002) Dynamical compactification, standard cosmology, and the accelerating universe. Physical Review D, 65 (10). ISSN 0556-2821, 1089-4918

Morton, HR ORCID: 0000-0002-8524-2695
(2002) Skein theory and the Murphy operators. JOURNAL OF KNOT THEORY AND ITS RAMIFICATIONS, 11 (4). 475 - 492.


Schramme, T
(2002) Rezension Zu: Angelika Krebs: Arbeit Und Liebe. Studia Philosophica.

Shaaban, IG ORCID: 0000-0003-4051-341X
(2002) Expanded Wire Fabric Permanent Formwork for Improving Flexural Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Beams. In: Composite Materials in Concrete Construction, 2002-09-05 - 2002-09-06, Dundee, Scotland.

Shaaban, IG ORCID: 0000-0003-4051-341X, Hammad, Y, Awwad, W and Bazzan, I
(2002) Shear Behaviour of High Strength Concrete Beams Reinforced by GFRP and Steel Bars. In: The Third Middle East Symposium on Structural Composites for Infrastructure Applications, 2002-12-17 - 2002-12-20, Aswan, Egypt.

Shaaban, IG ORCID: 0000-0003-4051-341X and Torkey, A
(2002) Capacity of Reinforced Concrete Structural Elements Retrofitted with GFRP Under Cyclic Loading. In: Composite Materials in Concrete Construction, 2002-09-05 - 2002-09-06, Dundee, Scotland.

Smyth, RL
(2002) Asthma: a major pediatric health issue. Respiratory Research, 3 (suppl). S3 - S7. ISSN 1465-9921

Sopwith, W, Hart, T and Garner, P
(2002) Preventing infection from reusable medical equipment: a systematic review. BMC Infectious Diseases, 2. ISSN 1471-2334


Van Acoleyen, K, Gracey, JA and Verschelde, H
(2002) Dynamical mass generation by source inversion: Calculating the mass gap of the chiral Gross-Neveu model. Physical Review D, 66 (2). ISSN 0556-2821, 1089-4918


Wittig, H
(2002) Cost of dynamical quark simulations: O(a) improved Wilson fermions. Nuclear Physics B - Proceedings Supplements, 106-10. 197 - 198. ISSN 0920-5632

Wright, SV, Leinweber, DB, Thomas, AW and Tsushima, K
(2002) Hadron mass extraction from lattice QCD. Nuclear Physics B - Proceedings Supplements, 109 (1). 50 - 54.


Young, RD, Leinweber, DB, Thomas, AW and Wright, SV
(2002) Chiral analysis of quenched baryon masses. Physical Review D, 66 (9). ISSN 0556-2821, 1089-4918

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